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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 67



5.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


The Greatest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Metalhead 4 ever from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This was the best stadium cocert I ever saw! Metallica's music has gotten me through some tough times in my life and inspires me to work harder and to be true to myself. If you are a fan or not a Metallica concert is like no other, the greatest most relivant band of the last 30 plus years!

5.0 star rating Steve from Chicago, Illinois


OMG, what a fantastic show! I have seen them six or seven times and this is up there with the best. They played five songs off the new album, and busted out some big guns with Unforgiven and Anesthesia! And they sounded absolutely phenomenal! I don't know what that Chicago Tribune guy was thinking, this was my first Stadium show and the theatrics only added to the shows spectacle. I was just blown away by it all. And did he really criticize them for being "too polite"? Metallica has always been humble every time I've seen them, and I love them for that. The set list was awesome, the crowd was awesome, Metallica was awesome! I was there with my 16 yr old son, and this was the best Father's Day Ever! Thank you Metallica!

5.0 star rating Audie Glascock from Houston, Texas


Came from baton rouge and this me and my friends 5th Metallica show and its was the best show ever!!. Everyone left in awe of the power of the Tallica boys. Thank y'all for the love

5.0 star rating Emma from Denver, Colorado


Okay so this was my first concert ever. I'm 28, but it couldn't have been better. The set was just so awesome, and Metallica made you feel like they were there just for us. They rocked out so hard!!!! If you can go to a concert of theirs do it!!!

5.0 star rating Lisa Albertson from Atlanta, Georgia


metal fans it has metal in it's name enough said. Calls us family no matter what . I love Metallica . DJ went well with songs from bands AC/DC Black Sabbath Motorhead Pantera even the old ass Beatles ha ha and many more it was a beastie boy bomb. I had it made in the shade so had a glass of wine to celebrate.

5.0 star rating Joe Trombley from Detroit, Michigan


Exceeded expectations, the best I've ever seen, has set a new standard, can't wait till they return, Rocked the Motor City!

5.0 star rating Joe baughn from Albany, New York


Awesome show! Love that there was no opening band. Jim Bruer was great even brought an adorable little girl on stage and got the arena to chant her name, she will have that amazing memory forever! The band was on big-time, sound was amazing, set list could not have been any better, stage set up was cool with the floating box to light combos. I have seen Metallica 11 times and this was right up there in the top 3 performances I've seen. Amazing show. Thank you for the years of ass kcking music!!!!

5.0 star rating Eric marvel from Newark, Delaware


Show was just awesome!!! They were unbelievably great. I loved every minute of it and never wanted it to end. I love Metallica. I’ve seen them about 7 times in my life and this was my favorite show. Please come back to philly soon and often!!!❤️🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻

5.0 star rating Eric from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Good music over sound system prior to band taking stage--ace of spades, live wire, to name 2. Once band came on, excellent energy but first 3 songs were marred by bad audio mix. Unforgiven at song 4 (setlist says song 5, maybe I spaced) was really good and quite a surprise. Sound dude seemed to get his stuff together at this point and was spot on rest of night. Video and stage lighting was state of art with dozens of smaller units in sync and colors were bathing arena in reds/oranges. Song 5, now that we're dead had a drumming sequence that was amazing. Each of the band played on a unit that came up from the stage. Never done before I don't think. Fade to Black mid-set was so freaking powerful. Band was 100% there all night. They flew through Master at 1st set end. Crowd was fully engaged singing every word. Half the song Hatfield was away from mic. Encore first song Spit out the bone was epic. Then "nothing else matters" cooled things off too much IMO. Sandman was average. Rock on!

5.0 star rating Old schoolers from Tucson, AZ


4th time to be lucky enough to have seen these guys perform, what a show! James still has a way of commanding an audience even after all these years. Metallica truly appreciates the fans. The four man drum session was just kick-ass. And the slide show at the end result brought a personal touch to the gratitude these guys have. Thanks for another memorable night. Can't wait to see them again

5.0 star rating Joshua Pullen from Nashville, Tennessee


Couldn’t contain myself I was like a little kid waiting to open his Christmas presents!!! Loved every second of it. The first part when Metallica came out gives me goosebumps!!! Keep rocking on!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Leighann from Indianapolis, Indiana


This concert was amazing! It was mine and my boyfriends first time at a Metallica concert and we couldnt of asked for anything better! they showed up and fucking performed! it was amazing.... to everyone saying the sound was bad youre full of shit my seats they sounded great! every bit of that show was everything i expected and more! rock on

5.0 star rating Charles Heintz from Metlife Stadium


This was my first show, but metallica after over 40 years still kicks ass and rocked the metlife stadium in 2023!! Metallica for life!!!!

