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Hamilton Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 171



5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


I have been excited to see this show since I first heard it was coming to San Fran. It was worth all the excitement. The show is fast moving and the actors are phenomenal. I loved the amazing energy in the crowd from the first moment A. Burr walked on stage until the final curtain calls. This is a must see

5.0 star rating Dan from Santa Rosa, California


My wife and I read the book, listened to the soundtrack, and bought the entire SHN season just to make sure we could get tickets to Hamilton. Our expectations simply could not have been higher. But the sheer energy of the performance, the pin-point choreography, the incredible voices, and of course Miranda's writing, combine to absolutely shatter our expectations and create an experience that simply must be witnessed to be believed. Hamilton is a production that will be taught in university courses for centuries and it deserves every bit of the attention is has received. To those who have yet to see it, I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack a few times beforehand. A little familiarity with the lyrics will allow you to better enjoy the rest of the production -- you'll be able to use less mental energy to understand what's being sung, and more to appreciate the staging and performances. It's awesome. Simply awesome.

5.0 star rating Mark Stivers from Sacramento, California


I've been playing and watching musical theatre all my life and it's tempting to say that this is my favorite show of all time. The combination of subject matter, innovation, respect for tradition, and stellar execution, resulting in the highest critical and commercial success, will not be repeated for a long time. When I watch the opening of Hamilton, I get the same frisson of excitement that I get when I see "The Dance at the Gym" from West Side Story. This is Broadway history; this is a show for the ages.

5.0 star rating James from Baltimore, Maryland


Saw it on Broadway and it changed my perception of the world and my life, I will come to Baltimore! Here are just a few words to describe it. Happiness Pride Greed Honor Money Legacy Lust Love Children
Satisfaction Glory Fear Death Country Strength Sex Dishonor Brothe
rhood Wonder Envy Blood Freedom Tyranny Adultery War Parenting Orphanin
g Scandal Politics Extortion Shame Hope Sisterhood Sickness Retirem
ent Fear Genius Weakness Rest Law Slavery Harmony Wealth Regret Pain
Death Mistakes And History.... = HAMILTON.

5.0 star rating David Bell from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


One of the best productions I have seen in my 75 years. What distinguishes it from the rest is the diversity of the cast. We have finally seen that the race and nationality of the cast rarely has to reflect the reality of the historical facts. A production dealing with such a complicated historical period is never easy. "Hamilton" succeeded beyond expectations. As a lifelong Philadelphian I recommend spending several days here to see and feel one of the historic settings

5.0 star rating Anna from Stanfod, California


I saw Hamilton several weeks ago--the cast was incredibly talented! I'd also like to note how helpful the security staff was at the Orpheum at the beginning and end of the show. They were friendly and very attentive to any needs or questions I had. I will definitely be coming back to the Orpheum soon!

5.0 star rating Nicole Roper from New Orleans, Louisiana


OH MY GOSH!!! I love this musical so much. It's so new and it connects to the next generation. It's a family friendly show (with a couple exceptions). My family loves the show and my daughter loves playing role in the show. She is Eliza, because she has a lot of solos. Gosh, we love this show so much.

5.0 star rating Valerie from San Francisco, California


This is the second musical I've seen in my life, and I have my friend, who got me the ticket, to thank for that. Seeing this musical was like one of those moments that just stick with you for the rest of your life. The music was well orchestrated and the choreography was amazing, along with the lighting, humor, and costume. It was definitely a life changing moment. And the seats were amazing too! My friend had given me seat in row S, which is the Orchestra area. While it was pricey, I was able to get a good view of the people performing. Of course, due to the profanity of this show I wouldn't recommend children unless you're one of those parents who are really chill about it, but I would take someone who is okay with that kind of language. That day I didn't have time to eat somewhere nearby because I was coming from school, but I remember when I was watching something else around the area, I ate at Alexander's Steak House (Ha, get it? Alexander Hamilton?) and it was really good.

5.0 star rating Aquamarine from Tamworth, New Hampshire


I'm a 15 year old Latina and this musical is the musical that inspired me, it basically said to me "don't give up your dreams, cause no matter what you look like, you can get there, you can be on that stage." So, yeah, I can't wait for this to come. Not that I'd afford it.

5.0 star rating Bridget from San Francisco, California


I've been listening to the soundtrack of Hamilton since it was made available. I loved the musical initially from it's brilliant lyrics and style. I could not have imagined how impactful the performance would be live. The actors and choreography make you want this theater experience to never end. There are several actors who performed their roles on Broadway including Emmy Raver-Lampman ( heart breaking Angelia), Isaiah Johnson (commanding George Washington), Michael Luwoye (perfect Hamilton), Joshua Henry (shining complex Burr) and hilarious Rory O'Malley as King George. Go for the same day tickets or do whatever you can to see this show.

