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Celtic Woman Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 32



5.0 star rating MrsKamp from Elsmere, KY


Can't wait to attend the show tomorrow night. I love watching their shows...they sing like angels!

5.0 star rating Barry from Greenvale, New York


Enormously entertaining performance. One of the best I have seen in years.You must see them.

5.0 star rating Sheila from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


The show is 2 hours of spectacular singing and dancing as well as introdcuing us to wonderful instruments from bagpipes, pipes and to all sorts of drums. The fiddler was like a fairy sprinkling her fairy dust all over and the hairs on the bow were flying everywhere. Her solo's were outstanding. The front line singers were amazing ... speaking of amazing ....I have never heard Amazing Grace sung like that in my life. Loved it. The Irish dancing by the gentlemen reminded me of dualling dancers. Background singers were beautiful dancing and prancing. It was 2 hours of angels delivering melodies from heaven.

5.0 star rating David Keller from Canton, Ohio


The girls put on a wonderful show! Highly recommend to go see them.

5.0 star rating James from Denver, Colorado


Never having heard them, they put on a tremendous show. The venue was spectacular and they were very engaging. My whole family enjoyed the night. A well rounded show, and even my 13 year old boy enjoyed it.

5.0 star rating Thomas J. from Cincinnati, Ohio


We traveled to Louisville to see this performance on April 27th an loved it. We were quite impressed with the caliber and professionalism of the on stage performers and musicians. We would recommend this show without hesitation and are contemplating attending again in the future.

5.0 star rating Jessica Olvera from Bay City, Michigan


I heard the Celtic Women many many years ago & my mom & I love their Christmas special that I bought the DVD for myself & my business at the time. Today I won 2 tickets through WHNN 96.1 radio station & I feel so Blessed. I called my mom to invite her & she is beyond thrilled! We are so grateful & looking forward to this special afternoon enjoying these wonderful ladies w/their beautiful voices!

5.0 star rating Michael Mason from Colorado Springs, Colorado


I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday's performance of Ancient Land by Celtic Woman. The music was beautiful as always, and so were the performers. I have watched over time as the mix of voices has changed. The sound may change, but the over-all quality is still exemplary. I wish the weather had been a bit more inviting, but it could have easily been much worse. I even appreciated Máiréad’s comment about wishing she had her robe on, reflecting on the chill and wind that they were dealing with. We in the audience were bundled up, but the team on stage carried on despite the conditions. Thank you, Celtic Woman, for a wonderful evening!

5.0 star rating KA from Morgantown, West Virginia


Excellent venue, amazing show. Standing ovations at the end. Still in awe of the amazing singing and music. Celtic Woman shows sell out for a reason. Would definately see them again.

5.0 star rating Mary J Mcpeak from San Diego, California


This is the first time I saw Celtic Women. I was in Row C and the seating was just perfect. It was amazing to me. Very talented group of women and men. I love the Violinist and the Tap Dancing. It had a wholesome variety of music, and I loved the Bag Pipes. There performance was totally mesmerizing and they really enjoyed what they were doing. I have never been to see this group perform but it was delightful. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to see talented group perform and love what their doing. I love hearing them play their home of Ireland music. It was totally worth the 2 year wait. What amazed me is how the audience loved the Music and dancing. Bravo,This is definitely a show to take your whole family too.

5.0 star rating Patti from Seattle, Washington


Excellent musicians! Fiddler has pixie dust in her for sure! Dancers have fire and heart! Chloe has returned just when we needed her, God gave her a gift and she leaves alll on the stage. Newer ladies. You have arrived. Sarah McLaughlin surely smiled at the cover of Angel. The Piper deserves his own show… if the performance of Amazing Grace does not move you, check your pulse. Ethereal. After the last two years, if you want a night of hope and peace and joy, go. Just what we needed, a postcard from the Celtic Women and troupe family. Thank you. Godspeed and safe travels until we meet again. Seattle was gifted. The Paramount was timeless and beautiful.

5.0 star rating Ginny from Eugene, Oregon


This was a truly incredible show from start to finish. The vocals! the instrumentals! the dancing! They were all so talented and knew how to present an entertaining and wonderful program. Truly lovely! I hope they come again.

4.5 star rating Sharon Cronin from San Antonio, Texas


One of the ladies was missing in last nights proformance. Nothing was said about this . What happened ??

3.0 star rating Wayne Wagener from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Fantastic orchestra, fantastic singers, a real Christmas spectacle. Here is what went wrong. Up in the peanut gallery, a group of women could not stop talking and swearing through most of the show, even after being asked to be quiet. The finale for these rude women was dropping a phone on my mom and asking her to find it on the floor during the show. It is unbelievable how these women disregarded everyone else's experience. Then the fake snow . . . it was beautiful at first, but then the fibrous material that floated in the air made people cough and sneeze for the remainder of the show. People had their scarves and shirts pulled up over their mouth to get a breath without inhaling whatever the snow was made of. One of the Celtic women commented that it was a surprise that the fake snow was falling and hoped not to breath it in while singing. A potentially great show ruined by a few uncouth ladies and the crowd coughing and choking on fake snow.