4.0 star rating Eddie S. from Orlando, Florida


From the opener to the finally, metalica was a non stop rock show rollercoster. James Hatfield still has it. BEST Stadium concert ive ever seen. Hats off to Metalica.

4.0 star rating Jason from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Not sure if there is any way to get this back to the band but wanted to say the screens showing different images and moving up and down was cool until they dropped low. For those of us on the second level there were times it blocked out the entire stage. Other than that, great show!

4.0 star rating MEK from Madison, Wisconsin


Great show. Not a huge fan, but BF is. Once they actually started playing, it was awesome. Still can put on a show. However they said show started at 7:30, no opening band, so we got there only to listen to a hypeman jabber on for an hour and 15 minutes. It got really old after about 20. Wish they would have just said show starts at 8:45 and not waste my time. The venue was great. Kohl Center doesn't have a bad seat.

4.0 star rating Elevatorbri from Madison, Wisconsin


Metallica were amazing, The stadium act was great and gave a good experience for all sides of the Kohl center. 5 stars for Metallica .Lstening to Bruer doing his best to stall for hours was a major disapointment. He lost the crowd and was heartily booed...

4.0 star rating Brad from Louisville, Kentucky


Great venue, great concert. Instead of a band for an opening act they let Jim Breuer annoy the entire arena for about an hour. It was painful. Once the concert finally started it was outstanding.

4.0 star rating Chuck from Indianapolis, Indiana


Been over 10 years since Metallica visited Indy and we were so excited and happy to once again, see the greatest metal show on Earth! Don’t wait another 10 years to come visit Indy, we love you Metallica!

4.0 star rating Tony from Wichita, Kansas


I would of rather seen an up in coming opening band or even a garbage band would of been ok, but sitting in the seat for 2 hours listing to old songs blaring in your ear and listening to Jim while waiting for Metallica was awful, But when Metallica came on it was great as always. I seen them in 2004 with Godsmack, much better without Breuer.

4.0 star rating Mike Vescio from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I was really impressed. My third Metallic concert, and it damn good. I mean these guys are 60 years old, they've played so long together, they know what the others I'm the band are thinking. Definitely kid friendly, Awesome, I hope they come back soon. They kicked ass in true Metallic fashion!!!!!

3.0 star rating Wes from Portland, Oregon


After being a fan since the late eighties, I finally got the chance to see them at the Moda Center and was excited to bring my wife to see a legendary metal band. Before Metallica came on, a guy who I understand has know the band for years came out introduced himself as the "DJ" and played some classic metal songs. But what we thought was going to be something brief turned into around an hour and a half of "scrap" material. We were almost worried that an emergency happened with the band and he was sent out to fill up the time with whatever he could think of. By the time Metallica finally came out everyone was so fatigued that we weren't was like we were glad they finally came out so that we could get to the end of the show and go home. I agree with the sound issues from the other reviews from the tour. I've gone to dozens of mind-blowing concerts from major headliners, and I hate to say this wasn't one of them. 3 starts only because of their legend status.

3.0 star rating Mary Smith from Portland, Oregon


The opening act and all the stalling and boring banter with the crowd was annoying at the least! The band didn't even take the stage until almost 9:30pm. By then we were all so annoyed and frustrated it was hard to get into the show.

3.0 star rating from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I can't find words to discride how awful this attempted mock comedy/reality show warm up was. If I could invent a word it would be SHAWMFUL, a hybrid or shameful and awful. My kids first metal show and we both agreed during the warm up that we wanted to leave and go to Denny's for a $5 meal while watching a 90s Metallica show on YouTube. Once the music started all the aggravation subsided, somewhat. I say somewhat because Breuer was still a running joke from the people around us who were fearful he would return to the stage. Metallica rocked tho!

3.0 star rating Cal from Winnipeg, Manitoba


4th time seeing Metallica live. The comedian dude that opened was....bad. I like having opening acts to warm up the crowd. Once Metallica hit the stage my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The sound was brutal....I couldn't hear a single word and Kirk was completely drowned out by Lars and Rob. Been looking forward to this show for months and spent a good chunk of change on good seats. Love these guys to death and i'll go see them anytime they come near here but man did the sound crew miss the mark here. The stage was set up really well with the exception of the video cubes they had going up and down, at times really restricting, and sometimes completely blocking the view of the stage. From one the biggest names in the game this fell short.

