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Hadestown Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.5 Stars)

Number of reviews: 46



5.0 star rating Laura from Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Saw this show on broadway, and loved every minute of it. Such an amazing piece of art. I’m definitely going to try to see it again.

5.0 star rating Bobbie Theodoore from El Dorado Hills, CA


Hadestown is so unique and colorful, perfectly written. It should appeal to a diverse audience wanting something deeper than a movie adaption. The music will stay in your head and the existential question at the center of the show warrants follow-up conversation.

5.0 star rating H Brown from Northampton, MA


The audience leapt to their feet at he close of Hadestown for a well deserved standing ovation. Bravo. The musicians, cast especially understudy Orpheus performed without fault. One leaves with a feeling of hope not despair. A memorable performance. Come experience for yourselves.

5.0 star rating CSA from Boston, Massachusetts


Absolutely Amazing. The cast was perfect from the leads to the chorus. Nicholas Barasche had a voice like an angel. Loved everything about it, kept me captivated from the first word spoken. What a perfect night at the Theatre. Boston Opera House was such a great venue.

5.0 star rating John from Detroit, Michigan


This show blew my socks off. In fact, I saw it two nights in a row. The musicians were OUTSTANDING, and every single actor was phenomenal. They brought this show to life in such a unique and heart-wrenching way. I highly recommend catching this show if you can!!

5.0 star rating R. Holley from Hammond, La


I did not know what to expect. My wife filled me in on the story line and I understood it was basically a Greek Tragedy with a modern adaptation. As the story line unfolded on stage, from the moment Hermes addressed the audience, I felt captivated by the plight of the players and their tragic fate. Hermes was phenomenal as was Hades. The actors/performers seemed to fit their characters very well. Their voices, demeanor and stature were remarkable. I have seen a number of performances at the Saenger and enjoyed myself every time. They respect the COVID protocols and enforce them for those who are otherwise at risk. Even the musicians on stage were masked unless their instrument prevented them from wearing one. By the way, the musicians including the conductor/pianist were exceptionally talented. Recommend attending this one and think all will enjoy.

5.0 star rating Kevin from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Saw Hadestown at Academy of Music (Phila), and was brought to tears by it’s beauty. We Had been listening to its original broadway cast recordings for months prior, and couldn’t believe the likeness and uniqueness of THIS off broadway cast. Also, seeing the show brought everything musically together for us. Every lyric a conundrum of thought and perfection. Bravo!!!!

5.0 star rating Carol Parker from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Saw Hadestown at Orpheum on Tuesday - this show is BRILLIANT! Everything about it is wonderful. #Orpheus was played by the understudy & we had NO IDEA until we were on the way home. The entire cast is amazing. Do yourself a favor, IF there are tickets left while it's here, go see this show! I can see why it won so many Tony's & this cast lives up to that standard.

5.0 star rating Deb Skinner from Minneapolis, Minnesota


We went Sunday March 20th. Sold out show!! It was very good and enjoyed the understudy, Chibueze Ihuoma, as Orpheus. Just wanted to see Nicholas. Also, the workers chorus- is there someone with cancer? I hope the dancer is doing okay and is not ill.

5.0 star rating Barbara Amster from San Diego, California


The stars were aligned tonight with Broadway (and yes I have seen Broadway plays) level singing and instrumentals. Images in dance were powerful and moving. Glorious set design and staging. Loved the story, too! My political bent; but, warning, not too subtle on women's rights, immigration, climate change and corporate power and greed!

5.0 star rating Matthew Dann from Costa Mesa, California


Wow!! What a thrill!! Outstanding performances! Can’t believe that every singer has an outstanding voice and what a great story line so much fun!! If you wanna treat yourself to a great deal of fun wonderful music great characters lively energetic can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed Hades town!!

5.0 star rating Ron H from Reno, Nevada


I’m shook ! What an amazing show! First time ever seeing this show , and it blew my mind . The acting , singing , dancing , costumes, choreography, music and lighting all fantastic . I can’t wait to see it again when it comes to Vegas where I live . I wish this theatre would invest in Better seats . Really uncomfortable and outdated .

