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Tim Allen Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 68



5.0 star rating Cindy & Tony from Colorado Springs, Colorado


We loved the Tim Allen show at Pikes Peak Center (8/10/2018). Yes - there's vulgarity. Yes- there's "four-letter words." AND YES - you are warned when purchasing your ticket. Standup commedy is far different than scripted TV Shows/movies! We went in with eyes wide open and got exactly what we expected - an hour-plus of raunchy, funny, realistic humor! We laughed our asses off. Definitely recommended and we'd go again. Tim is someone we could be friends with! Funny funny man...

5.0 star rating Katy from Colorado Springs, Colorado


Opening act was a surprise and was very good; Tim's show was FANtastic! Enjoyed it!

5.0 star rating Karen from Tucson, Arizona


Tim Allen is not only a good actor, but also a great stand-up comedian. We laughed the entire time as he was hysterically funny!! We would certainly see his performance again. Yes, this was not a show for children due to the vulgarity, but I've never seen a stand-up show that was appropriate for children. My only complaint would be in the venue (Tucson Music Hall) itself. I believe it was built in the early 70's, and the cushions on the seats felt like you were sitting on the floor. They probably should be replaced.

5.0 star rating James G from Las Vegas, Nevada


Tim Allen was hilarious! We laughed the whole time!

5.0 star rating Heath Schmid from Chicago, Illinois


This was our first time seeing Tim and it was well worth it. Laughed the entire time! Would have liked it if he would have made a round in his home state of Michigan, but the Chicago Theater was a great venue. If you're easily offended the stay home this show is not for Tim says everyone needs to stop being a bunch of true! Lowell Sanders was a great opener and hilarious! Would go see him at his own show! Great time....thank you!

5.0 star rating Greg from Las Vegas, Nevada


just saw tim allen in indianapolis and he was hilarious. great show. i see the bad reviews here but i think you have to know what you are getting. if you think tim allen is the santa clause or buzz lightyear you won't like this. i also think that if you have bought into modern political correctness this won't be very enjoyable. finally i think that if you are in a liberal audience you will get a different show. i see people saying he only performed for 45 min and the crowd didn't like him but here in indy the crowd cheered, he was enthusiastic and performed for well over an hour. jokes about the republic of california, joe biden, etc probably get dropped in liberal areas. in short, if you like the tim allen of last man standing you will probably like this show.

5.0 star rating Mike from NH


Freaking Hilarious. Start to end. Everyday observations as Tim dispenses with Political Correctness perfectly. His how is about NOT being offended so if you easily Are, maybe you should go and understand that there is no need to be! So funny. And the Theater...Beautiful!

5.0 star rating Jan from Nebraska City Nebraska


I’m still a fan of Tim Allen’s his show that I watched at the Holland Center, October 21st 2023 was just a five and that’s a strong review I would’ve said two but I really like Tim Allen. I caught myself dozing a couple times during the show due to the fact, I couldn’t understand what she was saying not his fault I guess sound system needs to be done differently. Plus I agree with what a lot of people said I couldn’t see him very well. It was a blur on the stage every suit and that house is good suits. The sound is great. I’ve been to a concert Darren love them, this was a disappointment. Tim Allen’s contents to most of his jokes were just OK if this is the world Tim Allen I hope he finds his Walter and can get rid of him and bring in a peanut if you catch my pun. Good luck Tim we still love you .

5.0 star rating Laura Pawlik from Denver, Colorado


Very Funny!

5.0 star rating Cherie from Detroit, Michigan


Tim was hilarious….The way stand up should be. He did not disappoint!

4.0 star rating Anne from Houston, Texas


The show was a bit raunchier than I expected by still extremely funny. Judging from the laughter in the audience the show was a hit. Cannot remember the name of the lead- in comic, but he was very talented and just as funny. The only negative was unorganized parking at the venue. I may pass on future attractions just to avoid the frustration.

3.0 star rating Susannah Taylor from Austin, Texas


Opening act Lowell Sanders was hysterical. Tim had his moments but, it felt like he was just trying to get it done so he could split. The worst part was Bass Concert Hall. if you're not right up front, it's hard to see the star or hear them. They should have screens up so we can actually see the act rather than a blurry person down below. If they're not going to accommodate us, then dont have shows for our age group. I could hear better in the bathroom. The sound people sit with headphones on. They should, I don't know, TAKE THEM OFF SO, THEY CAN ACTUALLY HEAR WHAT WE HEAR. For the money spent, UT can do better, so can Tim Allen. Lowell Sanders should have his own show. 9/21/18. I keep telling myself, if i cant get front row, we won't be going to Bass Concert Hall anymore. This time I mean it. Done.