3.0 star rating Zeke from Madison, Wisconsin


Jim Breuer warmup was a Bust! So painful. Didn’t platy creeping, wherever, sanitarium etc. but they sounded crisp and raw. High energy. Need to have metal bands warmup

3.0 star rating Andrew Tester from Nashville, Tennessee


I’ve been to 2 different shows (Run the Jewels/Lorde and Metallica) at Bridgestone and both times the sound quality was pretty bad. There was so much low end (kick/bass drum and bass) that it made the concert sound like a rumbling mess. Hard to hear the lead guitars or the vocals. Also, the seats are tiny. Not much space at all. I’ve been wanting to see Metallica my whole life and I figured the sound was going to be stellar but I was unfortunately disappointed. :(

3.0 star rating Connie from Dayton, Ohio


I was so excited to win these tickets off the local radio a year in advance to the date of the show and I was stoked. I've been to a lot of concerts in 45 years. Made it for the end of Jim Bruer's opening act and from what other reviewers said, glad I did. The music was muffled (too much low end bass), you couldn't understand a word that any of the band members were saying. I also expected more from a stage in the round as Metallica's back was to us most of the time, especially Lars Ulrich, and those cubes. When they dropped low you couldn't see the stage. It was my husband's last concert, as 2 months after I won the tickets, he was diagnosed with end stage cancer. The people at the concert were the best, helping my husband up and down the stairs. They were the real stars of this show!!

3.0 star rating JVO from Kansas City, Missouri


I love this band! BUT the sound was terrible! I was hoping it was just me, but I read through many reviews from other venues and many (not all) had the same reaction. Huge bummer! Not sure how Metallica hasn't worked to fix the problem. (It's possible, it's just me, but I don't think so). Set list was fine, but James's voice could not be heard well at all over the instruments.

3.0 star rating Scott Waertz from Louisville, Kentucky


I left because it was that bad, My son didn't like it either . He couldn't understand the words as well. Little sad when I hyped them up! Last one I attend! rock on men!

3.0 star rating Jeff Cole from Indianapolis, Indiana


Jim Breuer's "act" lasted nearly an hour and a half. That's an hour and a half too long. I was annoyed before the actual concert even started. Metallica's sound was too bass heavy. I could barely hear the vocals or lead guitar. I was fortunate enough to sit very close to the stage. However, those that were not so fortunate had to experience "display cubes" that were lowered randomly throughout the show which obstructed their view. The set list was a mix of old and new, but I would have preferred more old and less new. Songs that I would have like to have heard but were: Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Kill 'Em All, Battery, Whiplash, and Orion (to name a few). To say that Metallica did not perform to my expectations would be not true. From what I COULD hear, they are still ROCK STARS. I would encourage them to revise their opening act, clean up their sound, and play more "old sh*t".

3.0 star rating Daniel from Portland, Oregon


I have to agree with Cal. Dont know what happened to the sound. Kick drum and high frequencys on leads all i herd. No vocals to speak of. Love the guys tho. What they have accomplished is unbelievable! Im a sound engineer and dont expect anything with live accoustics but something was amiss big.

3.0 star rating Nick from Las Vegas, Nevada


Love Metallica, but this Vegas show was not that good. I expected a load show with an awesome Light show. Did not happen. Was happy to go see them but overall not that happy.

3.0 star rating Frankie from New York, New York


Metlife Stadium is not only a dreadful place re. accessibility. It also seems impossible to get acceptable sound quality there. Metallica was Metallica. But they sounded awfully bad, despite me sitting in level 1. 80000 fans may bring you a lot of money. But you deserve better than that. Will be there again on Sunday though.

3.0 star rating Viper Driver from Dallas, Texas


The way the stage is pushed to one side of the field, about 50% of the seats are poor views of the band. We all love the thumping bass of Metallica but seemed to drown out guitars and vocals. Maybe it was due to where I was sitting. The giant wrapped screens I would have preferred to be able to watch all shots of the band, but often just moving patterns.

3.0 star rating from Phoenix, Arizona


Metallica was to worried about new album Playlist to promote sales. Older songs were Meh! I would of loved to here a number of songs such as The Four Horsemen!, But the Playlist was short and lazy with no oncore as the audience couldn't stroke their ego. Review by fan who hasn't missed a concert since the warehouse days. Best wishes!