5.0 star rating Susan McReynolds from Denver, Colorado


After a 3 year absence from live theatre largely due to Covid, my theater buddy daughter and I returned tonight. What a return! The raucous jazz opening captured me and I was a devoted fan. The music was indescribably wonderful. The lyrics powerful. The music and the dance touched us to our souls. We laughed, wept, mourned and celebrated. I am so thankful for my 9th grade teacher who introduced me to mythology, Orpheus and Eurydice. Hades and Persephone. Because of her I was drawn to this play and I was not disappointed but enthralled. Best show I have seen, and I have seen quite a few.

5.0 star rating Marty Keane from Madison, Wisconsin


My daughter and I saw the Sunday night performance and we blown away. She hasn’t stopped raving about it for three days. I went to by her the soundtrack and was surprised. The cast in Madison in my opinion was better that the broad version. The musicians were fantastic. Orpheus in particular vocally and performance stood out but the entire cast and musical accompaniments were outstanding. Thank you all for a wonderful experience:).

5.0 star rating Jessica Spender from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


AMAZING! Amazing! Amazing! is all I can say this was the Best! The show kept me wanting more and still does. Thank you to all of you!

5.0 star rating Heather from Grand Rapids, Michigan


I saw this yesterday and I am just blown away. I wish I could go back in time and relive all of it again. This cast was exceptional and I wish I could have gotten a recording of the music the way they did it, because everyone in this cast is SO incredibly talented. Gorgeous show, fun and moving music, and such a fantastic storyline. I would see it again and again and again.

5.0 star rating Dr. Jim from Fort Worth, Texas


The acoustics of Bass Hall allow North American touring company to sound better than the album recording. Nathan Lee Graham plays Hermes as a dazzling narrator. Antonio Rodriguez plays Orpheus with a voice like pure silver. Matthew Patrick Quinn plays Hades with a bass voice that is so rich to be a little scary. The choreography is as beautiful as a symphony. The libretto depicts current political divisiveness, greed, cruelty, cognitive dissonance and futility worthy of Sysiphus in a setting of New Orleans and the rust belt. It is refined and memorable. The performance brings the audience along through joy, apprehension, desperate grief and hope.

5.0 star rating Jayden from Toronto, Ontario


Saw it in Toronto and it was awesome! Jordan Bollwerk played Orpheus and was amazing! Great music and great show! I definitely recommend

5.0 star rating Tabithia from Toronto, Ontario


I saw Hadestown with a friend on July 22 in Toronto. The show was amazing and was truly something different then what I have seen on stage before. The musicians on stage and the actors and actresses playing them while acting was a site to see. The stand out of the show was J. Antonio Rodriguez who played the part of Orpheus. His voice, his passion, and his talent was so clear and he left me in awe and covered in goosebumps. Bravo Mr. Rodriguez, I can't wait for your next acting endeavour and hope to be able to see you on stage again.

4.0 star rating Opera lover from Washington, District of Columbia


A lot of this is just so good. Marable, morrow, kreis. I am not sure what was going on with the tenor. Was the falsetto supposed to be like countertenor? Which would be great, that's an unearthly sound that would fit the plot. Sadly, it was screeching. The night I was there anyway

4.0 star rating Opera lover again from Washington, District of Columbia


The musicians are without fault, as is the chorus. But the the three women singing the fates are remarkable. Hardest working gals I've ever seen. On stage almost all the time, singing most of the time, playing musical instruments, and some very complicated blocking.

4.0 star rating Joy from Boston, MA


The music is gorgeous, let's get that clear, and there is some very creative staging. I've not seen other productions, so I'm not sure whether the set was modified for this space, but while it was engaging and clever, it seemed way too cramped, limiting options for the cast and making for some repetitive blocking. The real love story was Hades and Persephone, who were remarkable. Orpheus and Eurydice didn't convey much chemistry, and it was hard to be invested in their romance. Her choice to go to Hades seemed abrupt and confusing, given how much in love she's supposed to be. The decision to have Orpheus sing in a very high falsetto was unfortunate; it was unpleasant to listen to, almost comedic, and didn't carry that sense of the magical voice he's supposed to have. Overall, though, amazing cast and voices.