5.0 star rating Broadway sf guy from San Francisco, California


I went to the first two previews on friday and saturday march 10 and march 11. The show itself exceeds all the substantial hype and praise and is truly one of the very best of the 200+ musicals Ive seen on broadway and tour-its fast moving, musically brilliant, deeply emotional and will take you on a journey of one of the most incredible rivalry's in history between Burr and Hamilton. Often tour casts are not quite at the level of broadway casts-not the case here AT ALL. Joshua Henry as Burr and Michael Luwoye as Hamilton could do these roles on broadway today and probably will in the future. The cast also includes the fantastically funny tony nominated Rory OMalley as King George...hilarious. Yes the tickets are pricey, and yes its well worth it, Hamilton is an entertaining tour de force that will be regarded as a milestone in musical theatre achievement and impact-go see it before it leaves town!

5.0 star rating Lori Watermelon from Boston, Massachusetts


With all broadway shows they go above and beyond, although with Hamilton, it makes all the other shows look like low-budget high school productions. The amount of energy, and ferocity was insane, and I simply could not wait to see it a second time. Or third. Or fourth. Really, I will never get tired of this performance. "Jazzy J's" whistle register simply knocked me out of my seat but not only that, it was also how she could control the audience's emotion with a single tear, or perfect placed crack in the voice while singing "Say No To This." I could talk about every single actor and actress in the production, but MY GOD the ensemble I think blew us all away(no pun intended) … I will say again, the energy was phenomenal, and I really could not think of a better place I would want to be in the World. Amazing Job.

5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


Adored it in New York and then loved it in Chicago. I know SF will be brilliant. Don't miss it. It's everything people say, and more.

5.0 star rating Susie M from Orlando, Florida


Had the great opportunity to see this show in Chicago over the weekend of the Fourth! Incredible - best show / best soundtrack / a MUST see. I'm at the airport now flying back to FL and am already looking for tickets in 2018, closer to home! Can't wait to see this show again!

5.0 star rating Eileen from McCandless Pennsylvania


I was not sure what to expect so I listened to the sound track along with printed lyrics on youtube. It made all the difference in my enjoyment. I understood the plot and the sung lyrics. Yes, the singing was fast and hard to keep up with but you will enjoy it much more If you take the time to listen to the sound track with lyrics before you attend. All said, best musical I've ever seen and at 72 I've seen more than a few.

5.0 star rating Faith from Hartford, Connecticut


An incredible production with amazing singing, dancing and content! A must see. To help understand what’s going on a little better, I’d suggest reading a little bit about Hamilton on the internet before seeing this fast paced spectacular! If you have seats in the balcony , bring binoculars!

5.0 star rating Arlene from Fripp Island, SC


Wonderful, amazing production. I knew the music and lyrics from a CD, but was blown away by the physicality of the show and the terrific choreography and dancers. The transitions among the many scenes were seamless. I have recommended the show to friends. I drove almost 5 hours to see the show and it was completely worth it (but Greenville is a great destination). I was grateful to learn of the production dates from friends who live in Greenwood.

5.0 star rating WmW from Buffalo, New York


Shea is a wonderful place to experience this mesmerizing performance by an incredible cast. True: you should expect a rather fast paced rap, at times, but even the unaccustomed ears should have little trouble picking it up, in particular if you treat yourself to the soundtrack upfront. We enjoyed it immensely, and Lafayette/Jefferson, Eliza, Hamilton, and the King were particularly outstanding. We attended the Nov 21 Matinee (I.e., day after Buffalo premiere), and had 1st row Loge seats, with perfect stage view and sound. The audience in the sold out theatre seemed to love it, too. I recommend you arrive early, to take in the stunning decor inside of Shea’s - another real treat.

5.0 star rating Sarah from Boston, Massachusetts


Excellent show and stellar cast. I would see it again in a heartbeat. It lived up to the hype. For those worried about not understanding every word, familiarize yourself with the story history wise and you will be fine. It was a memorable trip to the theater for sure! Bravo!

5.0 star rating Maggie from Boston, Massachusetts


Loved it would go back to see it again such historical facts I did not know

5.0 star rating Robin Hession from Boston, Massachusetts


The Angelica Touring cast hit the stage at the Boston Opera House in fine form! The acoustics (including additional portable speakers) were superb and the production itself, flawless. A first rate company presented this genius piece of art with big personality and flair. The seating is tight like many older theatres , with stunning ambiance Bravo!

5.0 star rating from Minneapolis, Minnesota


The MN cast was wonderful and the show is so well done. Most of the cast was fabulous and King George was so truly perfect. He made the show even better than it already was.

