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Moulin Rouge! The Musical Reviews

Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.5 Stars)

Number of reviews: 61



5.0 star rating MARIA from DOUGLAS, GA



5.0 star rating CC from Boston, Massachusetts


Ignored any negative reviews posted here, this is a magnificent show.

5.0 star rating Sarah from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


As a huge fan of the film I knew I had to see the musical in Boston as soon as I heard about it, although I wasn't sure I could ever take to anyone but Ewan and Nicole in the lead roles, not to mention Jim Broadbent who was a briliant Zidler. My worries were unfounded. ALL the cast were fantastic, including an extremely hardworking ensemble who were very rarely off stage and who included some strong vocals, especially in the opening number. The soundtrack seems to have divided opinion but in my view the updated music was the right thing to do - this isn't trying to be a stage copy of the film and it totally succeeds in creating something new and exciting while maintaining the central storyline. The new numbers support the narrative completely and Firework in particular is a stand out. Add to this the best set I've seen, stunning costumes and choreography and it's an all round success. I think it could be slowed down in the 2nd act though - it was over too quickly. Go see!!!

5.0 star rating Jessi Champion from Boston, Massachusetts


Come what may is the theme song my husband and I live by so we had very high expectations for this show. This cast and crew blew them out of the water. Such high energy and amazing talent on stage and the theater was perfect for it...small and engaging! Not for kids, and the best seats are actually around the 4th-5th row.

5.0 star rating Rachel from Newcastle, England, UK


I completely disagree with reviews written by people saying if you're a fan of the movie, you'll hate this. I'm enough of a fan that I have 4 tattoos all centred around the movie, and I flew all the way from England to Boston, for the sole reason of seeing the show. I absolutely loved it. I was in the diamond VIP seating which was absolutely phenomenal, incredibly immersive. Sets incredible, performances incredible, the voices of all the actors incredible. Where I think the issues come in is the balance between the music and the story. Many reviews are essentially saying 'style but no substance', and at times, especially in the second act, when Satine's illness should really be the focus, it can feel like the writers were more focused on the music than the story. However, for me, it's not style but no substance, it's a bit too much style, not quite enough substance. They're both there, it's just the balance is off. An easily fixable issue to turn an amazing show into a perfect one.

5.0 star rating Jan from Boston, Massachusetts


Best show I have seen in a long time!! Love the theater, was in the theater, and adore everything about the theater. This theater was beautiful!! This show amazing! Music, acting, scenery,environment....just perfect! Thank you for a wonderful performance!!

5.0 star rating Chris Rush from Dallas, TX


If you have the opportunity, the Sparkling Diamond Seats are nothing short of extraordinary to be fully immersed in the incredible sights and sounds of the Moulin Rouge! As big fans of the movie, my wife and I flew in from Dallas just to see the show. We were not disappointed. The Emerson theatre, Moulin Rouge set, talented cast and new music (while preserving the best of the songs from the movie), made this a delightful evening. The Duke could have been a little creepier, but the magic between Sateen and Christian was amazing. From our seats, we could see the actual tears rolling down their cheeks and their quivering lips. So powerful! This show is a must see if you want a non stop fun night that expertly weaves a love story through a humorous and entertaining string of jokes, songs and dancing! Can't wait to see this on Broadway!

5.0 star rating Ulf from Boston, Massachusetts


So great in all ways, stage, costumes, choreography and the actors stunning. Really great updated wirh todays music plus from movie. So much fun and comedy at the same time as the story ends so sad. Second acts opening a la lady gaga is a real showstopper. Dont miss it

5.0 star rating Maureen Sabolinski from Boston, Massachusetts


This show is extraordinary, sad, funny and excellent production values. No comparison to movie- if you want to see the movie then go stream. This is live entertainment at its best- we had seats in the diamond section and they were - well amazing. The theater is beautiful and the sets were breathtaking . I see a lot of theater- mostly on Broadway. See this now if you can- when it goes to Broadway it will be a hot ticket and expect many Tony nods.

5.0 star rating Steve and Emily W from Fairhaven, Massachusetts


We didn’t know what to expect. High energy, we were sitting forward the entire night. The best we’ve seen. Would go back 1000 times. Cast was fantastic! I’ve seen Cats, Phantom ... this is and was better. Boston Strong - Moulin Rouge Strong

5.0 star rating Rachel H. from Boston, Massachusetts


I'm a big fan of the original movie, and this stage version was so much fun! Truly amazing set, costumes, & choreography. I enjoyed the new musical references, even though I didn't recognize all of them. Change is awesome. Speaking of change, I was delighted to see diversity in the cast, in both skin color and body types. Standout cast included Danny Burstein as Zidler and Sahr Ngaujah as Toulouse. Both brought humanity to roles that were more goofy in the movie. I agree with critiques of the chemistry between the leads ... it just wasn't always there. I'm not sure if the fault lies with the performers, the pacing, or the fact that Aaron Tveit often seems to be directed to stand still when everyone else has business. When he sings, dances, or has something else to do ... he becomes instantly more interesting. My favorite bit was the Green Fairy sequence. Second fave was the extended encore/curtain call. It's clear everyone was having a great time throughout .

