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Ed Sheeran Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 45



5.0 star rating Terry McBride from Newmarket ontario


Went to his concert last night - it was simply amazing Read one review that it was boring. What?? I don't think anyone there thought he was boring or James Blunt who opened for him Didn't want it to end!!

5.0 star rating Linda Kelley from Buffalo, New York


Show was amazing...I was sitting in front row with my daughter. Ed Sheeran played non stop for 1hr 20 minutes, changed guitars each song, one man show. He is amazing, Spoke to the fans, felt comfortable being there...James Blunt as well!

5.0 star rating Ellen from Vancouver, British Columbia


Ed Sheeran's show last night was beyond fantastic, fun. The man is super talented and carries the entire show by himself. You can feel the love from his fans in the air but it is well earned. His vocals and guitar are simply excellent. He makes you feel like he's making a party and you're all invited. Background screens enhance his performance and allow you to see him up close. All in all , Ed was simply Perfect.

5.0 star rating Chloe Daniels from Nashville, Tennessee


Ed sheron is awaome! He is one of my favorite! I would love for him to have a concert near me! I love him so much and hope to meet him one day!❤️

5.0 star rating Julie Brennan from New Orleans, Louisiana


2 solid hours of the best of SHEERAn. Superdome is built for huge events and delivers A-plus. We were close to the stage and he looks right at you to sing and conversate...that could be a made up word just local....Went with great friends...had a ball. KUDOS ED....STANDING O.

5.0 star rating Mark R. from New Orleans, Louisiana


I have never seen a one man show carry an entire stadium like Ed Sheeran did last night in New Orleans. As he played through his set list, I could hear all of the years spent refining his craft, his songwriting, in every hole in the wall and street corner that would have him. I also felt like I was hearing the diary of his life as he laid out his set list song by song. His grace and humility stand against the current pop culture of today. Rather than mis-appropriately label him as a throwback, I would like to think that he is exactly what real music should have evolved into today. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet and he’s coming to a city near you, you are really missing out on something. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ed Sheeran. Simply the best at what he does.

5.0 star rating Gundoctor67 from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I was utterly blown away with the clarity, he sounds so real and authentic. I’ve been to many concerts in a very wide musical demographic over the past 35 years and this is the first time I ever remember being impressed with sound quality. The content was excellent, however he left out at least 3 of his bigger ballads. Ed does speed the pace of several songs, I believe this is done to create more energy. Left wanting more.

5.0 star rating Jenny Conrad from Nashville, Tennessee


Saw Ed for the first time last evening and his Performance was simply amazing. His fans love him I marveled at his talent being a one man show and playing to a sold out sports stadium! Simply a great evening of music. I’m a fan now for sure. Thank you Ed!

5.0 star rating Holly Morris from Moline, IL


Very disappointed. Hard to hear him when he was speaking. Found crowd singing overshadowed him. Paid to hear him not the crowd. Drunk lady behind me was singing loudly and off key. Would have been nice if he used jumbo screens to see him. Left after he sang Perfect. Noticed a lot of others leaving as well. On the plus side, the concert started on time.

5.0 star rating Lori Centerbar from Burlington, Vermont


I was amazed by Ed's performance. The energy with which he rocked that stadium cannot be articulated. His genuine love of performing and of his fans was clear throughout the show. He spoke to the crowd as if he were sitting across the table from each and every person in the audience. His humble gratitude was obvious as he opened his arms to the crowd as we all sang the lyrics to his song. I will never have the opportunity to know exactly what that moment feels like, but I can only imagine how indescribable and utterly unbelievable it must be. Given his rough childhood, to see him where he is today is a beautiful testament to the resiliency of the human spirit. As an educator, this is what I firmly believe and hope all kids will learn: you can rise above any adversity if you decide you want it badly enough and are willing to work hard to get there. Thank you, Ed, for being living proof of this...

5.0 star rating Miriam Weininger from Ann Arbor, Michigan


I loved hearing Ed Sheeran and was delighted and entertained by his sweet personality. The only thing that I found distracting was the background visuals. They were too flighty and distorted his image into abstractions. In spite of this, the concert was great and I would love to see and hear him again.

5.0 star rating CASussman from Clarkston, MI


One of the best concerts I’ve attended/ he is a talent to behold-I feel blessed to have been there- will surely see him again if he hits Detroit again!! Young people, older folks, all ages for this guy!!! First time at Ford Field- not bad for a large venue!