3.0 star rating Anonymous from Detroit, Michigan


I love his humor, his movies, TV shows. Didn't appreciate the vulgarity and sexual references. Not such a fan any longer, some is funny, too much is just bad taste. Not for children, your mother, grandmother. Not for anyone who appreciates the TV Tim Allen

3.0 star rating Jan Fallon from Denver, Colorado


We were excited to see Tim Allen as fans of his network shows and movies. He is so witty and such a great writer. This standup was different, lots of vulgarity bringing his usual brilliant humor down. Still a fan, and had some good laughs - but no more standup. The venue was disorganized. Lots of issues with seats in our area. 20 minutes in and still going on. Everyone was irritated til whatever the issue was finally resolved.

3.0 star rating Martha from Spokane, Washington


Went to the show expecting nothing but comedy. Did not need to hear about his depressing upbringing. That was just a downer. Couldn't tell if he was kidding about hating kids or not. A lot of his material fell flat. Left the show wishing we had not gone!!

3.0 star rating Timothy from Chicago, IL


I mean, it’s Tim Allen. Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, & The Santa Clause. I thought it was a fun show, but it was underwhelming. It wasn’t the profanity that got to me. It was the fact that he spent the last half of the show talking about farts. It’s not my favorite subject matter. And you know you’re running out of material when you have to back it all up with fart jokes.

2.0 star rating Tammy from Las Vegas, Nevada


I was so excited to see Tim Allen. Paid $200 for 2 tickets. The opening act is the reason I gave 2 stars. He was excellent. Tim’s humor was juvenile and actually boring. I expected so much more. Opening act should have his own show. I could have listened to him for a hour and still would have wanted more. Wish I could say that about Tim.

2.0 star rating TC from Houston, Texas


I've always liked Tim Allen, but his standup on 9/22 in Sugar Land was just... bad. The show started nearly 30 minutes late. His opening act went for about 15 minutes, and he was pretty funny. Tim came out after a 10 minute video of montage of Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, Santa Clause and other works, and proceeded into an angry string of rants and stories drenched with "god damns" and "fucks." I've got no problem with profanity if it adds to the humor, but Tim's profanity did more harm than good. His stories were unoriginal, timing was bad, he was talking really fast and slurring his words. At one point, he yawned. He said good night about 45 minutes into it, and we thought he was kidding. I guess he told his bus driver to leave the motor running. He couldn't wait to get his rich ass out of there. Oh well... I guess I was silly to think he was anything like the roles he's famous for, or to expect him to know that's what his fans like about him.

2.0 star rating Cindy from Detroit, Michigan


Disappointed...won’t be spending my money to see him again. Vulgarity filled show...way too much cussing. I guess today’s comedians think they have to go this route to entertain and so many people willing to pay for it. I’ll be searching YouTube to review a comedy act before buying a ticket.

2.0 star rating Lisa J. from St. Louis, Missouri


Old material. Jokes appeared to be pulled from subconscious memory and haphazardly told. Awkward moments with silent audience. No attempt to connect with the city.

2.0 star rating Linda from Denver, Colorado


Tim Allen show full of run-of-the-mill base humor., 2018-01-14 Reviewer: Linda from Denver, Colorado We were so disappointed with Tim Allen at the Bellco Theatre last night. His routine offered little wit, minimal creativity or insight and, sadly, very little humor. He filled the time with large doses of four letter words, descriptions of men's genitals, how God created a fart, how much he hated his Aunt and Grandmothers who raised him, how much he detested kids, and lots of other non-memorable unfunny stories that I've already fortunately forgotten. We expected so much more from him. Come on Tim, you are so much smarter than this. You severely under-rated your audience. And Just a word to the managers of the Bellco Theatre.. please provide some descriptive signage and teach your staff how to direct people to their seats!

2.0 star rating Tom K from Orlando, Florida


Tim Allen is either getting the wrong direction from his agent or manager or he is just getting lazy! The extreme language was not needed and seemed mostly out of place. We were expecting a performer at his level would not need to go down that path. Great material, well written and performed was what we were expecting but really didn't receive. He took the easy way out. Sad.