5.0 star rating Jen from Epping, New Hampshire


Very excited to see this show, I am a huge fan of the movie. As you walk in the theater looks as if you just walked into the movie of Moulin Rouge. As it starts it captures your attention (not to give anything away) then bam you are right into the fun, song and dancing. I loved it, loved the new and old songs, very beautiful, very tallented cast, costume and art all well done. The only thing that did bother me was Christian and Satine. I did not feel a love connection. Both are extremely tallented but did not feel what you have felt in the movie, the love the passion between them two. I don’t believe they selected the right performer for Satine, she was amazingly tallented but don’t think it was the right part for her, I wanted the chemistry between these two but I just didn’t feel it. Even so I would highly recommend this show it was truly amizing up to the very end. You won’t regret going to see this work of art.

5.0 star rating Valeria Pereira from Boston, Massachusetts


Me and my daughter (Pregnant with my grandson and due next week) are fascinated by the way they modernized the play with new songs. I felt in love with Christian, and cried with with Satinee's amazing interpretation. the only thing that got me sad was "Roxane". Although Aaron's interpretation was amazing, I really missed the rough voice that sings with Christian in the Movie. Caveat, there is no elevator in the theater, and we bought the Balcony. My grandson almost came after my daughter climbed the stairs, but the theater crew helped a lot. Before the show, we had a light lunch at explorateur cafe and set at the commons (the first public park in US) and, together with the play was one of the best days of my life.

5.0 star rating Brigette Ray from Boston, Massachusetts


I cannot stop thinking about this show. I am in Boston for just 3 short days and I would (had I the funds) see it again! The actors were flawless, the music was incredible, and their changes to the storyline were amazing. I read several disappointed reviews about the musical changes or differences in the plot- it's 2018! The movie was released 17 years ago. The creative choices that were made for the musical were amazing and brought a more modern perspective to the show. I am truly obsessed with this performance and cannot wait to own a CD of the music so I can sing along 24/7.

5.0 star rating Anna Watkins from South Carolina


If you want the movie then stay home and watch the movie. It was a fun night at the theatre with the same bones as the movie fleshed out a little differently. I was hoping it would be stranger than it is. Also the love story part is more narrated than actually seen. Still five stars. People keep complaining about the newer songs—I have never heard “Firework” sung so well. The set design is insane. The people who worked at the theatre were exceptional. Stage door—take a right when you’re leaving the theatre, take a right onto Tremont Street, and then the alley will be on your right.

5.0 star rating Lorraine from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw performance in beautifully restored Colonial Theatre last night. The excitement was palpable even before show began. We are regular theatre goers. I’ve never been part of such an appreciative audience. Music was a bit loud, a bit corny, and a lot appropriate. Highly recommend this show.

5.0 star rating Beth from Boston, Massachusetts


Being one of those who had watched the movie multiple times, I wasn't sure what to expect of this production. I had nothing to worry about! They did an amazing job of recreating it! This was, hands down, one of the best broadway productions I have ever had the joy of watching! The incorporated newer music into it while keeping the heart of the movie in tact. The sets were fantastic! The actors were incredible! From Christian and Sateen all the way down to the dancers of the Moulin Rouge were simply amazing! Non-stop action and singing and dancing that had me smiling, laughing, and, of course, crying. I left there wanting to come back and see it again. Whether or not you're a fan of the movie, you will absolutely love this show! I know this because one of my daughters had never seen the movie and she loved it. See this show!!

5.0 star rating Julie S. from Los Angeles, California


How they set the stage surely helped the audience to be captured and enticed in the feel of Moulin Rouge. They have kept the familiar songs from the film, and at the same time, was able to add new ones that still explains the lines and story flow. I welcome the changes in some parts of the story line, as it is an adaptation, not just a simple carbon copy of the movie. Also, the new songs added was a good move, as it embodies a Baz Luhrmann-esque step in this production. I feel that it was appropriate to include current songs in this stage production, similar to when the movie back in 2001 included songs current at the time. Seats of the theater is a bit tight, but for balcony viewing is still acceptable unlike in other theaters. Not sure about the 12y/o rating, might be a little too low considering the sensuality of some scenes. Entertaining nonetheless. Worth the travel from Los Angeles. I probably should have waited later of the production, to get a CD at the end of the show

5.0 star rating PAMELA from Boston, Massachusetts


Spectacular....simply amazing show....choreography, dancing, sets, stage design, costumes....will not disappoint...DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! There are so many powerful moments between gorgeous voices and incredible dancing. Moulin Rouge starts on a high note....and somehow ends even higher...not one dull moment...surprised at every turn. great show...great night...