5.0 star rating Moira Seftel from Cambridge Ontario


Ed Sheeran Concert on August 30,2018 was Brilliant, he is a fantastic entertainer wish him the best now and in the Future! Cheers!

5.0 star rating Selfy from Toronto, Ontario


I'd suggest anyone who loves Ed Sheeran's song to go to his LIVE performance. You'll love him even more !! Beautiful voice, delightful performance and will give you wonderful memories.

5.0 star rating Steve Paski from Los Angeles, California


Overall an incredible concert. It is rare in this day and age where one is on stage alone and simply rocks the place. He was very personable and interacted with the audience in between songs. That was great!!! Two very minor complaints Would like to have live backup singers and band. Second "Sing" should have been the final encore song. He had the audience eating out of his hand with the amazing energy he projected and the participation we had with the song. While the final encore song "You Need Me, I Don't Need You."was way, way over the top and completely lost the audience. He put a lot into the song physically and emotionally but lost everyone around me, including myself and we were doing a WTF was that

5.0 star rating Karen Jarrell from Dallas, Texas


Saw Ed Sheeran in the first stop of his Mathematics tour last night. It was AMAZING. Lots of music from across his albums and a mashup of some of his collaborations. It was colorful, crazy, and the best concert I have been to and I saw Ed 5 years ago at the same venue!! He just keeps getting better. From the sad and melancholy to the fun and crazy, he rocked us hard and sang his heart out. Also loved the band who played on some songs. AND, there was Khalid. So sweet and sang so well. Loved his opening act and it really got the fun going. He was SO AWESOME and his songs got the crowd so hyped up!

5.0 star rating Debbie Page from Houston, Texas


Excellent!! Could not have been better!

5.0 star rating Rhonda Hoornstra from Tampa, Florida


Saw Ed Sheeran in Tampa Florida last night. Best concerts in my life. Very entertaining. Excellent boys great one-man show stadium was not that great. Would recommend a better stadium.

5.0 star rating Barbara from Tampa, Florida


OMG Ed was amazing at the Raymond James Stadium last night. Packed stadium. Everyone was up dancing, signing and waving their phone lights, and even doing the Mexican wave whilst waiting for him. His voice is amazing covering such different genres. He was so energetic throughout the 2hrs in the Florida heat. Loved that he chatted in between songs to the crowd. The sounds and lighting were awesome too. What a fantastic performance.

5.0 star rating Joan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Perfect venue for this brilliant songwriter. He shared his heart with the sold out crowd. For those interested in how the songs we love are created this was a deeper lesson in the pure soul of music making. A music appreciation session at its best. Presented in a lovely smallish concert hall. The sound was crisp and full. The orchestra, especially the string section added to the story behind the songs, the ballads. Even more amazing considering that the instrumentals were given to Ed by his newly paired music producer. And then he wrote all these songs in three months!!! I thought the genesis of his “Subtract” album, from beginning ten years ago with ideas and a song or two, then pivoting into writing all these songs and completing the album with new material is amazing. I hope appreciation for Ed Sheeran goes beyond dancing and singing along to his most popular songs. He is a master in the making.

5.0 star rating SharonR from Connecticut


Still in awe a day later. Better than a first trip to Disney. Ed Sheeran is not only a beautiful musician who knows how to perform, he is a beautiful soul: Humble, appreciative, and in awe, himself, of the atmosphere he's created. So proud to have been in the biggest crowd in the US that Ed had ever performed to - MetLife Stadium June 11th. The stage production was also incredibly cool - abstract art visual effects projected onto guitar pick shaped screens, pyrotechnics and fireworks, plus Ed running around on a moving platform while playing his guitar. Wow. Just wow.

5.0 star rating Karen Armstrong from Toronto, Ontario


What a surprise! Ed Sheeran keeps going and going! What energy! What incredible visuals and fireworks, what a voice and what songs!!!! He had us in the palm of his hands for the entire show. Although there were guitar changes for virtually every song, Ed Sheeran took a gulp of water and kept going, energizing the whole crowd and making everyone feel so joyful. What a superman. What an evening!! The open roof to the stars, under the CN Tower, a gentle breeze and a mellow crowd. I will never ever forget it.

5.0 star rating Nancy from Boston, Massachusetts


Loved everything about it! Can’t imagine anyone had a bad seat with this stage set up and all the video screens. So very thoughtful with his chats to the audience, Again, best concert ever. Thank you Ed.

5.0 star rating N Greilich from Dallas, Texas


Incredible performer. Great mix of old and new songs of different genres. Crowd loved his invitations to to participate and were energized by his detail of the venue and city. Would have loved if he could have gotton closer to the crowd with the platforms extending on the field. Likely one of the most talented artists in this generation. His vocals speak to all at some point in their lives. So glad I got to experience it.