3.0 star rating Gwyneth from Sarasota, Florida


Well what can I say? I’ve been a fan for years, but what the @#*%? I needed earplugs. The opening songs were a wall of sound where the background musicians drowned out the singers. They adjusted something a few selections in and it was bearable. They got it closer by the second half. The musicians are brilliant. Tara McNeil is a standout, but a poor sound technical crew killed the magic. The sound was overproduced. I was reminded of a Britney Spears concert my niece dragged me to years ago. It was nice to see Chloe Agnew on stage, Isle of Hope was wonderful. Megan Walsh has a lovely voice, but there was control and cohesiveness lacking. Goofy choreography spoiled the awe and mysticism of the televised shows at historic locations. The grand choir and orchestra were MIA and replaced by a handful of stage musicians. Budget cuts? The dark-haired Celtic lady, Mairead Carlin was flapping her arms around and weaving like a harpy. She also flattened many top notes. The sound in the second half was better. The women had moments that reminded me of the great shows of the past with lovely harmonies. I kept thinking they need a manager. Chloe? Megan Walsh’s I am the voice was well done, though it didn’t match the intensity and poise of Lisa Kelly’s standout performance, still available on YouTube. Also Watch Lynn Hilary’s Lagan Love, from the Slane Castle production, or dear Chloe’s The Prayer on YouTube and save your money. This live theatre show didn’t do it for me.

3.0 star rating Suzanne from Richmond, Virginia


The beautiful voices and harmony were drowned out by the instruments. The words were muffled because of an apparently poor sound system. I love their music but was disappointed in the concert.

3.0 star rating Beatrice Davenport from Syracuse, New York


I saw the Celtic Woman at the Landmark Theater and I found that to be astounding. Last night my daughter and I were excited to see them again after a 2 year wait. They were good, some parts great but overall they weren't as good as when they were at the Landmark. Drums were too loud, they drowned out some of the songs. Too much background music. The woman have great voices and I would have loved to hear the songs they sang. Not all was like that but both my daughter and I were disappointed. We were in the balcony and we checked the prices for yesterday's concert and where we sat was $39.00. 2 years ago when my daughter purchased these same tickets she paid $90.00 each for them. Not happy. I do believe that the Landmark has better acoustics also. We did enjoy the dancing and the men singing. We just wished we could have heard the words to some of the songs.😔

3.0 star rating Earl from Salt Lake City, Utah


I have loved listening to Celtic Woman since 2011. Not likely to go again. Orchestra overwhelmed the voices. The girls lacked warmth and personality of times past... violinist reminded me of a Disney puppet. Felt like they couldn't wait to be finished. So disappointed.

3.0 star rating Ronald Rayfield from Kings Mountain, North Carolina


The Singers and musical instruments were Perfect technically and presentation was excellent. This performance however was like a mini-performance from past performances. The auditorium was not designed for stage performance like Celtic Woman. Not enough stage space. No Orchestra space, acoustics allowed echoing of sound and skewed the music. Viewers in the rear seats cannot see the faces of the performers because there are no big screens for everyone to see. The Music technical staff had the music over running the singers. Back rows could not even hear the words. Sound was better in the rest rooms. Always remember the performance is only as good as the sound setup. Rule #1, the music is like the water and the singers are like the boat that floats upon the water. Music supports the singers. Too much music sound sinks the boat. It is a great dis-service to the performers who put their souls into their music and then gets destroyed by incompetent technical support who should know these things.

2.5 star rating Carol Sue Richhart from Indianapolis, Indiana


We love Celtic Woman and all the team that works so very hard to present such an awesome show. These gals are so genuine and fun. It was such an honor that they make Indianapolis, IN, a regular on their show tour. We have seen them each time they come through. Our question is, what do we need to do to have "Indy" be their 2nd Home away from Ireland! Call Rejuvenation Station @317-352-9787 Celtic Woman and your team, so we can help take care of you with the best Natural therapies, as you minister to our hearts & souls with your beautiful melodies and Songs. THANK YOU! Carol Richhart-Indianapolis, IN

2.5 star rating Karen from Fort Myers, Florida


This show dragged from the start. I had high expectations of pretty music and ladies. Same old Christmas carol music dragged on and on. No costume changes. No inspiring choreography Sorry. I've seen better shows at high school

2.0 star rating Tammy Howlett from Sugar land, TX


This was our 3rd time seeing them and we were really disappointed this time!! Background music was too loud, drums were too loud and lights into the audience we’re too bright sometimes. I love “Dulaman” but the male voices couldn’t be heard, the drums throughout were too loud. Half the time all the singers were drowned out. The soundboard controller should be fired!!! When it was just the women singing it was amazing, pure and sweet. Loved the male dancers, very powerful and precise. I’ll really have to think twice before I pay to see Celtic Women again. So sad, so disappointing after a two year wait.