5.0 star rating Laura from Cleveland, ohio


Came from Ohio to see the show without seeing the movie and was absolutely amazed. The sets were intricate but not overwhelming (scene changes were seamless), the story and music were great, the cast and choreography were mind blowing! Any opening night jitters were unseen (other than a buckle and hat). Judging by the constant applause and standing ovations everyone in the theatre was as impressed. Cannot wait to head to New York for the Broadway debut!

5.0 star rating Randy from Quincy, Massachusetts


We went to opening night with high hopes and expectations. So many of the songs were different from the movie, but all were fun and well- performed. The crowd was more into the performance than any musical I’ve ever seen, though that may have partially been due to opening night excitement. The leads were all great vocalists and the ensemble had good energy in their dances. The set and costumes made you feel like you were in Paris. I’d highly recommend the show to anyone, especially fans of the movie or recent pop music. Just don’t go in expecting an exact copy of the movie.

5.0 star rating Stephen Silver from Boston, Massachusetts


After much anticipation I finally attended the opening night of Moulin Rouge at the Emerson Colonial Theater in Boston. Before the show even started cast members dressed in Victorian costumes milled about the stage and catwalk extending out into the theater's seats drawing the audience into the atmosphere of the stunning Moulin Rouge cabaret set. Once the show began we were immediately pulled into the world of Moulin Rouge by the superb acting/singing/dancing and energy of the performers. Before the audience knew it they were all clapping along to the wonderful music. Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo were both wonderful reprising the movie roles originally held down by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, with significantly better singer in my opinion. The ensemble cast were also so talented with wonderful singing and dancing throughout. Some songs from the original movie were updated with more current songs but still all wonderful. I highly recommend this production before it goes to NY.

5.0 star rating JENNIFER from Boston, Massachusetts



4.0 star rating Erin from Boston, Massachusetts


Fantastic supporting characters, amazing scenery, and good energy but I have to say Satine, despite her amazing voice, never drew me in and I felt there was lack of chemistry between Christian and Satine. So that was a bit of a disappointment for me. A better chosen Satine could have made the show phenomenal for me. A strongly trained dancer that was statuesque like the"real" Satine would have improved it for me. As for the theater our seats were fantastic on the bottom floor. It seemed the seats directly under the sage appeared uncomfortable and they had to look directly up to see the show which seemed awkward. The first free rows of the "fixed" seats appeared perfect.

4.0 star rating Forrest Milder from Boston, Massachusetts


I was wowed at the first act keeping the movie’s feel. I didn’t mind the song changes; I liked the one liner going back and forth. I was very impressed with the opening number, and also when they pitch the new show to the Duke. Amazing number of costume changes. Interesting to not have the Duke be a dolt, like he is in the movie. Arguably, the musical’s Duke is the Devil, and the characters are selling their souls. The second act was a let-down. It was all sadness and none of the movie's grandeur. There’s no way that they could have elephants, etc. on stage for the show within a show, but this was still a disappointment. One of my favorite movie scenes is when she tells him off, and he walks through the audience and then they start singing to each other and he comes back. I thought that their handling of that scene in the musical, with just the two of them on stage, was a major disappointment. The theater looks gorgeous, but Dress Circle rows don't have enough leg room.

4.0 star rating LH from Boston, Massachusetts


So much fun! Great set, great costumes, such a strong cast. Tveit, ZIddler and Lautrec were stand outs. The second act was definitely weaker than the first. The show looses its momentum thru a series of slower numbers. While it is picked up somewhat by a high energy bows sequence, I feel the second act needs a midway upbeat number to keep the energy from dropping while still preserving the emotional strength. By far the most distracting part was the audience. I went to a night performance, I would recommend going to a matinee. I was seated next to a man who was uh- let's just say in an enhanced state of mind- and spent the whole second act laughing while crying distractingly loudly. Most other people were a bit boozed but still the overall audience vibe was high energy and fun through the first act, but as the show lost some energy, the audience vibe became less fun as well. Again, bows saved things somewhat and I think retooling the second act would fix this issue too

4.0 star rating Arthur Grau from Boston, Massachusetts


Moulin Rouge is beautifully produced and excellently performed. Every artist has given their all. I felt completely engaged in each performance and story. At the same time I feel like the writers are missing an opportunity to make valuable social commentary through the art. While the subtext of the movie may not be designed to draw out social issues, the stage is a unique platform that can adapt to the social challenges of the day. The producers are missing an opportunity here to create something not only beautiful, but deeply socially relevant to our age.