2.0 star rating Tamara Omtvedt from Nebraska


Got a good glimpse of the real Tim Allen, for which I will forever never think of him the same way. He's not Tim the Tool Man or Santa or Buzz Light Year. Not warm and fuzzy, at all. Just seems bitter and angry. F this, F that, every other word. Couldn't believe it. As if that is what is supposed to get the laughs. He had his moments, and has valid points about Twitter (lots of griping), but honestly, enjoyed his starting act much more. For $100 a ticket, expected a longer and better show. Wished I would have read reviews before buying tickets. NOT family friendly. Save your money folks.

2.0 star rating Mark richard woitas from middleburg florida


the worst show ever. if you enjoy 3rd grade bathroom humor this show is for you. not worth your time period. would like to get my money back.

2.0 star rating Kristin from Orlando, Florida


Tim Allen is a great actor love all of his shows and movies. But felt acting is definitely his talent not stand up, He was funny but only at certain moments, I think he would’ve been much funnier without using the Fu$& word the pus$& and GD throughout the entire show didn’t think it was necessary, at least to the extent he used it. I felt he was acting almost as if he was back to the early days of his stand up comedy when throwing F bombs seem to make things funnier. Just didn’t seem as funny now that he’s an almost 70-year-old actor who does mainly family shows . There was a note on the tickets it was 18 years and older comedy I just have to say I was disappointed in the stand up but will continue to watch his movies.

2.0 star rating from Palm Desert California


It appeared he was trying to entertain middle schoolers. Very vulgar and needless profanity. I would have rather had my fond memories of Tool Man and his role in Last Man Standing. We didn't need to know his seedy past drug dealing and doing time as though he was proud of it. Telling audience that he hates kids truly tarnished his image. Wanting to shoot Santa also not funny. I will no longer be watching re runs of his shows knowing now what kind if person he really is. The warm up comedian was enjoyable. It's time to clean it up or stay off stage. Most of audience at Spotlight were over 60. Every few words had to havea f--- thrown in for no reason except to be vulgar.

2.0 star rating Mary Stewart from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Too vulgar. The content had potential but Tim needs to listen to his grandma and cut the swearing. It could have been so much better! Not impressed!

2.0 star rating Tom Sapelak. from Detroit, Michigan


I expected his stand up to be different from his TV and acting, however, was not expecting to be so disappointed. He has such a natural quick wit about himself but did not see any of that during his routine. Instead of jokes he told stories that were not so comical. He should stick to jokes. The show was not worth $360.00 for two tickets. Unfortunately, his act was disappointing.

2.0 star rating Patty from Reno, Nevada


Opening comedian was funny, Tim not so much. Disappointed. Big fan of his sitcoms and movies; reruns

2.0 star rating Michael from Detroit. from Detroit, Michigan


The show was not what I expected... I figured he would have put together material that was relevant, observational, current and funny. Most of it was not. I was not expecting Santa Clause, or Buzz Lightyear but something that made me laugh. I am sure that his political views are very different then mine but that's not why I go see a comedian. I go to a comedy show to laugh, and I didn't. I think talking about farts for 10 minutes is a cheap laugh and shows no effort in the creation of new material. I think he is a good comedic actor not a stand up comedian.

1.0 star rating Disgusted from Albuquerque, New Mexico


We went knowing that the Stand-Up Comic Tim Allen would likely be different than the TV Tim Allen, but wow! Show was wall-to-wall vulgarity and foul language. Like non- stop! The comic who opened for him had a bit of that too, but not nearly as much and he was actually funny. I left feeling like Mr. Allen must be an incredibly angry and unhappy person. I don't recommend this show.

1.0 star rating Suzen from Albuquerque


Should have read reviews first. Tim performed in Albuquerque Dec 1, 2018. Opening act, L. Sanders was funnier than Tim. The vulgarity was over the top and he was not very funny. Seemed like a worn out routine that even Tim was tired of doing. Would not see him again ever. Kiva Auditorium was comfortable and charming.