5.0 star rating Patricia Gray from Kansas City, Missouri


Wonderful night of music for the old and young alike!

5.0 star rating Trish from Minneapolis, MN


Ed Sheeran was absolutely the best concert I've seen so far. He was on a round moving stage so we all could see him. He interacted with the audience, and a very humble young man. Saw him at US Bank but the sound wasn't the best, not due to him. Hard to understand. I would for sure go to see him again. Lighting and special effects magnificent!!

5.0 star rating Judith Powers from Denver, Colorado


August 18 Paramount Theatre. Ed Sheeran is an entertainer and entertained flawlessly last night. He narrated his performance as he performed his new songs from Subtract. The band was flawless. He told the audience that the songs were written during a very dark time and reflected it but that he would then perform a “happy” hour of songs. His final song performed to a silent audience with no microphone displayed a talent that is seldom seen today. He captured his audience. If you get the opportunity to see him perform in a small venue but the tickets. You will be glad you did!

5.0 star rating Susan from Seattle, Washington


Easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I was familiar with a subtract album and didn’t know exactly what to expect. But I was really happy with how open and vulnerable. Ed was, and with his ability to connect with the audience. Was very happy with his surprise happy hour at the end with more familiar songs and impressed with the many songs he did as an encore off his unreleased album. Well worth it to see him in a much smaller venue.

5.0 star rating Rob from Vancouver, British Columbia


One man with a guitar and a loop peddle once again enthralled a record audience of 65,000 at BC Place stadium. The acoustics, the stage setup and set list were excellent, and for almost 3 hours, Ed kept the crowd dancing, singing and cheering along. At times it felt like a pub sing along with everyone in the audience knowing all the songs - only with 65,000 of your closest friends. Great concert, great night. Well worth the trip to Vancouver.

4.0 star rating Roxy from Frisco, Texas


Great show, impressive and dramatic opening. Entertaining lights. Did not know the new songs but the last part of the shows with Ed’s most known songs was amazing. I wished they could figure it out acoustics better at the AT&T stadium.

3.0 star rating Laura from Seattle, Washington


Would much prefer to see Ed in a smaller, more intimate venue where I don't have to use binoculars to see him or the screens behind him. The sound quality is not conducive to concerts, at least where I was sitting. Couldn't understand what he was saying due to feedback and echoing. Ed is a phenomenal talent and has a warm, engaging personality to boot, but much of that was lost due to the cavernous venue. And a note to selfish, self-absorbed people who think it's okay to stand up for extended periods because "they bought a ticket too" and thus blocking other people's view, it's NOT okay! Will not consider any event at CenturyLink other than a sporting event unless they can improve the sound quality at all points, and add many more large screens with which to see the talent.

3.0 star rating R Harrison from Las Vegas, Nevada


Ed was great but the show was over produced. Too many light shows, heavy reverb from base and the video screens obstructed our view of the stage. Lots of drunks around us talking at pound levels conflicted with his vicala. Won’t be at this venue again.

2.0 star rating Bill from Dallas, Texas


Ed is a good entertainer. The venue, however, left much to be desired. The acoustics made for barely intelligible lyrics for most of the night. Would have much preferred a smaller venue. He performed alone, following a warm up act by Snow Patrol. Played for almost two hours. The background lighting lighting and imagery is overdone. Would have been better with simple video of him playing and singing. His performance is the draw, not the video. I wouldn't go to another concert at AT&T stadium. Poor acoustics.

2.0 star rating Jules from Boston, Massachusetts


I agree with an earlier post....would prefer to see Ed at a smaller, more intimate venue. I had a difficult time hearing him over the crowd's echoes. His screens should have just shown him instead of adding all of the background effects. My aisle was constantly blocked with fans and no security monitoring this. I left during Ed's fourth song. He is very talented...but not what I expected:(.

2.0 star rating Ejw from Atlanta, Georgia


Love ed sheeran. Great musician with raw talent. Mercedes Benz stadium ruined the show. The reverb and overall acoustics were horrible. Almost to the point that I was ready to leave an hour into the show. They had the opportunity to open the dome which would have help significantly, but, they didn't. Outside of the venue, there were other things i didnt care for either... the circle stage with all the video graphics were silly. I would have preffered better lighting effects and a stationary stage where people could have a clear view more often. I get that other people love ed sheeran also, but to say it was amazing was FAR from accurate. Again,, im not taking anything anything away from Ed Sheeran, he is an amazing musician, but that stunt was really dissapointing.... consumerism at its best!