4.0 star rating Melanie from Atlanta, GA


This show is equally beautiful and exhilarating! The sets, scene changes, and costumes were absolutely spectacular and the vocals and choreography were stunning. Just know that it is not a carbon copy of the movie. Much of the iconic music has been "updated" and my two favorite numbers - "One Day I'll Fly Away" and the hysterical version of "Like a Virgin" didn't make the cut. I am still mourning those losses! Overall, very well done and I would highly recommend. The Emerson Colonial theater is the perfect size and place for this production.

4.0 star rating Jen from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw this last night without having ever seen the movie. I thought the plot and dialogue were weak and unoriginal, and for that reason, this probably isn't a musical that anyone will remember years from now as an all-time great. But I enjoyed myself so tremendously while watching the performance that I didn't really care about those flaws -- and no one else in the electrified crowd seemed to, either. The singing, acting, energy, choreography, set, lighting, and costumes were all simply superb, and they make this show well worth an evening out even if you won't remember it forever.

4.0 star rating JS from Boston, Massachusetts


“Moulin Rouge” is all the things great theatre should be - brilliant, exhilarating, entertaining, a talented and hard working cast who give their all to the production. It is an almost perfect show. I say almost because there is clearly some work still to be done in the last half of the second act. Hopefully the artistic folks involved with the show are able to sense the subtle shifts in energy in the audience as the show nears its heartbreaking final moments. With a few small changes in the book and perhaps a new production number for the finale, this show will not only be a hit in New York but will run for years. If you’re in Boston, go see this show. It’s a gift to all of us from the theatre gods.

4.0 star rating Jake from from Los Angeles, CA


It's very easy to look back at Moulin Rouge the movie with nostalgic, heart-colored glasses and talk about how 'wonderful' the love story was. But the very first time I saw the film--and I saw it over a dozen times in theatre--my ONLY real issue was how cheap and flimsy and unrealistic the love story was. Repeatedly crooning "how wonderful life is, now your'e in the world" doesn't a love story make. This musical has -exactly- as much of a love story as the film did. What people are complaining about is those rose-colored memories. Instead, come see this show for what it is--the Spectacular Spectacular that the Mouline Rouge was always supposed to be. Recognize that even the FILM's plot is over the top and shallow, exactly like the play WITHIN the play (Christian is writing the story all along). Then come see one of the brightest musical adaptations I've ever seen. Top notch cast. Incredible set. Great choreography. And perfectly added new music. See the stuff that matters here.

4.0 star rating Carolann Frenger from Patchogue, New York


My daughter and I came from Long Island with great expectations and we were not disappointed! The set was beyond our expectations. So beautiful and captured the feel of the movie we so love. What blew our minds were the talents of the cast! From the ensemble to the main characters, this show is worth every dollar spent. The voices of leads were extraordinary. Aaron Tveit not only captured the essence of Christian through his acting, his voice.....well I can only say we were mesmerized and never wanted him to stop singing. Karen Olivo's voice as well, beautiful, powerful and she carried the part of Satine effortlessly. Danny Burstein and Sahr Ngaujah cannot be overlooked....fabulous and I only hope they all come to Broadway with this production...amazing. The only reason I gave 4 stars was we felt the production tried to include too many newer songs at the expense of what has become classic numbers from the movie. Would and hopefully will see it again in New York. Love to you all!

4.0 star rating COME WHAT MAY from Boston, Massachusetts


A criticism of the original movie could have been written about this stage adaptation: "The movie, though blessed with some stunning architectural design, never pays its audience the compliment of giving them the time and space to look around. We are driven back by the great undifferentiated roar of colour and light and noise. It is as if a jeroboam of champagne has been shaken up far too much and then uncorked in our faces. That isn't a very refreshing or tasty experience." The musical stays true to the spirit of excess that made the movie so enveloping and entrancing. If you were drawn to the emotional (but generic and always surface level) love story, then you may be disappointed. If you were enthralled by the wonderment that Baz Luhrmann embedded in the surprising score, outrageous spectacle, and rapid pace editing of the movie, then you may feel like you just experienced Moulin Rouge again, but for the first time...and you'll want more More MOOORRRREEE (gitchy gitchy ya ya da da)!

3.0 star rating K Bennett from Boston, Massachusetts


Twice seen and twice awed by the stage set but disappointed in Christian. It's fine to make changes but not for no reason and definitely not to make something great worse. Christian threatens to kill Satine then himself? Seriously? And the Duke just accepts Satine's rejection with no recourse? So WRONG. The Duke is supposed to be the slimey, bad guy. Here he's too handsome and accepting. Heartbroken they make Christian a bit psycho. Love all the new songs they incorporated and the visuals are simply amazing, but this serious change in the story is quite upsetting to the perfect, loving Christian we know. Would also like to see another actor - Tveit can sing, but doesn't feel. It was refreshing to see Nini be kind to Satine unlike the movie.