1.0 star rating Red Queen, Resident Evil from Orange County, California


i have never been so disappointed in my life. i have seen all his movies and comedy shows and this is what his stand up acts is. F F F,, ,GD GD GD GD GD Seriously. Was that supposed to be funny because it wasn't? Some cursing is typical but at this rate why didn't you just call the so F and G D ... that about covered it. cant even believe that is who you really are. now on TV i see a huge HUGE phony

1.0 star rating Jeff from Costa Mesa, California


Not sure exactly what I was expecting, but Tim's performance was full of low brow, lazy jokes that made me chuckle a few times at best. For tickets that cost nearly $100 a piece, I felt robbed. His opening act started a few minutes after 8:00 and was very funny. At around 8:30, they showed a 5-10 minute montage of Tim's TV and movie appearances. i found this annoying - I don't need to come to a live show to see a best of clip real! Tim came on stage and proceeded to talk about how we cant do things like we used to (like use racial slurs, or call cigarettes "fags" because the "gays stole the word"). I laughed a few times but was mostly ready for it to end, when unexpectedly it did - abruptly after 45 minutes. Rip Off, don't waste your time or money unless you like obvious, uninspired, low brow humor.

1.0 star rating Kristin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


It was f this and f that every other word, a conversation about how much he disliked his family, kids, and making The Santa Claus. All i have to say is he must have really great writers for his TV shows bc he needs to give up-stand up! I'm going to have a hard time watching his TV shows after this, what an angry person who is mad at the world.

1.0 star rating Jg from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My husband and I were so excited to see the Mr. Allen but that came to a crashing halt within the first five minutes of the monilog. Thought he had talent found out he didn't. The person or image portrayed in the short video was not any where near similar to the one doing the stand up. Seemed to use excessive vulgar content to get the laugh rather than the talent we all know he has. No longer a fan.

1.0 star rating Love to Laugh from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I was extremely disappointed with Tim Allen's show in Milwaukee. I wish I would have read the reviews before buying the tickets. He is NOT the same funny Tim Allen you see on TV and in the movies. His routine was mostly filled with LARGE doses of four letter words. I expected so much more from him. What a waste of money and a disappointment for my elderly mom, who WAS a huge fan. After the show I was embarrassed that those tickets were her Mother's Day gift from me. If you want to see a FANTASTIC comedian, go see FLUFFY =)

1.0 star rating from Nashville, Tennessee


No longer a Tim Allen fan. I was deeply offended by his cheap, vulgar, unorganized attempt as a stand up comic. For years I have enjoyed his movies and sitcoms, but it only took a few minutes for me to lose my respect for him. I witness several people walk out during the show in disgust. I do not recommend attending this show.

1.0 star rating April from Detroit, Michigan


I felt like I was at an open mic at a crappy alt- right bar. Terrible timing, bad jokes. Cringy is a good description.

1.0 star rating from Nashville, Tennessee


Very disappointed in the Tim Allen's show. To Too Much vulgarity. Will no longer be a fan of Tim Allen . Would not recommend this shows.

1.0 star rating Kilroy from Columbus, Ohio


His show in Columbus Ohio 4/26/19 potty-mouth, 3rd grade at best: toilets, farts, colonoscopies, drugs. Swear words galore, nothing like his movie/tv personas. Hugely disappointing, not worth the money spent, I would have had a better time staying at home and contemplating my navel! Do yourself a favor, save your money, boycott his show, do anything else instead.

1.0 star rating JJ from Las Vegas, Nevada


Agree with most people here that the show was not funny, filled with profanity, and not creative at all! Nothing like his persona on TV. Very disappointing!

1.0 star rating Nathan Stiles from Orlando, Florida


I had great seats, and I'm a fan of Tim Allen. The profanity didn't bother me at all, it was the tired routine. For a 2 hour show, you got about 45 minutes of Tim, 20 of the warm up (who was good), the rest was waiting and montage. A couple of political jokes were funny, but the long running "jokes" about women being strong and evil (he hit both sides) were very tired and unwitty-- it felt like an attempt to get cheap pops and I started day dreaming. At some points he seemed to start out edgy in an non-PC way, but ended up placating to those he might offend by the punch line. Summary-- there's a reason his accolades were won as an actor. Oh, he did get a standing ovation, b/c he is Tim Allen. Sadly, that cheated him of knowing we've all seen/heard better.

1.0 star rating Celeste from Orlando, Florida


Gave 1 star because venue was Great and opening act for Tim was Hilarious. My husband & I were excitedly anticipating seeing Tim in live show. This man spewing the F word was not what we expected. Some use of cussing at the right time is amusing but Tim's use was overkill and distasteful. Using the F word in conjunction with God and Santa Claus over & over - NOT FUNNY. Sad really. Under the impression Tim was a rare conservative in wide field of Liberal comedians, we were expecting some good political banter. Maybe one joke was it. I guess Tim feels he has to keep his conservative leanings under wraps to placate his fellow celebrities & insure his Hollywood career. Weak. Adolescent humor about Farting and descriptions of genitalia might have brought some laughs in group of Middle Schoolers. Left Tim's show feeling quite disappointed and sad that the Tim we thought we knew and loved is just a figment of good TV writing. Kind of embarressed that spent so much on tickets for the show!

