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Cirque du Soleil - Corteo Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating Inter from Cleveland, Ohio


Show was great destroyed the entire mood and show. These inconsiderate parents brought 2 yr old kids to this show where they made noise cried and yelled the entire show. Really??? There should be a age cap on these events!! If your child is making a scene walk out and take care of it!!! Very annoyed this must be change ridiculous. Also what do you have workers there for standing around?? Walk up to these people and fix the situation. This needs to be changed asap cause everyone we talked to were very disappointed!

5.0 star rating Thomas Hansen from Indianapolis, Indiana


Absolutely recommend anyone, including those with children, see this performance. The acts & storyline were wonderful. If time allows I would see it again. Go and enjoy these wonderful performers. Their standing ovation was well deserved!

5.0 star rating Jim from Jacksonville, Florida


My first show, I thought it was spectacular! The performers are fantastic. There were only 3 mishaps, but nothing top glaring and VERY easily over looked. The amount of time they put into the show's preparation is just amazing!! I was a little disappointed in the crowd, however, when they started to leave as the performers were taking their WELL DESERVED bows, very disrespectful of the crowd I thought. I Can't wait to see another one!!!!

5.0 star rating Madison C. from Detroit, Michigan


Love the show acrobats were amazing, along with individual performances! My favourite was the fire 🔥 performance!

5.0 star rating Kurt from San Francisco, California


I see this website sorts all the 5 star reviews at the top. Don’t be fooled! And don’t waste your money. This show sucked so hard and 2/3 of the theater have partial view of the stage.

4.0 star rating Bob from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I don't normally give reviews on anything. Having seen Cirque du Soleil "O" on their permanent stage in Vegas, I had modest expectations for the touring performance of Corteo in Milwaukee on March 30, 2018. It was excellent. The show was visually beautiful, the acrobatics amazing, the humor lighthearted and fun. Appropriate for children too. The price wasn't even that much (about $60.00) I recommend this show to anyone.

3.0 star rating Dumitru from Toronto, Ontario


It was sixth Cirque du Soleil show that I attended, and unfortunately, this one didn't raise to the level they performed in the past. First off all, ScotiaBank Arena was not the ideal place for such a representation: too big and very difficult to keep the connection with the people on stage. The acts were good, but looked just as a routine, nothing to spark those emotions that remain in memory. I didn't feel that freshness and creativity from the fairy-tale, as it had before. I put my expectations too high and I was disappointed. Just three stars.

3.0 star rating Steve from Vancouver, British Columbia


Oh Cirque du Soleil, we were so enamored with your tent show of Corteo 10 years ago. From the ushers and charming drink vendors, heck even the food stands were chic! We were more than happy to buy your DVDs and souvenirs at intermission. Last night we just came back from Cirque du Soleil meets Hockey Night in Canada. Sorry Cirque organizers, but a hockey arena is made of concrete: music too loud to make up for zero acoustics. Chairs in VIP section were VERY uncomfortable, views often obstructed by the additional equipment needed to perform in an Arena. Ushers incompetent, sent us in the wrong direction, rude, impatient. Ditto for the food/drink vendors. If Cirque continues to only perform in Hockey Arenas across Canada, we will never go again. I guess we will have to go to Los Vegas or Florida for a real Cirque show. The show was fantastic and is the reason I gave it 3 stars. The Hockey Arena setting dampened all of the artistic aspects the show.

2.0 star rating Esther from Toronto, Ontario


Incomprehensible story line, boring costumes, music too loud, not much too see from arena seating. Probably better sight lines from floor level. Would have been better in a small theater or tent. Most of the dialogue was in Italian which stopped being cute after 5 minutes. Totally disappointing and lackluster.

2.0 star rating Laura from Nashville, Tennessee


Loud music, technical difficulties, mistakes, falls, etc made this a disappointing show. We attend many types of performances and were very disappointed. Some good acts, but not enough to make up for the rest. Story unclear, seemed unfocused,

2.0 star rating Jacqueline from Oshawa, Ontario


Had no idea what was going on as the audio was terrible but normally that wouldn't bother me with a Cirque show as there is so much going on but in this particular show there is not so much. I was pretty disappointed. If you haven't seen one before you would probably really like it but if you have I would suggest you give this one a miss. There was too much 'story' with actually no story and not enough action.

2.0 star rating Em from Orillia, On


Music was too loud. Acrobatics were good. But very repetitious.Nothing like the show under the big top 5 years ago. It was spectacular. Not a great performance for small children. I'm still annoyed that venues can charge 3.75 for a bottle of water and 5.50 for a bag of popcorn!