4.0 star rating Rmh from Columbus, Ohio


I loved the show except for the falsetto used by Orpheus. In the myth, his singing was supposed to be magical. As soon as I heard the falsetto, I whispered a quiet prayer: “Oh please, don’t do that again.” It certainly wasn’t magical. All other aspects of the show are well adapted for touring. Choreography and dancing are outstanding. Overall, the company has everything “Hadestown” requires.

4.0 star rating M Hennessey from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I was amazed with the singing and the dancing. But the performance on Sunday night, 11/20/22 at 6:30pm, was very difficult to tolerate because the singing was so loud. During the first act, I saw folks covering their ears to try to muffle the piercing, loud singing. Fortunately, the second act was not as loud and more enjoyable.

4.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


The set, music and dancing were a powerful part of the story for me. Hadestown is place for lost souls who forget who they are until Orpheus shows them the light through the song he writes and performs. Self doubt was symbolized through the fates and even touches the hardest of hearts, Hades. Fighting for what’s right and leading with tenderness was what Persephone represented. This show leaves the audience thinking about the political landscape of the haves and have nots, going to the ends and beneath the earth for love and a tragic ending that leaves you saying “if only”.

4.0 star rating Mike K from Sacramento, California


Last night we saw Hadestown - the cast and story was amazing but their performance was diminished by the (poor) work of the folks running the sound board. The music was too loud (like being near the stage at a rock concert), a few cast members mics were too low so you couldn't hear some of their lines, and then at some points the mics were so loud they pierced your ears. Two groups of ladies in front of us on the way out summed it said her ears were still ringing and the other said she had a headache from the volume. I understand that it was opening night, but somewhere along the way they must've done a full dress rehearsal where they would've heard the sound issues. For the price of the tickets, I would have liked a better experience. 😞

4.0 star rating from Norfolk, Virginia


Overall a great show. But if a show has a recurring musical theme that requires the male lead to use his falsetto, you better make sure he has a good falsetto. By the end I was rolling my eyes everytime it came back around. On the complete other hand, Persephone? HOLY SMOKES. Hades? Amazing. Euridyce? Incredible. The fates, Blew me away. So a lot more positive than negative.

4.0 star rating Dave P from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This is a great show! I saw it on Broadway and again in Philadelphia. One element wasn't done up to snuff in Philly - where Orpheus looks back and loses the love of his life. On Broadway the entire theater reacted with a huge awe because they were pulling for the young lovers. In the Philadelphia show, the audience didn't get the same emotional impact. What happened with that scene? The emotional kick in the gut was the key element of the Greek Tragedy.

4.0 star rating Lauren from Syracuse, New York


The venue prices were a bit high even for simple drinks but the show was incredible, the songs really echo throughout the theater and the actors were impeccable!! I definitely loved Persephone and Eurydice!

3.0 star rating Jeff Portner from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Best part of the show is the set, lighting, costumes, band ( especially the trombonist), and choreography. Music is pleasant, nothing memorable. Leads were well cast and all sang well. Show is a bit long, could be 20 minutes shorter and better at that length. The story is thin, which is odd considering the richness of the source material.

3.0 star rating from Louisville, Kentucky


It wasn’t one of my favorites. I wouldn’t see it again . The actors playing the parts especially Persephone didn’t quite work for me and Orpheus high pitch voice was almost cheesy at times. I didn’t leave the theatre like I normally do being wowed. Even if the play it’s self (story line) isn’t my favorite I am still extremely impressed with the actors and production . This was overall ok for me.

3.0 star rating Louanna A ngelo from San Jose, California


Loved the orchestra, music, chorography.. Big drawback did not understand a word spoken by the narrator. He had a high pitched voice that was inaudible. Did not understand the story line because it was so very muffled. Good play otherwise

3.0 star rating RinieB from Calgary, Alberta


Great musical but the music was so loud the actors had to scream their songs to be louder.