1.0 star rating Nancy from Las Vegas, Nevada


Tim Allen...the man of Home Improvement and Last Man Standing was NOT the man we saw Saturday night in Las Vegas. He seemed angry and F bombs all over the place. The $400 bucks to see him was a waste of money. I will continue to watch his shows because I love who he is on tv, but will never see him in person again.

1.0 star rating Duane from Las Vegas, Nevada


Don’t recommend the Tim Allen show…lack of comedy and talent

1.0 star rating Susan from Jacksonville fl


1/8/22 Jacksonville FL Wish i had not spent $250 to hear all the cursing, anger and tired jokes. Since some folks have show dates of 2018 he is telling the same old jokes 4 years later. No respect for him now. He must have been a real “joy” to be around at work NOT plus parking garge took 45 minutes to get out!!!!!

1.0 star rating Kathleen Pedersen from Las Vegas, Nevada


I wish there was a rating for zero star Terrible Bad timing jokes Too political I felt bashed I wish I had read the reviews first would have never gone

1.0 star rating Deanna from Dallas, Texas


I'm a big fan of stand up and expect some cussing - many times it's appropriate makes the material funnier. Not in this case. The opener was pretty good, but Tim was over the top with nonstop cussing and not funny. I couldn't tell what point he was trying to make or follow a joke.. he seemed angry and it was very uncomfortable. We walked out about 15 minutes into Tim's set. I thought I was a fan of his.. wow.

1.0 star rating Dave from Dallas, TX


People walked out of this show. We almost walked out and should have. It was a lazy, filthy, word salad of crap. 3rd grade locker room humor is more creative than Tim Allen's set. It was maybe 20 minutes of barely comedic content stretched out to less than an hour show smothered with non-stop angry rants, GDs, and MFs. It was truly a sad show, and to say it was a disappointment is being generous. It was pathetic.

1.0 star rating Linda from Grand Rapids, Michigan


I would not recommend this show. When looking at older reviews, it looks like the material has not changed. Actually, I feel the material would be most appreciated by 13 year old boys who think "fart" noises are funny. Using 4 letter words throughout a comedy show and genital humor is quite juvenile. He obviously was just putting in his 50 minutes so he could hurry off stage to his next repulsive show. Definitely not for children or adults.

1.0 star rating Not Relevant from Louisville, Kentucky


I knew this was going to be more R rated than his TV shows/movies, but I thought it would be more topical and funny. A few political jokes were on point, but it was mostly a rehash of stale material. He was in Louisville the same weekend as the Street Rod Nationals, so I really thought he’d bring that up. We got the same generic, vulgar show as every other city. I am not opposed to adult language, but with content and context. Nothing really clever or charming like the Tim Allen I expected.. The opening act was very good.

1.0 star rating Jerry York from Atlanta, Georgia


Way to much profaity. His comedy would have been better served up without GD or Fu** words. Old stuff. My wife actually doesed off briefly.

1.0 star rating J. Hall from Atlanta, Georgia


We went thinking we would probably hear more like on his tv shows, especially Last Man Standing. Show was very vulgar!!! Will definitely never go to another show. Not even sure I want to watch any Last Man Standing reruns again. Why aren't shows rated like movies are, at least then we would have some idea what to expect. This show was a complete waste of our time and money.

1.0 star rating Ckb from Louisville, Kentucky


I feel we deserve a refund. He literally told 2nd grade jokes about farts. He slurred his words and seemed quite dis interested. He is a smart man but his humour was elementary, at best. Is he sick? I hope not, but something seemed off. The Palace, as always, was a perfect venue. The warm up comedian was great!

1.0 star rating SK from Tucson, AZ


Teach my children “what feeds you, affects you.” This was so vulgar we saw people walking out…bad words (like every other word started with F), genital talk, his hate of children…not at all what we expected.

1.0 star rating Lynda Brenner from Charleston, SC


I cannot tell you at how absolutely disgusted I am with trying to attend his show. The tickets were a Christmas / birthday gift for my husband. We walked out after 15 minutes. This was absolutely vulgar from his opening act … never thought the F-Bomb could be used by a grown “professional” man. Nor did I think he would stoop so low to sell tickets.