2.0 star rating from Santa Barbara Ca.


Such a disappointment. The music was so loud that it drowned out the voices of the women. The drums were especially loud. I came to hear the beauty and simplicity of the womens voices. They sound much better on Tv with a live orchestra. Would never go to see them in person sgain

2.0 star rating Visitor from Colorado from Sarasota, Florida


Throughout the performance the musical accompaniment overpowered the voices to the extent that the lyrics were unintelligible. There was nothing outstanding about the vocalists. The fiddler was lively and entertaining. It seemed to me that some numbers had backup instrumentation. Overall, disappointing. Would not go again.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Cincinnati, Ohio


My family and I have been enjoying Celtic Woman performances for many years and honestly, last night's show in Cincinnati is our last. We knew going into the show, we were minus Chloe but to have Meariad as the ONLY original performer and still call the Celtic Woman....very misleading and disappointing. The performer wearing a ball cap during the show....would not have seen this previously. From the start the show disappointed (down to the stains on one of the gowns worn) I being too tough, NO! the fact I am taking time to write this review sums my disappointment up. At least, I have my CDs....signed, not certain celtic woman will survive

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


My wife and I were in Seattle and saw that Celtic Woman was playing in Everett so we got tickets and were excited to see the show. I had checked reviews and was expecting a 2 1/2 hour show. Unfortunately it was just over 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission. With the dancing and musical interludes, I don't think they sang more than 8 songs, tops, none of which were new as far as I could tell. Perhaps the small stage in Xfinity Arena cramped their show, but even though the fiddler, singing and harmony were amazing, the concert was really quite boring. The smaller of the two male dancers was fantastic, though. After checking more reviews of the 2015 tour I see many reviews in which people are disappointed. I could not recommend this show. Purchase a DVD or Blueray and watch with a nice sound system and you might be better off.

1.0 star rating Angie from Huntsville, Alabama


We saw these ladies in 2019 and the show was spectacular so we purchased tickets for the next year which we didn’t get to use until 2022 due to Covid. We were so looking forward to seeing them again. Only two of the ladies were there from the 2019 performance which was disappointing. There was very little harmonizing with all of them. They mostly sang individual songs. It was definitely not as good as before.

1.0 star rating Tim Goodman from Del Lago Casino resort, Finger Lakes, New York


As hard as I tried, I could not warm up to the performance. I am a schooled musician, with experience playing in a multitude of groups including all genres from hard rock, to symphonic. No live percussion, no bodran, etc. A symphonic group without drums! Sampled and triggered percussion were done poorly and did not add anything to the performance. Musicians looked bored and unenthusiastic while playing the parts as written. Nothing more. Even many were dressed in black jeans and t shirts. The conductor directed like a robot without any real (much fakery dancing, etc) feeling. Sound was all one volume without dynamics. Conclusion: musically I watched an accurate symphony lacking feeling and enthusiasm. The notes were there, but nothing more. Likewise, the Women performed adequately but it felt empty, like a bad dream. The notes were there, but the posturing, fake smiles and dialogue (you could tell it was repetitive) seemed boring for them. Like all tours the repetition is a challenge. It is hard to rise up night after night, but as a pro, you dig down ever night. They did not. Visually, there were no backdrops or set design. Not even risers. Camera work was poorly done. No fades , no screen in screen. Honestly, i expected a much better “show”, and I felt ripped off. Save your money, buy a CD or DVD. YOU’ll get the same experience and save $100’s!

1.0 star rating Beverly Robb from Charlotte, North Carolina


I have been a beloved fan for many years however, if last nights performance at the Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC was the first time seeing Celtic Women concert I would never bother watching them again. Unfortunately it was very uneventful actually most of the show was boring. When the men and bag pipe player came out to dance that was wonderful!!!! The violinist didn't have the charisma to say the least that Mairead Nesbitt had. Their voices were just not up to par that past Celtic Women cast members had. My party and I left toward the end of the show.

1.0 star rating from Lancaster, Pennsylvania


The music drowned out the women's voices. The lighting was poorly done. The costumes were so so.

1.0 star rating John from Detroit, Michigan


I've wanted to see this for years and was very disappointed. The stage was set with an unattractive black & white backdrop which ho Celtic theme whatsoever The ladies seemed to have beautiful voices but the sound system was poor and the words could not be heard clearly. Lastly, the background (fake) music overpowered the instruments being played on stage. Did the young lady actually play the violin or was that 'lip syncing???

1.0 star rating Colleen from Biloxi, MS


Fake tap dancing and pretending to play the violin the whole time. I could pretend to play a violin better than her. It was just finger nonsense she was doing as she twirled around repeatedly to distract from the fact that she was not actually playing. The so called “tap dancers” were out of sync not only with the rhythm but each other. Paid money to basically watch an entirely lip synced concert. Boring on top of it all. What amateur hour.


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