3.0 star rating Elaine Bard from Bangor, Maine


As a theatre director, and avid theatre goer, I was incredibly excited to see this production, and drove 4+ hours to do so. While the tech side of the show and choreo is heavenly, and the supporting actors and ensemble divine, sadly the chemistry between Tveit and Olivio was sorely lacking. At no point did I ever feel they were connected, let alone in love. While Tveit shone brighter than Olivio, both of them needed a firm directors hand to find what the entire crux of the story is about....namely their connection! Some of the scenes/songs are unnecessary, incredibly slow, and drag the show down. Seats that are full price and not labelled limited seating had awful sight line issues. The songs , while more modern, didn't always work, and had the audience laughing or clapping when it should have been a serious moment,the director needs to drive the intention! How I would love to get my hands on this show and cast and refine what COULD be an excellent piece of musical theatre

3.0 star rating Mrs NH 1991 from Nashua NH


We saw this yesterday at the Colonial Theater - a real jewel of a place - and the set was jaw dropping. Everything about it screamed "Broadway bound". That was true of the whole first act. Dancers were wonderful. The principles were exceptional. The music (I loved the music mashups they wove in), the comedic touches, the costumes. Everything was ready for the big time. Then we hit act two. I thought it felt like a different show bolted on to a really great one. The two acts didn't fit together. No continuity, and the tone was so dark. I knew what was coming as Aaron telegraphed it in the opening monologue but it still had no transition-just dropped into a dark series of numbers. I know that the show runs in Boston until Aug 19, 2018, and I'm told they are working on it even now (one usher said they are always adding/removing numbers and tweaking things) so am optimistic they will work on act 2 prior to NYC. This could be a great show and the cast is just outstanding.

3.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


I was so excited to see this show and I was not disappointed with the sets, the costumes, and the overall performances of the leads was incredible. The first act was significantly better than the second. The new songs and the changes in the story in the first act actually enhances and maintains the overall flow of the show. The problems arise in the second act where too many new numbers were added and they lost the plot of the overall show. I personally think if they could keep the first act the way it is and changed the second act to more closely follow the plot line of the movie that this show would be perfection.

3.0 star rating Sarah from Boston, Massachusetts


The singing was outstanding, the dancing was great, the set was fantastic, but the overall show lacks emotional content. It's all spectacle with hooting and hollering from the audience and we miss getting to fall in love with the characters. There were just WAY too many songs mashed into the whole show. I hope this goes on to broadwayt in a very cleaned up version with more focus on the storyline and less on the spectacle.

3.0 star rating Huge Moulin Rouge Fan... from Boston, Massachusetts


First I want to say the cast was extraordinarily obviously super talented ! The set was breathtaking right off the bat! Though the show was extremely fun it just wasnt moulin rouge. They seemed to cram in as many "hit" song as they could and skip or change the originals that made it so amazing. It took away from the love story and just seemed confusing. And though the main players were great I believe Karen who played Satine just wasnt a great fit for the role. Again she is very talented however she just seemed too powerful for the role, she had no vulnerability as the character should. There also was little chemistry between them. Again a lot could be due from the all crazy music but it just didnt work, you never felt the connection between them. All in all fun show. Would probabably have enjoyed it more not being a huge fan of the movie! Great show, it just wasnt moulin rouge. I understand things needs to be changed but not this much, I didnt go there to see a top 40 hit show.

3.0 star rating Elizabeth M. from Boston, Massachusetts


The production was incredibly entertaining. The sets and lights were breathtaking, the choreography captivating, and the performances by every single body on stage were beautifully diverse and enthralling. Sadly, the dramatic structure and the book do not deliver at adapting the heart of the story from the original film. Creative liberties are essential in this kind of adaptation, but the focus on the energy of the Moulin Rouge purposefully overshadows the love story and conflict of the characters. The performers do their best with what they were given but the dramaturgical struggles meant that anyone who was not familiar with the new pop hits infused into the score sat confused. Anyone who had not seen the movie might wonder at the purpose of several of the numbers. Still, I believe that with the source material given, and the INCREDIBLE talent of their ensemble of performers, there is the potential for a great show! This is what out-of- town tryouts are made for! Break legs!