1.0 star rating Cliff & Jean from North Charleston, South Carolina


We have been a Tim Allen fan since his early stand-up days (as presented on Showtime) and have enjoyed watching his characters evolve into wholesome, good comedy. Two prime examples are Mike Baxter from "Last Man Standing" and Scott Calvin from "The Santa Clause." However, we should have paid attention to the reviews before purchasing our tickets for the performance at North Charleston last night. We laughed, but we were not prepared for what we were going to hear. The F-word was used repetitively, he made hateful, twisted comments about children and birth, and references to his belief in God were shaken by his overall, raunchy routine. The image we had of America's favorite dad and warm-hearted Santa were erased. It was a sad night, and we will miss The Tool Man!

1.0 star rating from Massachusetts


Saw him last night in BOSTON. Tim Allen needs to stick to TV. No comedic skills. I was so disappointed that it was so awful. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the show was my highlight. I actually felt bad for the guy as he seems so negative for seemingly having so much. Just not at all what I expected!

1.0 star rating JT from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Walked out. Read the low star reviews as they are accurate. There is a reason it's only 2 stars. Obviously he is okay with reaching out to an undesirable niche to make some quick money. The typical decent human with class and intellect will walk out. Please save your money. I'm surprised venues allow him/don't research his material prior to allowing him to book.

1.0 star rating ML from Choctaw Casino Durant


I was really excited to see Tim Allen. Would have been better to just not do that. Now, I don't have an issue with raunchy comedians, but only when it makes the joke/story. What can I say. My wife and I just left after an hour of his rambling with hardly any laughs from us. Boring.

1.0 star rating K. Harder from Dallas Texas


Can I rate less than one? What a huge disappointment. We loved Last Man Standing and were so excited to see him. I wanted to walk out the first five minutes and some people actually did.. Bad language and raunchy humor. Has completely changed my opinion of him. What a waste of time and money.

1.0 star rating Tammy Fletcher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Like most every other review on here, I wish I could give Tim Allen a 0. His opening act was funny, but Tim’s show was filled with GDs and f bombs. So many more than we’re necessary for someone seemingly as talented as him. His jokes about hating kids were not funny, and certainly unexpected. I love all of the characters he plays in his movies and tv series, and I expected the show to be a bit more adult in nature, but it seemed like he just used the words randomly to try and get laughs. I bought the tickets for my husband for his birthday. He’s not a fan of shows or crowds, but we like Tim Allen so much that I thought this would be a great date night. Dinner was great, but it would’ve been better to have stopped there and saved the money on the tired, trashy, unfunny show that we saw. I would never do it again. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your money.

1.0 star rating Unhappy from Cleveland Ohio


Way too many F bombs! grew up watching home improvement though he would be a real family man said many times how he hates kids 1000% disappointed he is just another pos Hollywood actor do not waste your money on this 2 faced pos

1.0 star rating Bill from Omaha, Nebraska


Opening act was great. Tim Allen was terrible. The actor we fell in love with in movies and TV did not show up in concert. He was angry and vulgar. The “F” bomb was not funny the first time and even less funny after 300 times. If I wasn’t with a group who also wasted their money, I would have walked out in the middle of the show. However, The Holland Center is a fabulous place to see a concert. Any concert but this one!

1.0 star rating Simon McKeown from Las Vegas, Nevada


Wow. Very surprised to see how angry Tim was and how much context his jokes lacked. He started by defending himself for dropping so many F-bombs by telling his audience, “How do you know God is not okay with F-bombs?” Well….. how does Tim know God is okay with him dropping that many F-bombs for comedy? Clearly he found out God is okay with it since he is doing this! Or does Tim actually not give a crap what God thinks as he claims. With how bad the jokes were, I started counting how many F-bombs were getting dropped and I got about 12 per minute. That’s 720 for the whole hour. Jokes were bad, so save yourself time and money by not attending.

1.0 star rating Troy from Guymon, OK


Seen him in Amarillo. What a waste of money. Total filth.

1.0 star rating from Fort Wayne, Indiana


Not for anyone who appreciates the TV Tim Allen. I admit I should have read the reviews before purchasing. We were big Tim Allen fans! Growing up in the 80's and 90's he was always on. I did not expect the excessive use of the F word. Sad to say we paid almost $200 and walked out after his first 10min's.

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