2.0 star rating Gary Myers from Greenville, South Carolina


First the start with Hermes showing off his clothes - sorry, not funny. As a matter of fact there is very little humor in this musical. The singing - especially Orpheus, not good. His falsetto was... at times ear tearing. Overall we just didn't feel "involved" - there was little there to bring you in, to CARE ... out of many many musicals seen - probably bottom 10% ranking for both my wife and I.

2.0 star rating Molly from Chicago, Illinois


I don't understand the rave reviews. It was entirely over-produced (but not well-produced). The singing and acting was gimmicky and campy. Eurydice was especially awful (she's original cast). She over-sang everything and has a weird vocal inflection at the end of EVERY verse. No nuance, no depth. The Hermes character was completely superfluous and his singing style was equally as grating on the ears. Just too gimmicky. The whole thing is really trying too hard. There is also the hit-you-over-the-head messaging about environmental and immigration issues. Look, I agree with the message, but with a Broadway musical, I expect more complicated and nuanced themes. Finally, the sound quality was horrible. The female voices were nasally and too loud. You'd think that would be just in Chicago but others mentioned it as a problem in other locations. Must be a production thing. This just did not feel like Broadway, I'm sorry to say. (Except the prices. Those felt like Broadway).

1.0 star rating Rich from Denver, Colorado


Went to opening night last night. Sound quaility was bad I couldn't pick up on the story line. Especially Hermes who kind of narrated. Not sure if was an opening night technical malfunction or the fact that I was in the balcony ($100 per). Just so disappointing how bad the sound quality was. Sat in same theatre/similar seats 2 months ago and the sound quality was great.

1.0 star rating Carolyn from Denver, Colorado


There were almost no spoken words so if you were already familiar with the songs and lyrics it might be okay. However if you are not, it is awful. I understood, "I took him under my wing" and "it ain't right and it ain't natural" the rest of the lyrics and spoken words were muddled and incomprehensible. I assume the actors know how to ennunciate so I can only assume it was the sound system definitely not worth the price. But if that is the case they should have had it fixed after the review left by the person who had the same complaint on opening night.

1.0 star rating Tim from Denver, Colorado


I was very glad to see all the acoustic instruments and really looked forward to this show. Unfortunately the story was flatly boring, the voices were harsh and must have been pegging the VU meters as they were over modulated. The female voices were harsh. The music was blown out by the harsh voices. The set was just a backdrop of wallpaper. Hardly any difference between the underworld and the living. Choreography seemed repetitive. Could not find any magic even though I really looked forward to this performance.

1.0 star rating Annie and Rich from Providence, Rhode Island


We have seen well over 50 shows on Broadway, some twice. However, we cannot fathom how this show received 8 Toni awards. It was the most depressing musical we've seen, we walked out at Intermission. We commend the cast for their efforts but even that could not save this show. Worst Production we've ever seen.

1.0 star rating Paul Houston from Cincinnati, Ohio


I have seen this show in NYC a bunch of times. The Cincinnati version of Hermes is awful and not at all in line with the original. He sounds exactly like SNL's Keenan Thompson in the David Pumpkins skits. Not flattering. Orpheus was the best of the bunch but lacked energy and had zero chemistry with Eurydice. This was my 7th time seeing it and my expectations were unmet. Unsure why the sound is so terrible in this facility but it is an ongoing issue with multiple productions.

1.0 star rating DBE from Richmond, Virginia


Orchestra seats but off to the side- obstructed view but not advertised as such. We left at intermission