3.0 star rating Elle D. from Boston, Massachusetts


First and foremost, I want to say that the technical aspects of this show are absolutely stunning. The set is truly a sight to see. It is utilized well throughout the show and really adds to the theme and atmosphere of the show. The costumes we gorgeous and the lighting design was also quite fantastic (minus one very tacky heart gobo). The cast is perfection. I absolutely loved the diversity of the players. They were amazing and really brought life and energy to their characters. Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit did not disappoint in these roles. Karen shined as Satine and Aaron’s voice is even more impressive in person. The stars and ensemble alike were truly impressive. Sahr Ngaujah Was more than perfect as Toulouse-Lautrec. The updated and added music did not fit the show. The story was sidelined by the focus that was paid to the spectacle of the Moulin Rouge. The story was rushed as were the songs. I felt like I was at a top 40 concert instead of a musical.

3.0 star rating Mandy from Boston, Massachusetts


Pros - beautiful set, great dancing, actors who are definitely trying 100% and have beautiful singing voices Cons - watered down story lines (which is the effect of cramming to many 30 sec. sound bite songs into the show) and lack of chemistry between the two main stars (you don't believe for a second that they've actually fallen in love) Overall - seems like well choreographed karaoke of crowd pleasing songs. That said, the cast tries really hard and puts a lot of energy into the show, the set is spectacular, and it's fun in a way that won't be memorable or moving. I didn't like the updated song choices. I know some of that is licensing and some is trying to keep it current, but I thought it took away from the story line. I don't want a straight "remake" of the movie, but by not using some of the movie songs, the heart of the musical is missing at times.

3.0 star rating Jan C.P. from Los Angeles, CA


The set design was simply amazing, very intricately done. The lighting change and the glowing ambiance were captivating, goes perfectly with this historical theater. However, as the story went on, it definitely lacks the emotional feel but instead, lots of comedic segments with American top 10 hit songs range from 80's-current. It was funny as first but soon you realized that creative direction was clearly designed this way. It takes over the emotional state that you try to immerse yourself into time and time again. The epic love story was short lived and abruptly disrupted by distractions. Simply not enough of time and space for the audience to invest their emotional to the main characters, although two main cast were singing phenomenally. If the creative team would just let it breath more and really focus on the essence of story it would be a total hit because it was indeed entertaining, but the aspects of despair and love were not achieved on the emotional level.

3.0 star rating Jan C.P. from Los Angeles, CA


The set designs was simply amazing, lots of intricate details , goes perfectly with this historical theater. The ever changing light effects and glowing ]ambiance set up the mood just fine. However, as the story goes on, you soon realize that the creative direction is off from the essence of the original film story. It is more American top 10 songs driven entertainment than an emotional driven play. It was funny at first when the initial"American top 10 song" interruption occur, while it was fun to a certain degree, it continues on to a point where you can hardly take the love story between Christian and Satine seriously, although the two sing phenomenally! It missed the mark of the emotional investment that the audiences were trying to engage and immerse themselves into. The despair and love between the two main cast were portrayed lightly and short lived. It would have been a great play if the story itself can be re-balanced between lifting comedy and emotional drama.

2.0 star rating Mary from Brooklyn, New York


Visually, this is what I've waited 17 years for on stage. The sets & costumes are mesmerizing, lush, and opulent. The cast is unbelievably talented. However, most (including the leads) have little substance to work with. Christian/Satine barely have time together, so the chemistry and believability of their love story is lacking. The story is rushed, disappointing, & riddled with plot holes, all because the whole show is centered around cramming in as many top 40 hits as possible (68 total music credits!). Some songs from the movie are missing (licensing?) and replaced/rewritten with gimmicky, ill-fitting, jarring, full-length versions of radio hits, making it feel more like a concert than the whimsical, magical, zany, chaotic movie world. The songs are often used as (tired) comedic relief, but haven't been rearranged to fit the feel of the show, so they distract from any emotional connection to the characters. Here's hoping the book/music are totally reworked before it hits Broadway.

2.0 star rating Meredith from Boston, Massachusetts


Mutu’s Duke is too attractive so you kind of root for him and Satine as they seem closer in age too. The lead couple have no chemistry and at the end of the day Moulin Rouge is about love not the spectacle which this show has. You walk in and the set is amazing. The show is just a massive fail the way it is now. You don’t care about any character. Firework instead of Fly Away tells you what you need to know. It’s all about inserting a well known current song for a crap sing a long and not about character development. Kidman’s Fly Away makes you cry. Even though she can’t sing because the words mean something. Here every song is put in to entertain and it’s so fake. It means nothing. It annoys the audience when you don’t know if you should care about a character or not in a particular scene. It’s karaoke not acting. Moulin Rouge has no heart here. It died with the film. Plus please fix the Duke. Give us the slimy, unattractive, pathetic baddie that sings like a Virgin.