5.0 star rating Jean Thompson from Indianapolis, Indiana


Hamilton is as superlative as Les Mis was. I have seen it twice, trying to set up the 3rd, and listen to the score all the time. Lin Manuel Miranda with team of Questlove and Tarik from Jimmy Fallon's the Roots are fabulous in the musical production.

5.0 star rating Lynn from Minneapolis, Minnesota


My grandson(12) has been so excited to see this show. He has learned almost every line so I wanted to take him. Tickets are way out of my price range. It would be amazing if thickets were more affordable so kids that are inspired can have their dream come true

5.0 star rating Sandy Tijerina from Las Vegas, Nevada


The show was awesome saw a t last weekend. Can't wait to see it again.

5.0 star rating Mary Washington from Las Vegas, Nevada


I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t read any of the reviews. I completely enjoyed the play. I am not a hip-hop fan, but the hip-hop, pop, dance, rythim, was great. I’d love to see it again someday.

5.0 star rating Spencer D. from Salt Lake City, Utah


I was so impressed with the cast that I wanted to be sure convey how impressive they were in a way that perhaps they might be able to read it themselves. They were absolutely phenomenal! I suppose anyone would expect the best performers at this kind of a venue and they did not disappoint!

5.0 star rating Bill from Orlando, Florida


Saw on Broadway. Worth the money and wait...Simply awesome...can't wait to see again.

5.0 star rating Reghan Bailey from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I recently saw Hamilton in New York!!!!!! And it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!!!!!! I was speechless and balled my eyes out, it was so beautiful

5.0 star rating Jasminepfeahler from Cincinnati, Ohio


My friend and I are really big fans and can't wait to see Hamilton live. Its totally worth the wait.

5.0 star rating Anne from Powell, Ohio


We just saw Hamilton in New York and it is indescribable. The music, characters, choreography, storyline, depth of emotion from pathos to humor---all these and more create an experience that is not to be missed. I hope to see it again in Columbus!!

5.0 star rating GG from Los Angeles, California


Played with the full heart and soul of the entire cast this is a show that should not be missed, performed by a remarkably talented group of artists. Bravo to all of you. This was the best birthday gift ever from my beautiful daughter! Thanks to all for a memory that will last for the next 69 years.

5.0 star rating ML Anderson from Columbus, Ohio


The Feb.2, performance at the Ohio Theatre of Hamilton was musical theatre at it’s best. All the elements that make musical theatre were so well done: acting, singing, Instrumentals, costumes, sets, props, lighting, sound, choreography, dancing, etc. I honestly don’t think I could have seen it better performed on Broadway. Bravo to everyone involved in this truly diverse ensemble production. Lin-Manuel Miranda is truly a genius as well as a humanitarian. ( I am 72 and was seated in the mezzanine.)

5.0 star rating from Columbus, Ohio



5.0 star rating Payton from Columbus, Ohio


Everything was AMAZING! I saw this twice and I satisfied each time! I loved all the songs each person who was cast did an amazing job! I was so inspired by this show! Not only was it outstanding, but it also helps you learn the history of Alexander Hamilton! My mother, friends, aunt, cousin, and I were blown away with the performance! I loved all of the characters but my favorite were Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison! These characters were what I was expecting and even MORE! They did an outstanding job had so much expression and emotion! Their singing was also very astounding as well!

5.0 star rating Tricia Cruise from Cincinnati, Ohio


What a profound performance... I have heard that historically it is quite accurate. Need to see a few times to engage fully! Well done!

5.0 star rating Chancellor Wyman from Detroit, Michigan


The one thing that makes this score amazing is that it's completely sung/rapped throughout so that pretty much the entire show is caught on the OBC recording. I had listened to it a few times because I was afraid I wasn't going to catch what was going on live as a result but I was totally wrong. My wife and I were fully engaged with the staging, the musical and lyrical genius of Lin Manuel Miranda, the emotions, and just the overall swagger of the performances. King George III was a hilarious standout along with Jefferson. I also loved that the actor who played Washington, Paul Oakley Stovall, kept a more authoritative bearing as opposed to engaging in the street level squabbling that happened between Hamilton and Jefferson, among others. I didn't want it to be over. I definitely need to see it again.