1.0 star rating Christine from Toronto, Ontario


It is with a heavy heart and a profound sense of disappointment that I must convey my experience of the Broadway musical, Hadestown. This supposed theatrical gem, which promised an enchanting journey into the depths of Greek mythology, ultimately proved to be an arduous ordeal filled with choppy storytelling, lackluster character development, subpar singing, and an atmosphere so stifling it could only be described as a punishment in its own right. From the very beginning, Hadestown struggled to establish a cohesive narrative, leaving me perplexed and disconnected from the events unfolding on stage. The story between the characters felt woefully underdeveloped, rendering their motivations and relationships obscure at best. Any semblance of emotional investment was quickly shattered by the haphazard pacing, which left crucial plot points dangling, devoid of the necessary context for comprehension. One would hope that the saving grace of a musical lies in its songs, but alas, Hadestown failed even in this regard. The subpar singing and lackluster musical numbers did little to elevate the overall experience. The melodies lacked the power and emotional depth one would expect from a Broadway production, leaving me yearning for the stirring harmonies and captivating compositions that define the genre's finest works. Unfortunately, the lackluster performances were not the only factor detracting from the show's appeal. The Royal Alexander Theater itself proved to be an inhospitable furnace of discomfort (if felt like i was in hell - Hadestown). The oppressive heat and stuffiness permeating the auditorium overshadowed any chance of enjoyment. Shockingly, despite the pleas of numerous audience members during intermission, the theater staff disregarded their pleas for relief, callously ignoring requests to turn on the air conditioning. It was a truly disheartening display of indifference toward the patrons' comfort. The lack of air circulation became such a pressing issue that the ushers themselves were forced to resort to handheld mini fans, as if acknowledging the deplorable conditions and attempting to provide some modicum of relief. This desperate measure only served to highlight the theater's negligence, emphasizing the complete disregard for the audience's well-being and undermining the legitimacy of the establishment itself. In conclusion, Hadestown is a regrettable production that fails to deliver on its promises. Its disjointed narrative, insufficient character development, underwhelming musical performances, and appalling disregard for audience comfort make it a cautionary tale for theatergoers seeking an immersive and satisfying experience. It is my solemn duty to warn prospective viewers of this ill-fated journey to Hadestown, in the hopes that they may find solace in other, more deserving productions that grace the illustrious stages of Broadway.

1.0 star rating Marie from Toronto, Ontario


I feel bad saying this, but this production was horrible. Torturous to sit through. We left at intermission and it took everything in us to last until that point. We have never left a show, but couldn't bear another minute, that's how bad it was. The cast were SCREAMING the songs. We couldn't understand 99% of what the Hermes vocalist was singing and his voice was like nails on a chalkboard. The set, plot, costumes, and songs were all lackluster. We couldn't follow the story. At intermission there were many people complaining and leaving. No one could understand Hermes. The only saving grace was the Hades vocalist. He was exceptional. But out of the dozens of musicals we've seen, this one is by far the worst. It was truly painful. What a waste of $600 for our tickets.

1.0 star rating Wayne McLennan from Toronto, Ontario


My Partner and I have seen many Broadway shows both in New York and Toronto. This show proved to be one of the most disappointing musicals we have seen. Couldn't understand why it won Tony awards. Although based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridice, this show lacked a compelling and engaging storyline even though the source material was very rich. The male lead playing Orpheus in the Toronto production at the Royal Alexander Theatre has a shrill falsetto voice which was hard on the ears. The setting in Creole New Orleans was interesting but the sound system was terrible. We could barely understand what the actors were singing. It really didn't matter though as the songs were lacklustre. Not one memorable song in the show. The show was very preachy as well. Lots of virtue signaling throughout. I go to a show to be entertained with beautiful music and choreography. I don't expect to be lectured. In any case, we chose to leave during Intermission to save our ears and enjoy the remainder of our evening. Suggest you save your money and pass on this show. BTW...the seating in the Orchestra at the Royal Alex, Toronto, was very old and uncomfortable too. Suggest that the theatre desperately needs a Reno. Looks very tired indeed.

1.0 star rating Yvonne from Toronto, Ontario


Boring, cliched script, terrible sound quality, weak singing, and dancing could best be described as industrial middle school talent show auditions. So disappointing. And the AC blasting at gale force wind levels made the experience horribly uncomfortable.

1.0 star rating Ray Lee from Toronto, Ontario


I go to musicals a lot, and have all my life, and I don't remember ever before going home at the intermission. Hades himself was magnificent -- but there it ended. He was also the only cast member who wasn't shouting and whose lyrics could be heard and understood (the lady sitting next to us agreed completely with that assessment). The music was unmemorable and the dancing worse, but fortunately there wasn't much of that. (That may partly be because the set design leaves very little space for movement or dance.) My son tells me that the second act is better because Hades is in it a lot more, but I'd had enough by half-time.


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