2.0 star rating Joe from New York, New York


Ed played his great set list of music, with friendly crowd work, but unfortunately it was really hard to hear any of it from the 300 level at MetLife stadium. There seemed to be a technical issue as there was a really bad echo throughout the entire evening. As a result you really couldn’t understand anything he was saying.

2.0 star rating Larry from Detroit, Michigan


Ed Sheeran is an amazing performer but I will never again pay so much to see him in a big venue like Ford Field. The echo was terrible and you could not understand the lyrics. We left early very disappointed. Others who attended that we talked with said the same.

2.0 star rating Shelley from Vancouver, British Columbia


Not sure if it was the venue or problems with sound system Sat in 409 section couldn’t make out the words when base was on terrible sound had to plug my ears and finally left Waste of time and money even for cheaper seats

2.0 star rating Carolyn Chadwick from Los Angeles, California


He may have been great but the acoustics were so bad it was impossible to understand him. Really disappointed.

2.0 star rating Riley Brown from Los Angeles, California


Ed Sheeran failed to deliver. An hour into his set was the first time the huge SoFi Jumbotron came on. I'm not sure whether it was a technical glitch or lighting engineer failure but it was a huge letdown. The Jumbotron was only on for this one song and went dark afterwards. Don't be fooled by the fact that 81,000 tickets were sold. There were huge swathes of open space on the floor, especially on the left side, even an hour into the show. Sheeran or his management decided on general admission for the floor, instead of seats. Not only does it look bad, it also negatively affected the sound quality. Stadiums aren't great for sound quality anyway, but this was easily the worst sound quality of any stadium show I've seen. I could understand maybe only 10-15% of the vocals and talking between songs. This was only the second time I ever walked out of a concert early, not because it was bad but because it was unlistenable. On the plus side, he rocks out much more live than on his recordings. I might take a chance and see him in an arena setting but I'll pass on any stadium show in the future.

2.0 star rating Joe from Las Vegas, Nevada


I wasn't familiar with much of Ed's music but I accompanied my Wife she being a mid-upper level fan of his music.Myself I kept wondering; Where's the Band? I Guess this is the new standard of the industry and Modern technology in the production of a show 🤷‍♂️ But 1 man on a stage that had room for an orchestra to accompany him Ala Stevie Wonder at MGM working with a string section, horn section, back up vocalists I'll personally take that anyday over 1 man running around in circles using technological gadgets to be a band! For a couple songs he had a drummer & a guitarist join him??? Was it joining him? They were on the sidelines benches with a little corner each while he had 50X the area for himself!! I can't compare him to other Pop artists/ entertainers of the day but I certainly prefer the energy / interaction/ exchanges of band members working Together to bring you out of your seats!! Give me Jam Bands anyway over this. On the Positive it was nice to see so many enjoying 👍✌️

1.0 star rating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Sorry but this artist is crazy talented, realizing he needs to stay relevant . I can hear his pain in the lyrics. But unfortunately I didn’t hear his recovery, I miss his passion for living and it’s wonders

1.0 star rating Ed Clark from New York, New York


Seeing Ed Sheeran before in a smaller venue I was very disappointed with many aspects of his MetLife concert. Sitting down in my seats I noticed that there were multiple angles that blocked the view of the stage. Besides this the format of all the theatrics didn’t truly coincide with the songs. The sound itself was poor and it was hard to understand the lyrics themselves. Ed Sheeran has a lot of energy and I really love when he plays without all the theatrical add ons For me personally it was like seeing a bad Broadway show Love you Ed Sheeran, this truly wasn’t you

1.0 star rating Shane from Toronto, Ontario


A Huge music buff who loves great talent who entertain. His voice was worse than his album. He also did nothing to bring the crowd into his music. He stood on stage and spun around it. I have seen hundreds of concerts and this is near the worst I have seen. I love Ed’s music but I was expecting way more. I even saw the WeekND whose music I don’t like but the show was incredible. Stay home, save your money on alcohol and listen to him on your stereo. Way more exciting

1.0 star rating Edith Okello from Vancouver, British Columbia


I was at the Vancouver concert tonite. Sheehan is a great musician but the concert was awful. Odd stage set up where the band is never seen together. Sheerhan tells the crowd the music is live..but they use not so live. The 2 warm up acts were worse, we spent the night walking around looking for places to eat. It was just bad for such a great artist.


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