5.0 star rating Mazzy from Detroit, Michigan


I have owned the soundtrack (which gives you the whole show) for years and have listened to it... a hundred?? times by now, so I know I have expectations of how the songs should be sung. This Company sings them a little faster and overall with a little more edge, but I didn't mind it at all. Instead I felt it was Hamilton delivered with a little Detroit flare sprinkled on it. The same with the dance moves, based on clips the different Ham accounts have posted on YouTube. This Company does an excellent job of giving you the same great Broadway play but puts their own stamp on it, which has to be really hard to do on such a well recognized work, so I applaud them 1000x over for achieving that. The ONLY concrit I would give is that the orchestra plays the songs a little fast and the conductor should read his/her actors better on that front. I didn't totally mind the faster speed (just slightly - like a beat to 1.5 beats faster tempo) since it went throughout the entire play BUT it did cause some lines to get muddled in the hurried delivery (two of our 4 party hadn't ever heard the songs and didn't catch some awesome key lines like 'when I meet T.J...include women in the sequel' because of the speed). The faster speed also doesn't seem to allow the actors to make their own acting choices about maybe holding or emphasizing a note for the development of their character. I noticed what I thought was this issue in the song 'Burn'. It's a very emotional and powerful song and the orchestra and actress didn't sound in sync in the first few lines, causing the actress to have to (like a pro!!) catch up without making it obvious. I think the Conductor of the Fisher orchestra needs to correct here to allow the actors to hold or emphasize, or even slow for dramatization, the notes as they see fit for the purposes of their portrayal of their characters. I understand that has to be incredibly hard to achieve that balance in a live show but hopefully they will get that worked out in future rehearsals. Obviously the play is world renowned with many awards so everyone already knows it's a great show.

5.0 star rating Manjula Bagli from Cincinnati, Ohio


My son and I went opening week and we both loved it. We saw Hamilton in New York in 2017, (not original cast). We felt this one was better, especially Eliza. I could understand every word, and so could many people around us even though many don't listen to hip hop/rap.

5.0 star rating MS from New Orleans, Louisiana


Went into the show with indifference. From the opening act to the finale, Hamilton was very entertaining, very interesting and very different from the typical Broadway musical. There was an energy from the cast that transferred to the audience. Perhaps the rap musical format did it because that was quite different. Can’t vouch for the accuracy of the history and the cast representation of historical figures was unusual and different. Nonetheless, Hamilton exceeded the pre-show hype for us. If you like theater, this play is a must.

5.0 star rating Ben from Dallas, Texas


Lin-Manuel Miranda has channeled Shakespeare with Hamilton! Each character is real, witty and relatable! This is well worth the time to enjoy musical theater at it's best. Rivals Rogers and Hammerstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber!

5.0 star rating Charlotte Web from Hartford, Connecticut


I saw this show in 2018. It’s the best show I’ve ever been to, and I hope to see it again! Would definitely recommend!!

5.0 star rating Laquita T. from Louisville, Kentucky


This was my first show that I have ever attended. I did not know what to expect, but I am a fan. I loved the show from beginning to end!! Nothing short of amazing the cast was so great the dancers, lighting, music I loved everything about it!!!

5.0 star rating Marcella Simon from Baltimore, Maryland


I saw it several months ago in London and I came back wiser after hearing the CD a few dozen times and reading up on the history. It was magnificent in Baltimore, the touring company interpreted a few songs differently but it added to the overall production. When people criticize, I don't think they understand it is not meant to be biographical or a social critique of the time. It is an allegory that is based on history. It presents America as a vision and an ideal, that is still alive today despite always being threatened by forces within and without. One that we always have to work toward. To that end, it succeeds brilliantly.

5.0 star rating Danielle R. from Wichita, KS


I secretly worried I was setting myself up for disappointment by owning the original soundtrack and obsessing over everything Hamilton months before I actually saw the play in KC. But I had nothing to worry about. The cast was amazing and everything that went into the production was top notch. A special shout out to Mr. Walker for his exceptional performance. Your rendition of "Wait for it" had me in tears and by the end of the I was rooting for Burr! hahaha. Go see this play. You won't regret it.

5.0 star rating Tracy Shelton from Memphis, Tennessee


The costumes, the performers, THE SHOW! I travelled two hours to see one of the best performances in my life. Truly grateful to see the diversity not only on the stage but in the audience. Thankful for Lin-Manuel Miranda💕

5.0 star rating Catherine from Plymouth, MA


A history lesson in song, just remarkable!! I laughed (the King cracked me up), I cried and I continuously marveled at the talent. Their voices were ridiculous!!! So glad I was able to see such a phenomenal show!

5.0 star rating Becky from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Loved this performance in Okc. The actors did a great job. It took awhile getting into the rap.. Note : the civic center does have hearing devices at the reception desk. It is also equipped for those hearing aids with T-Coil.

5.0 star rating Daniel Creedon from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Great historical content...effective use of humor...fantastic choreography. The seat at the Forrest Theater could be used for torture.

5.0 star rating Jim Wunsch from Omaha, Nebraska


Magnificent show. The music, acting, dance, sets were glorious. Captivating right from the start. Do NOT miss it! Energetic, precise, powerful.