2.0 star rating Mike from Houston, Texas


Some of the acts were very very good. But it was not a great show, and some acts were just mediocre , with some errors. But there was technical difficulty at the Saturday matinee I attended, and 15 minutes of the show was cancelled. Effectively, that was $75 lost to me since I bought 3 tickets. I paid extra to park in Toyota Tundra Garage attached to Toyota Center, because I thought I could get in and out quick. It took me close to 45 minutes just to get out of the parking garage. You would have thought the parking garage attached to Toyota Center never dealt with events. I, would never park there again!!

2.0 star rating E Colon from Boston, Massachusetts


Cirque Boston used to be held at Suffolk Downs under the Big Top Tent. There were strict rules that if you were late after the show started you had to wait until intermission to go to your seat. Not anymore! So many interruptions! I attended Corteo at the Agannis Arena where they did not adhere to the old way of doing things. People coming in and out whenever they pleased, children screaming, parents walking up and down rows to calm their children, people jumping to other seats. I paid $150+ per ticket for my anniversary. This has been a tradition for us. I am truly disappointed.

2.0 star rating Gabe from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I sold CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - CORTEO to my son as mind blowing...he is going to be so blown away. I have seen past CIRQUE shows and that's how I felt after the show. Tonight, my 11 year old son fell asleep. I think that says it all.

2.0 star rating Meredith from Worcester, Massachusetts


The last Cirque Du Soleil show I saw in person was Quidam, 20 years ago. Cirque has a reputation for being spectacular. Corteo fell far far short of this reputation. The acrobatics looked more like a warm up routine. A lot of acts felt like filler material. The aerial artists were the only act that held their own, and yet still their performance was something I’ve seen at other circuses- and of course more should be expected from Cirque. Others have labeled this as a “pandemic show”, and I have to agree. Subpar performance overall. The costumes and visuals were interesting, but nothing at all about the show was enough to pull you in and keep engaged throughout. Throughly disappointed. Don’t waste your money on this one!

2.0 star rating Lex from Seattle, Washington


I am someone who loves Cirque Du Soleil. I have seen 7 shows and they have all felt like magic and have been absolutely beautiful. This show was different. This is the first time they have done the show in Seattle at a large arena, and not in the tents at Marymoor. I understand the want to make more money by having more seats, but you loose the closeness and connection you feel with the performers. It is lack luster and it feels as if you are just watching it on a screen. I sincerely hope they go back to the tents. I heard people in crowd mention the same thing. I will not be buying tickets if they continue doing this. This show also had a lot less acrobats and a lot more filler. I felt most of the show was dialogue and comedy. I miss all the breathtaking acts. The performers were great, but I wish this show had the same feeling as the rest.

2.0 star rating Allan from Seattle, Washington


The "climate" at Climate Pledge Arena took the edge off the entire performance for our family (grandparents, children, grandchildren). Unnecessary and onerous screening of patrons, lousy guidance from ushers, poor (and unsafe) lighting, inadequate marking of rows and seats all made the access to the performance uncomfortable and and onerous. Although the performers were amazing, I never really understood the story line, I found it to be chaotic and, (at times) boring. I would NOT recommend the show, and definitely not the venue!

2.0 star rating Katie B from Seattle, Washington


We attended the show at Climate Pledge Arena. Small stage for large venue shrouded in curtains cutting off view from any seat that was not smack dab in the center. We had people coming to their seats and blocking our view for the first 30 minutes of the show. What happened to corralling late arriving guests? Lastly, there were lack luster scenes that went on too long. I would not recommend. Keep it in Vegas as it does not translate well in make shift venues.

2.0 star rating Ceyhan from Ottawa, Ontario


Very disappointed. Took my grand kids aged 8 and 9. They were engaged in some parts but in general not captivated. Tents are much more captivating. At Sports arenas the magic and involvement not there. I would never go again unless it is in a tent. Poorly done. Don’t waist your money.

1.0 star rating Soph from Toronto, Ontario


I heard this was a great show. Sadly, I was mistaken and so was everyone who said its a good show. I had no idea what was happening, the music was awful, i could not understand their language, the list goes on. I was under the impression this was an enjoyable show and you should all know it was not. I left early because my ears could not stand the terrible noise and my eyes could not stand the terrible sight. Anyways, i do not recommend.