3.0 star rating Less from Detroit, Michigan


I started seeing Metallica in the 80"s when the music mattered.I'm blessed to be able to afford seeing Metallica in Dallas in the snake pit both nights and in Detroits snake pit both nights.In Dallas I stood both nights in the center of the pit just watching. The sound was so bad that I decide in Detroit I was going to see them up Closer so I could at least see there finger actually play the music. Plus how much worse could the sound be from Dallas to Detroit get. Well it did.One person away from the stage. Myself and a young attendant who allowed me to stand side ways to see up closer.Metallica"s head of security who's name started with a D which we will just call him Dick had him removed and most likely fired for letting a beautiful women get a 1/2 a person closer to the stage. YEAH that's rock and roll. Because I was close I got to watched the whole thing go down. How Odious.They talk about the Metallica family as one of their head liners are slitting women's throats, stabbing human beings on stage. So much for family. So Sad it use to be about the music. We now know if that was the case They wouldn't be playing in a 70 or 110 thousand person stadium would they.Money Grab.

2.0 star rating Joe from Las Vegas, Nevada


This is a great band, and they sounded horrible throughout the show. I can only imagine it was the venue, as Metallica has always been consistently great. The stage and show were down really well. I can't understand the reason for the horrible sound of the performance though. I wish their was a way to get your money back!

2.0 star rating MIke from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Attended the Metallica show at the Wells Fargo Center last night. The sound system was horrendous. Couldn't hear vocal or Kirk's guitar. How does this happen at a show this big? Not sure if it was the venue or Metallica's system, but it needs to be fixed fast. Changed our seats to a different location and it was a little better.

2.0 star rating Jason from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Ok.. die hard Metallica fan here... it has been a while since I have see. Them.. maybe them not having an opening act is their norm now, but was odd to have Jim Brewer their. Seem like he crashed the party because he is playing Pittsburgh tomorrow night.. awful opener in my opinion. Then Metallica finally came on stage.. been waiting for this for a long time.. and the sound was horrible. Someone had to have been fired for that non Metallica feel/sound. The band just seemed off as well. Maybe the sound was just that bad, but I was on the floor and their were times that Lars rushed songs.. Kirk was late. Or his guitar was out of tune.. nothing else matters.. his strat sounded horrible.. how could a guitar tech allow that to happen. I am disappointed.. still a die hard fan and I rocked it out as much as I could, but I couldn’t believe I dropped the amount of money that I did for a bush league performance from a band that is not bush league.

2.0 star rating Cassie from Chicago, IL


At the very first noise Metallica made...I immediately said: This is not loud enough. I hope the remedy this along the tour. I also felt like I could have brought a non-metal fan to this show and they would have enjoyed it. I also felt that their show is geared towards youth, i.e. PG rated. I read that the setlist was immediately changed after the Madison show, and for good reason. The song choices caused the fans to be very low energy, including myself. I felt that I overpaid greatly for this concert. The stage setup is legit though, it's cool and you will get a decent view no matter where you sit.

2.0 star rating The beave from Lincoln, Nebraska


Yeah, the show was great, but the sound was horrible. Most songs were unrecognizable. You couldn't hear vocals and rarely could hear the guitars. All that came through was the kick drum and the bass guitar. I expected more from from band like Metallica.

2.0 star rating T&J from Raleigh, North Carolina


There was not opening act. I do not consider a guy playing CD's and another guy talking for 1.5 hours and opening act. The biggest disappointment of the night, THE SOUND! Something was way off! I refuse to believe that Metallic could be one of those bands that just doesn't sound good live but something was way wrong with the sound! I thought it was me until my husband (a HUGE fan that had been waiting for this concert for months) was ready to leave on the 4th song. Been to a lot of concerts and NEVER left before the end of the first set but it happened last night! For the price paid for "cheap tickets" , I'm disappointed, mad, and sad all at the same time. We like Metallica but this will go down as the WORST concert we have ever attended.

2.0 star rating Ed from Cleveland, Ohio


I was at the show at Quicken Loans Arena last night and this was the worst sounding concert I have ever been to for any band. The opening act was terrible and the time that Metallica starts should be announced on the ticket. The Four Horseman is a much better act for the money!

2.0 star rating ED from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Fiserv forum in Milwaukee was the third time i have seen Metallica. The opening act was incredibly annoying, but i suppose the venue wanted people to have time to spend money on beer, etc. The moment Metallica started playing i was very disappointed. It was not loud enough, i could talk to my wife next to me, and we were pretty close. The drums and bass guitar came through. The electric guitars and especially lead was practically non existent. I expected more speakers, sounded like they were trying to push more sound than there system could handle. 750 dollars for 3 tickets, what a joke.