5.0 star rating Noni Davis Simmons from Atlanta, Georgia


I was excited from the beginning to the end! The musical was even better than the book. The venue was comfortable and I could see everything. My seats were in the middle, in a middle row and usually I'm not fond that section but it was wonderful because of the design of the theater. I was bummed that I didn't see it on Broadway but seeing it in Atlanta was just as great. I took my daughter along...We cried and laughed all night. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! I MUST see it again.

5.0 star rating Elizbeth Wetzler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


WOW just absolutely amazing. Enjoyed the cast, the vocals, and the performance, OH and the dancing! The orchestra kicked ass. Loved King George

5.0 star rating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


In the months leading up to the show, I had listened to the Broadway soundtrack countless times, so I was worried that I might be underwhelmed by a touring cast with a different sound. It was (slightly) different. And yet, it was still utterly brilliant. What made it even better in person was the facial expressions, the gestures, the lighting, the dancers! The Schuyler sisters sounded like a real life duplicate of the CD. Eliza's voice was mesmerizing and Angelica's bold and sensational. The king delivered well-placed comic relief. And the actor who played Thomas Jefferson is a truly gifted physical actor. His gestures and movements made this Jefferson an unexpectedly hilarious and pompous character. Of course, the two main characters are Burr and Hamilton - and they did not disappoint. My 16-year-old daughter smiled and gasped and cried (more than once) through both acts. Inside, I was glowing with the knowledge that this experience is one she and I will cherish for a lifetime.

5.0 star rating Don Samuels from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Hamilton is American Theater for the 21rst Century. The staging, cast, the hip hop score, and those wonderful lyrics are unforgettable! Not to be missed!! The standing ovation and the enthusiastic applause by the audience at the end was well deserved and received by the talented young cast.

5.0 star rating Samantha Graine from Richmond, Virginia


At first I questioned that it would be the same with the touring cast, but after a few minutes I thought it was just as good, maybe better. The singing was amazing as with the dancing and comedy.10/10 do recommend

5.0 star rating from Naples, Florida


As good as expected. Voices were great.

5.0 star rating Jerry Blouin from Rockford Michigan


We have seen some great theater in grand Rapids and 15 years of being season-ticket holders but Tuesdays night performance of Hamilton is the best ever! Congratulation warmers and thank you Broadway Grand Rapids. The only disappointment is we did not see Mike Lloyd introducing the event.

5.0 star rating Jennifer Helms from Watervliet, Michigan


What a show. I had listened to the soundtrack probably 100 times prior to the show and wondered how this cast would compare - they did not disappoint. I would see again. From the easy parking beneath the performance hall to the sky walk to "THE KITCHEN" (which was 5 Stars eating) - such an enjoyable, memorable evening. Also kudo's to the DeVos Performance Hall ushers for keeping late comers from getting to their seat until a break in the music as it was so much more enjoyable to us already seated patrons.

5.0 star rating Beverly from Toronto, Ontario


Bravo!!! Encore to all of you for an incredible Sunday afternoon performance.

5.0 star rating Kana from Vancouver, British Columbia


Really unique and outstanding! The performance contains hip-hops and rocks, which is different from traditional musicals. The part of Ham and Eliza's marriage is what I most like. Also, when Angelica sings out her thoughts, I am deeply touched.

5.0 star rating Tonya Campbell from Louisville, Kentucky


If I could give it 10 stars I would! This show was amazing from beginning to end. It is filled with great music and great dances!!!! I will be coming to see it again!!!

5.0 star rating JV from El Dorado Hills, California


One of the best musicals I’ve ever attended. The cast is so talented!!

5.0 star rating Kelli Baker from Sacramento, California


The voices, the choreography, the skill on those turning stages! This is a pivotal show to gift to your multi generational families. Unimaginable Mr. Miranda. I was not sure if Sacramento would deliver a New York show but they did. This show must be seen live to truly appreciate the emotions...and I felt them all! Bravo Sacramento and the beautifully talented voices, choreography, lighting, sound and set - thank you! 1.5 million out 10.

5.0 star rating Beverly King from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Hamilton absolutely exceeded my expectations . I loved it so much. My seats were excellent and I was able to see the orchestra also….just a beautiful enlightening experience that I wish everyone could enjoy. The music the dancing the history just phenomenal. What a brilliant absolutely talented man Lin Manuel is. I highly recommend this theatrical performance that exceeds all expectations .

5.0 star rating Jacquie from Omaha, Nebraska


Whoa. Between a ticket and swag, I spent more than the rent on my first apartment. Do listen to the soundtrack before you go— it is helpful. I thought the actor playing TJefferson was a smidge over the top (but he isn’t Daveed Diggs!). Otherwise, a wonderful show and a wonderful performance. GO!