2.0 star rating Nomad from Lincoln, MA


Spectacular it is; no bones about it. A stunning set, flash costumes, sizzling choreography. For pure theatricality, it's as good as it gets, and perhaps worth seeing for that alone. The spectacle is good enough that, in the moment, it makes up for the embarrassing lack of character development, plot cohesion, or anything deeper than an adolescent view of emotional complexity. But it give a couple of hours digestion, and while the spectacle remains as a pleasant memory, the lack of anything resembling a worthwhile adult theatrical experience leaves one to wonder how it is possible to get so easily hoodwinked. I'd say if you go, relish the fabulous sets, but leave your intelligence, integrity and reasonable expectations at home.

2.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


I'll begin by saying this: the cast is immensely talented are are working their tails off to make this work. Moulin Rouge!: The Musical is a misfire in every sense of the word. The elegance, pathos, emotion, and romance of the film has been entirely stripped and we are left with a gaudy, emotionless tale filled with belting and great dancing. Not once will you feel for Christian and Satine. The inclusion of new pop songs is entirely irresponsible and does not further the plot in the slightest. What worked so brilliantly about the film was that the songs felt like they were WRITTEN for the film. They were so seamlessly and brilliantly integrated. It is now a show filled with song references to get a laugh. It has become farce-like. Entirely the wrong tone. I am open to new things, but this has strayed too far from the source material. Dynamite source material, in my opinion. The book completely misses the mark and I was left disappointed. A total rewrite is what is needed.A true shame.

2.0 star rating Channing s from Boston, Massachusetts


Moulin rouge as a movie is a cult classic. I'm so confused as to why they made so many changes within the music. I feel that the original music and score was so essential to the story line and essence that truly makes it Moulin Rouge. It was gimmicky and cheap as far as the writing and integration of new music went , overshadowing the incredible talent and effort of the cast to sell a horribky adapted show. I can't say enough how truly talented the cast was and the set was other worldly. It was just such a shame the writers butchered t in the way they did, as it was beautifully cast and the technical work was flawless. I just wouldn't recommend it if you, like me , were expecting to attend with the hopes of reliving your adolescence through your favorite songs. The audience was entertained by the appropriate spectacle of it all, but emotional songs were often met with laughter from the audience due to the overwhelming cheese of the newly adapted music.

2.0 star rating Davcan from Boston, Massachusetts


The stage sets the scene for something wonderful but the parts and pieces don't really add up. The use of pop music hits from the radio I was listening to driving to the theatre throughout the piece to convey the story left me feeling a bit sea sick. The main seductress and her love interest don't make much of a match; their chemistry seems as fake as the set.

2.0 star rating Steve M from Boston, Massachusetts


When I go to see a Broadway Show I expect to see a production where the material is new, fresh, and creative. Moulin Rouge, now playing at the Colonial Theater in Boston, was created using a string of recycled songs and snippets of songs that are played every day on the radio. True, the staging was opulent and the voices were generally good but, all of staging could not hide the fact that the show is no more than a group of actors who dressed up to sing karaoke. Save your money.

2.0 star rating Katrina from Austin, TX


We flew from Texas to Boston just to be here for the opening. We were blown away when the theaters doors finally opened and we entered the house to one of the most beautiful sets we have ever seen. My daughter and I couldn't contain our excitement while waiting for the show to start. Lights, music, and the show started. It was different but wonderful-an extravagant blend of colors, dancing, choreography and new songs that worked to bring it all alive...that was until the meeting of Sateen and Christian. We knew this would be different and that new numbers were added but some songs just can't be cut. I'll say no more so as not to spoil it for others. The story line is changed and sped up to the point that you really don't care about anyone. Back story has been added, I assume, to help but it didn't help to make up for the story jumps and lack of chemistry between the characters. I hope that they will rework it because it could be wonderful.

2.0 star rating Julia B from Boston, Massachusetts


I love the film but the casting here is off. Tam Mutu is good but he isn’t the Duke. He isn’t slimy enough. He is a tad too handsome ( not as handsome as Aaron but close). He is a bit dull here. The Duke creates the drama and the tension but here he is wet and boring. Rewrite and cast this character please. The new music is annoying and cheap to get laughs. One Day I’ll Fly Away is a huge loss.

2.0 star rating Rachel from Boston, Massachusetts


Opening night of the musical proved promising until the plot actually began. The set is gorgeous and the choreography daring and relevant. However, with the addition of modern, radio-popular songs already in danger of being overplayed the story becomes cheap and the emotion questionable and synthetic. Staples of the musical movie become mangled and even, in the case of the most beloved and inventive orchestrations and songs, non-existant. What remains is the barest skeletal and cheapest retelling of a beautiful, emotionally charged movie. Do yourself a favor and just turn on the radio, because this musical may be best summarized as a top ten list of the most overplayed, generic songs of the current decade.