2.0 star rating Mike T. from Indianapolis, Indiana


The band was rocking as hard as ever, but I could not hear James at all! So disappointed. I can't believe that Jim Breuer as the opening act was terrible.

2.0 star rating Josh from Indianapolis, Indiana


Sound was horrible. The setlist selection was......crap. Save your money and go watch a high school Metallica tribute band.

2.0 star rating Metallica Junkie from Indiana from Indianapolis, Indiana


I saw Metallica in 2018 in Chicago at Soldier Field and they were next level awesome. Fast forward to Indianapolis @ Bankers Life Field House and the sound system ruined everything. I mean it sounded horrible. I will always be a huge Metallica fan but idk who to blame for the sound quality in the building. I saw RHCP last year at the same venue and they sounded great, so I'm inclined to believe it was a Metallica sound engineer responsible for the atrocious sound quality of last nights concert. I feel bad for anyone who had not seen them before, because this is one of the best live bands you will ever see, and last night was an anomaly. (I HOPE) Regardless, I dropped around $400 after fees and all taxes for 3 tickets at the absolute last row of the venue but I knew it would be worth it, boy was I wrong. These guys rock so hard, but all that was put out last night was noise. It seemed like all instruments were plugged into the same amp. I love these guys, but I'm very disappointed today

2.0 star rating Brian from Indianapolis, Indiana


I've been a Metallica fan for almost 30 years and I've seen them about a half dozen times, so I know they put on a great show. That said, the sound quality was so bad in the upper level of Banker's Life fieldhouse that we decided to leave about halfway through. Everything was very muddy, like we were listening through a wall. Some friends sat in the lower level and they said they sound was OK there, so it might have just been bad in the upper level. Too bad we couldn't shell out for better seats so we could enjoy the show.

2.0 star rating CB from Indianapolis, Indiana


Love Metallica and always will. That said the opening “act” was bizarre,lame, out of place, and just plain bad. The set list was great but couldn’t hear it. Now that said BLFH has horrible acoustics but also the wireless set up for the band had massive latency so bass was over riding and the guitar parts were not in sync. I am guessing the sound board engineer boosted bass to overcompensate for the vocal and guitar asynchronous sound quality.

2.0 star rating Old Rocker from San Francisco, California


Opener was unbearable, had to leave arena to get away. Sound was unbelievably bad. Wanted to leave the show after a couple of songs, but stuck it out for more than half the show. Saw the show with SF Symphony and bought a second night. This was very disappointing.

2.0 star rating from Las Vegas, Nevada


The show was good but the sound was way off. I checked it out from sec 131 and the 150 club and thought the sound was poor.

2.0 star rating VS from Los Angeles, California


Horrible acoustics ruined a legendary band - it should have been fixed

1.0 star rating Rasmus Haugaard from Albany, New York


Metallica did all they could do i guess but the arena had bad acoustic i guess.. The sound was horrible because it was hard to differentiate the instruments and vocals. It was one big wave of sound. Like they played in a hangar.

1.0 star rating Brian Holland from Charlotte, North Carolina


Have seen ACDC and others at the same Spectrum Center / Bobcats Arena venue in Charlotte and the sound was loud and fine. Seen many other metal bands at venues around the world and this was the worst - not even close. Of the 18 songs played by Metallica, you'd be hard pressed to name 14 of them, even if you had the set list in front of you, as it was just noise - and not very loud noise at that! Vocals totally lost at times, and virtually no lead guitar. Horrendous. If this is what 37 years on the road does they need to retire or replace that 37 year old equipment or deaf sound engineer! What a waste of $175 - for an upper tier seat at that...RIP OFF!

1.0 star rating Mark from Florida


First 3 songs, all I could hear was drums. After that, a little of the guitars came through. Vocals were drowned out all night long. Didn't think that they played For Whom the Bell Tolls until I saw the set list the next day. The sound was so bad I couldn't recognize it! Was it a problem with the venue or the band's own sound guys? I travelled to Madison from Florida for this mess. Spent $435 for 2 seats in the lower section. The opening act sucked. Worst comedian I've ever seen. I should have stayed home and gone to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in Jacksonville that same night!