5.0 star rating Carolyn H. from Dallas, Texas


A few of us were able to attend opening night of Hamilton at Music Hall in Dallas last night. The show was so much fun. The choreography was so clever and I just sat in awe during the entire show. The cast was amazing and brought so much energy to the production. If you haven’t seen Hamilton, you are missing a great show. Call out to this extremely talented cast. Well done and thank you for an amazing evening!

5.0 star rating Patrick and Karen Lawler from Little Rock, Arkansas


Let's start here, if someone did not give this five stars than they do not understand we are in Little Rock. Only in New York and L.A. with the original cast, would you even have a chance at a better performance. Tonight's cast was stellar from the protagonist down to the nameless dancers. The show was fun, inspiring, crushing, great songs, wonderful and terrible love story. Let's end here, Hamilton, the bastard immigrant, is what America is all about. My congratulations from the writer on down to tonight's crew, well done. Thank you.

5.0 star rating Pey :3 from Little Rock, Arkansas


Each and every actor in the play is incredibly talented and an absolute joy to watch preform. The cast is just incredible and the set is just gorgeous. While the play tells a historical story, it feels very modern and the blending of history and modern humor truly come together to tell a surprisingly emotional story of a man we really didn’t learn much about in academic settings as children or young adults. But the way the story is told and talent the cast brings pulls you in and easily ensnares you. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Literally anyone. Also King George. You’re going to love their portrayal of him. Absolutely excellent time. If you can, go and watch this and you will be so glad you did.

5.0 star rating from Little Rock, Arkansas


I saw Hamilton on Sunday February 13th, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. . It was the best show I have ever seen. The music was unbelievable except the mood for the entire show. It was a show that made you laugh, made you cry and made your draw drop all at the same time. The actress in this company should be commended for their excellent singing, dancing, and acting ability. I definitely recommend going to see it if you have not.

5.0 star rating Mary Dewey from Arvada, CO


My niece and I attended last night's performance (3/8/22) and loved every single minute! The cast members were fantastic, the choreography flawless, and the orchestra hit all the right notes. The only negative thing was not the performance, but you could not bring your drink into the auditorium even though there were cupholders. The doors that has the notes on were open so the signs were not visible upon entering. The bartenders should let everyone know that in advance.

5.0 star rating Annabelle from Los Angeles, California


I went in to this experience with zero background other than a general awareness of history & understanding that the show was a celebrated one. My expectations were low & even a little skeptical given the “hype.” …And wow, it absolutely blew me away—I laughed, I cried, I gasped, I cheered. I am not a theater person & loved every minute of it. So much so I went home to watch the Disney+ pro recording, which is great in its own right, but made me appreciate the unique experience of seeing the play for the first time specifically with the current LA 2022 cast. I am hoping the current ensemble is featured in some recordings, even some shorts on social media, because Hamilton, the king, burr, Washington, Eliza…all of them were just spectacular & bring a different life to the production than the one immortalized on tape. All that to say—yes, it’s totally worth it. This cast will not disappoint. Go catch the next show!

5.0 star rating Bill from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Spectacular show. Eliza and the George’s and Jefferson stood out. So well produced

5.0 star rating Ashley Morgan from Fresno, California


As a theater lover/singer who saw my dreams fall prey to addiction, I'd been avoiding Hamilton cause it was just too-well-if you perform you'll get it. BUT this past Xmas my mom got tix for her, my sis, sis-in-law+ me by getting all of then men in the fam to forgo receiving xmas gifts. The others were STOKED! I was grateful but scared of what it might awaken in me. I found excuses not to watch on disney+ & I didn't even peep the soundtrack till I was getting ready for the show. WOW! I've seen Ragtime, Lion King, +others on Broadway & plenty others off Broadway. THIS SHOW BLEW ME AWAY! I loved the simplicity of the set & costume as well as the re-use of actors! Paris Nix captivated my attention (before his first solo note). Andy, Victoria, Manuel, Brandon and the blond female ensemble member were MAGNETIC! The whole cast was SUPERB! The lead was flawless, as well as the rest of the cast & ensemble. It was easy to understand everyone & so entertaining! This show made me feel alive again

5.0 star rating Cissie Caldwell from Greensboro, North Carolina


I really loved the original play (on Disney+) and never imagined that I would get the chance to see the play live. I was skeptical because the cast in the original seemed made for their roles. I am thrilled to say that I was engrossed from the beginning and was on the edge of my seat hands clasped like a kid. Amazing production.