1.0 star rating Marian from Toronto, Ontario


I have seen over 12 shows for Cirque Du Soleil before in North America and Coreto by far is the worst show I ever saw for them. Very basic circuis technique that any other small companies are performing. I regret the money I paid to see the show because it doesn’t worth it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is used to the previous level of shows of Cirque du Soleil or someone who is looking to see something different than any basic circuis acts. Doesn’t worth the money you pay. You can get much cheaper tickets for smaller circuis companies and you will see the exact same level of performance I saw at Corteo. Story line is hard to follow plus I don’t think the theme of funeral was suitable for the holidays season anyways.

1.0 star rating Susan Easterbrook from Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Having seen several Cirque shows before, we expected much better. Jumping on beds in underwear hardly qualifies as good entertainment in our book! The music was loud, the acoustics were awful at the WFCU and the show content itself was so mundane that we left at intermission. Not worth the $100 per seat we paid for the performance at all.

1.0 star rating Stuart from Montreal, Quebec


No clear story line or flow of the show No performances that were worth the cirque name, acrobatics worthy of a local circus at best Lots of mistakes and misses by performers Props and stage very poor Overall compared to Cirque in Vegas or other areas it is extremely disappointing and should not carry the cirque name

1.0 star rating Viviana Romanazzi from Pittsburgh PA


Having seen two other Cirque shows, I was expecting the wonder acrobatics they became famous for. This was not the case: it was a lot of dull talking and very few acrobatics. Plus, I think that for the price paid, they should not allow people to enter at any moment. It was very distracting.

1.0 star rating Isa from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


No me gustĂł. La historia no tiene ningĂşn sentido , acrobacias muy sencillas un teatro pobre ..

1.0 star rating Denis from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


No sense , Super boring , the clowns had nothing funny , the whole show is a mess and nothing is understood beds mixed with romeo and juliet , balloons and angels ... I lost 3 hours .

1.0 star rating Barbara Dombroski from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


Saw this show in Pittsburgh and left disappointed! Too many mistakes, hard to follow the story, acrobats where good but nothing spectacular! One of the worst shows we have seen from Cirque Du Soleil!

1.0 star rating Alex from Portland, Oregon


Have seen 7 different Cirque performances over the years and always leave mind blown. Corteo also blew my mind but only because it was so terrible. How was this a Cirque show? What the hell was the point of those angels? Juggling is not a Cirqye show act. Jumping in beds is not a Cirque show act. What the hell. was the point of Romeo and Juliet? Clown crap should be a distraction between acrobatics; here it was the majority. I have never been bored in a cirque show until this one. Cirque is supposed to be magic. This was tragic.

1.0 star rating Harry from Los Angeles



1.0 star rating Tom from Chicago, Illinois


Act One just finished. Intermission now. If I weren't with a group I would have left after the first 15 min. Not a representative CdS. Seen much, much better over the years. Dialogue (what little there is) is incompressible and very little English. Story line makes no sense and is nonsense, even after reading summary beforehand. Acts inspired, repetitious, and rather basic skillwise. It was like watching an old AGT episode of performers who did not make the cut to the quarter finals. First timers to a CdS performance might enjoy it; others not so much, if at all.

1.0 star rating Jill from Chicago, Illinois


I’ve seen seven Cirque du Soleil shows and this one fell short by far. It’s actually hard to describe how unlike all the other Cirque du Soleil shows this one is. Almost like one big warm-up act.

1.0 star rating Richard from Saint Paul, Minnesota


Horrible, when did Cirque Du Soleil become the bottome of the barrel? Ok and only ok first half with mediocre talent. Second half all fill. And did a 2 year old write the story? The Royal Canadian Circus blew this show away. Do not go until they bring back what they used to have. The best acrobatics in the world.....this was beyond pathetic.

1.0 star rating Charlie from San Francisco, California


All 6 of us who attended this show regretted the purchase. Sitting to the left of the stage, the tickets made no mention of a partial view. The sound for the entire show seemed to come from one wimpy speaker so we could hardly hear the music or random words coming out of the clown’s mouth in english, spanish, italian, whatever, who cares. Our 2 elementary aged kids were bored stupid. People in front and behind us were talking through the entire performance at full volume. Half the theater used their phones to film the few short mediocre acrobatic performances with no repercussions. Not annoying at all. The show infantilized little people which is always a good time? Seriously one of the worst shows I have ever attended. Such a waste of money. At least you can buy a $16 beer and a $9.50 small bottle water to drink your sorrows away. Oh and $50 parking! Yay!


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