1.0 star rating Ely from Boston, Massachusetts


Flew from Toronto to see this show as it is my favorite film and I was excited to see its tragically beautiful story on stage, that didn't happen though. This almost felt like a parody of Moulin Rouge. While I was thrilled to see Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo on stage, they had zero chemistry (which I blame on the directing) and it left the audience confused as Satine and The Duke seemed like a better fit. Tam Mutu was too good looking to play The Duke, as he is supposed to be slimy and we are not supposed to root for him. The cast itself was very talented, but the writing and directing was just so horrible. Karen has a great voice, but "Firework" was cringeworthy. The story wasn't believable at all, and Aaron had too much spoken line explaining the story. Top 40 music was a very poor choice compared to all the classic songs of the film. Stage/costumes are the only thing that saved this, I simply cant see how it would go to Broadway like this. I laughed a lot, so it wasn't Moulin Rouge.

1.0 star rating Kristina from Boston, Massachusetts


Positives: The set and staging The dancing The voices on offer The wow factor Negatives Nowhere near as good as the film No chemistry between Christian and Satine The Duke needs to be recast The second Act does not flow The new songs are too rushed and crammed in for laughs but miss the mark There is no story Where does the crap Duke go in the second Act? Why does Satine seem more attracted to the Duke than Christian? Everything about the Duke is wrong. Recast please. Make us care about the characters. If we want karaoke we will go to a karaoke bar.

1.0 star rating L. Hadden from Needham, Massachusetts


If you love "Moulin Rouge", the movie, the musical does not replicate it. If you love popular music incorporated into a movie, you will enjoy it. The sets and costumes are spectacular, as is the choreography. The actors' voices are also exceptional. However, I felt I was at a concert rather than a theater experience. The audience clearly recognized and enjoyed all the music included in this adaptation, with shouts and applause whenever a recognizable song was included. So, it's up to the individual whether they want to see an adaptation of the movie or a new interpretation of it.

1.0 star rating Lainey Lee from Maine


Number one complaint, this show is sorely lacking in chemistry between the 2 leads. Where was the plot point that we know Satine is dying very early on, that makes the love story (which was non existent) so bitter sweet? Come on, you have consumption with 10 minutes of the show left and boom your dying? This was nothing more than an attempt to mash up as many songs as possible in 3 hrs and charge a pretty penny for it and fool the audience with glitz and glam. Tveit and Olvio should be ashamed of their lack luster chemistry and performances. The ensemble worked very hard to cover the fact they were both mis-cast and no one truly ever believed they were in love. The director created sight line issues, and did not remotely get from his leads what he should have. Poor direction took a flawed script and made it worse. Im sorry, throwing set change after set change doesn't save you! This show needs substance! it needs a better Satine! It needs a director with creativity!

1.0 star rating Anon from Boston, Massachusetts


Loved the film, but this was awful. The top 40 songs take you out of the moment and feel gimicky, and it never hits the so-over-the-top-its-almost-not place the movie gets to. It's close enough to the film, you compare, but far enough to be frustrating. I wanted to leave at intermission. The cast and set are great, music and story need improvement.

1.0 star rating Nick from Boston, Massachusetts


It was awesome to see Tveit and Burstein, and the audience was certainly enthusiastic (seriously; it's worse than the Pops, i.e. theatre for people who don't really do theatre), but the minute I realize that "Firework" was supposed to replace "Fly Away," I knew there was no hope. This was literally the second time in my life I've left a show at intermission, although it was as much to do with the drunk girl behind me screaming her head off and trying to sing along as it was to do with the complete and total lack of character development and the butchering of what, in my mind, is a great film soundtrack. Just about the only numbers that were recognizable were "Spectacular, Spectacular" and "Nature Boy," which was shoehorned in to please fans, presumably, but didn't make sense in terms of the narrative. A huge waste of time and money. More importantly, a sad disappointment as a big fan of the film. Save yourself admission and listen to the Top 40 at home.

1.0 star rating Jt from Boston, Massachusetts


Garish sets and a soccer houligan audience (that screams, whistles and hollers at every over the top moment) do not make a musical. This politically correct adaptation aims for the easy mind-numbing fakeness of an episode of American Idol. It is not necessarily the liberties taken: the aristocrat Toulouse-Lautrec becomes what seems to be a nihilist from some french african colony, who can't seem to remember how to make the noises associated with his bad accent; absinthe is taken straight out the bottle; zidler is gay; satine a mashup of lola montez and charo, but the charmless acting and lack of character development that might strike a theater fan. the audience loved it, swilling beer and throwing the empty cans under the seats. the over-amplified voices unfortunately could be heard over the audience din. the elaborate costumes could not quite hide the lack of acting skills. i suspect it has all the makings of a vulgar superhit.

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