5.0 star rating Jeff Bombich from Charlotte, North Carolina


We were Blessed to have seats in the very first row. We were able to see the musicians right in front of us (actually below us) and how they performed. They were magnificent and such a pleasure to be able to watch at times and indirectly. Being as close to the stage as we were, we could see the tears running down faces, spit flying, sweat beads on faces etc.... It was an amazing way to watch a performance, which was the very first time we were ever this close to enjoy a show of any level. The Performers were incredible, each and every one of them. From the Leads to the ensemble, they were amazing. What impressed me the most was being so close we could see the facial expressions and body movements of everyone of them. There was not a single performer that took a second or minute off. They were on their A game the entire time A few standout moments. "George Washington" nailed his last song. "Aaron Burr" did the same. The Top Ensemble performer to me was Kellie Jean Hoagland, amazing

5.0 star rating Michelle Johnson from Seattle, Washington


Brought to tears several times. Never seen so much talent on one stage!!!

5.0 star rating Judith from Baltimore, Maryland


Impressive show with a stellar cast and sheer energy. Lin Manuel's writing was exceptional. Production was incredible with phenomenal actors and singing. Absolutely Amazing. Never seen anything like this before. MUST SEE!!!.

5.0 star rating Larry from Knoxville, Tennessee


What a thrilling performance. This presentation by the Angelica Touring Company was superb in every aspect. Josh Tower (Aaron Burr) and Carvens Lissaint (George Washington) were my 2 favorites. "In The Room Where It Happens" made me want to stand up and belt it out with Tower. The wrap on this number is so iconic. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend 2 shows and absolutely loved the choreography and the entire ensemble. Well done by each and every member. Loved the Bullet in her key appearances to foreshadow so much - a true harbinger of death. Would go again in a heartbeat. So powerful, so emotional, so very well done. Nothing better than a night out in downtown Knoxville at the Tennessee Theater. Aside from a couple salty phrases, perfectly fine for children (I would say 12+) especially if they have a natural inclination to either the stage or history. We always find a good place to eat as there are several right on Gay Street and many more in Market Square ... all within walking distance of the theater. Kudos to all the staff and ushers as well - they make it run smoothly every night.

5.0 star rating Roy Davidson from Toronto, Ontario


I went to Hamilton high asf. Best experience of my life would do 100 times over. 100% recommend to everyone in the world.

5.0 star rating Jody Taylor from Boston, Massachusetts


My wife and I took in the last Boston show and if you ask me it was amazing . Cast top notch and the theater made all that much better. Thank you all 5 stars across the board Bravo.

5.0 star rating Doug from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Bought Tickets in December. Well worth the wait. Awesome show. First time seeing a live musical. The casts performance has made me a fan of live musicals.

5.0 star rating Kathy from Schenectady, New York


What an awesome experience. The set was wonderful and the cast was top-notch! Music was terrific. I had heard it's even better more than once and I can see why--there's so much I felt I missed while trying to pay attention to all the activity onstage as well as listening to the lyrics. What a great job they all did. Lin Manuel is a genius and his choreographer was so creative.

5.0 star rating Yvonne from Norfolk, Virginia


The cast, crew, and venue were all phenomenal!! Could I find out the name of the conductor of the orchestra on March 30, 2023? They were so amazing.

5.0 star rating from Richmond, Virginia


This was an amazing show, and the music, stage, lighting, acting, everything, was spot on! Sure, it's a little strange at first to hear the songs without the og cast, but I loved how they put emphasis on different words and used their singing style to make the characters their own. Definitely recommend! (Just not for kids under 12)

5.0 star rating Christopher from Richmond, Virginia


The musical was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the show! However, the people who sat behind us were annoying and have no etiquette when it comes to such outings. The people in front of you, to your left/right did NOT pay to hear your wife sing the musical. Then she referenced events in the second act during intermission (spoiler) Wished you all did have dance rehearsal today (perhaps at the same-time as the musical). Your child kicking the back of our seat. Red shirt (ponytail w/glasses) your family!

5.0 star rating Lee from Albuquerque, New Mexico


A.Ham. Soooo worth the wait. It is a masterpiece,

5.0 star rating KAK from Albuquerque, New Mexico


The cast was excellent. Very entertaining, great music and all around fun to watch.

5.0 star rating Brand from Anchorage, Alaska


My wife and I attended the 19 Aug performance of Hamilton. This was my first time seeing it and I was impressed. The acting, singing, dancing, choreography, everything was great!