1.0 star rating Brad Carlson Chicago area from Madison, Wisconsin


I am a die hard fan and seen them over 100 times. This was the worst sounding show in my experience. The guitars were quiet, the vocals were quiet, setlist was great but it was not loud at all. It was like when you see an opening act and they don't get the full PA system....that's what is was like. I understand there might be db restrictions at the venue so that makes sense now but it is the first time in 30 years i left before the show was even close to being done. I still love and live for Metallica, but this was lackluster experience to say the least. I am seeing them 5 more times on this tour so I am confident the next ones will be better. Also, if you are going to be a dry show.....please make sure you inform the tix purchaser at purchase. I don't need to be drunk to enjoy things but when you expect it and show up with zero sucks. STILL a DIEHARD for life but very disappointed in the sound. You expect your ears blowoff...not Metallica unplugged.

1.0 star rating Dwayne Ward from Eddyville illinois


A waste....we saw them at the rose bowl last year in Pasadena and the show was fantastic and the sound was perfect! i bought tickets and we flew to Nashville to see them again....Terrible!..The sound was the worse ever....Hissing sounding and we could not hear any guitar at all, like the speakers were shot...We were in the 200 level and the damn cubes were lowered and blocked our view at times...Everyone was complaining...Lars and James needs to be informed of this....This was NOT a good show.

1.0 star rating Jason Marteney from Carrollton , Ohio


I have seen Metallica 5 times in 25 years. I have never been disappointed until the February first concert at Quicken Loans in Cleveland. I will give Breuer a pass since you couldn't understand a word he said. Unfortunately, the crispness of the sound did not improve when Metallica came out! The sound was garbled horribly. Had I not spent days planning around taking off of work and spending hundreds of dollars I would have left. I was extremely disappointed, and spent most of the show in disbelief as opposed to rocking out in enjoyment.

1.0 star rating Julie from Cleveland, Ohio


I have listened to Metallica since I was 17 years old, 30 years later, I was stoked to finally see them live! Like others on this thread, the sound was horrible! I couldn't hear any lyrics and when James talked in between songs, it was muffled. I don't know if they've been around for so long, they don't care because they know their shows sell out, or if the sound crew needs fired. A complete waste of time and money.

1.0 star rating David from London, England


Well I can only conclude, having read the reviews of the New York gig that their sound engineer is deaf. Everything other have said is correct, with the exception that at Twickenham the sound level was laughably loud. It was the classic mistake of thinking that going to 11 is louder, because what happens is that the overall sound becomes one giant mess of noise and as such it become impossible to discern the actual music. A great shame and a reason to never spend my hard earned money on watching them live again.

1.0 star rating from Las Vegas, Nevada


Underwhelming! The opening bands killed the start. Metallica decided to show up at 9:15pm for a 6p ticket start! Sound and video was poorly arranged - good for the lower level, but not for all 4. Unbelievably bad show! Left early! Many people did! I would rather go to sleep early than be bored to death!! The venue - 5 stars! Has nothing to do with the poor band performance.

1.0 star rating Dasha from New York, New York


It was my second Metallica concert. The first one was 11 years back and it was amazing. Yesterday at Metlife everything went wrong. Sound was terrible. You can't hear James singing, bass was way too heavy, solo guitar was overlaying everything and sound was too high pitched. The sound was so bad that I hardly could distinguish one song from another, it was a mix of drums and guitars without melody. Left after 30 minutes.

1.0 star rating Amy from Los Angeles, California


The sound was awful especially at higher levels. We couldn’t make out anything that was said and could hardly hear the songs as we would get an echo on top of the original sound. It was very muffled and incoherent. We eventually had to go downstairs and stand around to at least hear clearly what was being played. Not Metallica’s fault but please don’t play at SoFi again. There are better venues that sound better!

1.0 star rating RS from Abq, NMex


I have a better sound system in my car. Whom ever is responsible for the sound needs a different career. Really?!?! No Master of Puppets? BS

1.0 star rating Holly from Austin, Texas


I had been planning for this show since tickets initially dropped in November 2022, so the hype going into it was real. From the moment i walked in mid-Pantera, I could only barely make out the song by a few of the guitar rifts and none of the vocals. It did not improve once Metallica hit either. The layout of the stage also did not promote interaction as half the time the artists had their backs to you and the small tv screens they used at most times displayed some weird background and not a view of the performance... Myself and the group i was with were HIGHLY disappointed with our experience and will never return to AT&T stadium for a concert. I dont blame any of the performers as it seemed to be strictly a venue issue

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