5.0 star rating Parker from Atlanta, Georgia


We enjoyed the show from state to finish

5.0 star rating Peggy from North Augusta South Carolina


This was more than worth the we're awake.There's no word to describe.It it was out of this world.Are you waiting to live your best life?We'll get ready for this year's black family wellness.Expo the augusta , georgia chapter of the lakes incorporated will bringThis was more than worth the we're awake. There's no word to describe. It it was out of this world. I gave it 5 stars, give this show all the stars in the sky. All the cast was phenomenal. I'm so glad they brought it to Columbia, South Carolina. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

5.0 star rating Alicia C. from Fort Myers, Florida


Tonight, I had the opportunity to see the musical Hamilton and I was absolutely blown away. The actors did an incredible job of bringing the story of Alexander Hamilton to life. The choreography was flawless and the set design was stunning. The music was catchy and fun the cast was superb, each and every character. I was completely engrossed in the story from start to finish. My teenage daughter enjoyed every second of it, fun, entertaining, emotional, can’t praise it enough. I’ve seen this play before but NOT like this cast portrayed it. Overall, I would highly recommend seeing Hamilton if you have the chance. Will be in Fort Myers for 2 more weeks. It was truly remarkable! Big thanks to Fifth Third Bank for supporting Broadway shows and making a positive impact in the community.

4.0 star rating Delilah Janes from Toronto, Ontario


I didn't even know what "Broadway" was before September of 2016, the first time I heard of 'HAMILTON'. I was introduced by a friend, and I think it changed my life, digging up my love for singing and musical theatre. HAMILTON inspired me to find a part of me that I didn't even realize existed, which is quite inspiring. At this point, barely a year after, I don't listen to Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber anymore. My iTunes consists of Hamilton, in the Heights, The Little Mermaid: the Musical, Legally Blonde, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, Heathers, Something Rotten!, The Colour Purple, and many more. Thank you, Lin- Manuel Miranda! :)

4.0 star rating Jay from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw the Boston production of Hamilton last week. The show, music and dancing are phenomenal. The actors who portrayed Lafayette/Jefferson and King George III stole the show with overflowing talent. I felt that both the actors who played Burr and Hamilton were mis-cast. The Burr actor demonstrated a beautiful tenor range during Dear Theodosia, but during the song Non-Stop, there is a forceful entrance that Burr makes when he finally has gotten angry. Those notes are more in the baritone range and I feel the actor couldn't deliver the intensity and volume required to portray that anger. There were a few other times I noticed he didn't have a strong lower range and I feel this detracted from his portrayal. I feel The actor who played Hamilton played him too politely. Hamilton is described as "obnoxious" but I didn't get that feeling from the actor. This was especially notable when the character is delivering what are supposed to be snide remarks. With that said, was enjoyable.

4.0 star rating Marin from Cleveland, Ohio


Saw it last night at Playhouse Square Cleveland and enjoyed it. I have to say though that the audio was poor. If Hamilton is to thoroughly be enjoyed the rapping and singing have to be understood. I could not understand the words they were singing half the time and it greatly reduced my enjoyment. I was very close to the stage so it wasn't like I was in the last row. I was glad to read others felt as I do. I have seen scores of Broadway shows at Playhouse Square and enjoyed the majority of them. I never experienced not being able to understand the dialogue though.

4.0 star rating Arby from Detroit, Michigan


I got lost in the rap. King George made the show for me.

4.0 star rating Alan Broad from Grosse Pointe, Michigan


It's always a challenge to be fair to a play that is based on a book you loved and have read. Ron Chernow, the author of the amazing biography Hamilton, writes with power, grace and authority. The play is a very creative tour de force, but a derivative at best. The first Act could use some work. The second Act was brilliant. Always good to be at the iconic Fisher Theater.The sound system could use some tweaking.

4.0 star rating Jessie from Schenectady, New York


Wonderful acting, singing and dancing But was frustrated by inability to understand half the songs. Words were muddled, maybe a combination of acoustics, speed of the song, orchestra louder than the singers. As much as I enjoyed overall show, I feel like I missed a lot of the content

4.0 star rating Michael from Portland, Oregon


The dialog was very difficult to understand! Not sure if it was the performers enunciations or the microphones, speakers, etc. Seated on the main floor & probably could understand 50% of what was said & less when rapped

4.0 star rating Maggie from Boston, Massachusetts


I came to this performance as someone who has been following Hamilton since 2014. I know the words, I mother and occasionally sang along, and was ridiculed by the people sitting near me. They made me feel subhuman and like I had runes their experience purely through my enjoyment of it. Incredible show but ridiculously entitled guests. No one should have the right to dictate how someone else enjoys a performance and certainly shouldn’t make them feel inferior for enjoying the music and experience. Again five stars for the cast, zero stars for the people sitting near us who chose to destroy their own experience of the show by listening to my humming and the odd spoken word instead of the performance.

4.0 star rating C Casey from Fredericksburg, Virginia


I was so happy to see HAMILTON..without paying Broadway prices. The staff was welcoming and very helpful. The musical was everything I was hoping for! Tremendous singing and breathtaking sets and costumes! I thank the cast and crew for a wonderful evening of the crafty Alexander Hamilton. A special huzzah to the actor portraying King George!

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