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Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 41



3.0 star rating Greg Petree from Mount Juliet, Tennessee


Perhaps it was due to the storm delay. I mainly came to see the Doobies anyway and they were fantastic. However, Steely Dan did not perform: Deacon Blues, Ricky Don't Lose That Number, FM (No Static at All), Do It Again. Then, we had to sit through jazz numbers that sounded like intermission at a Broadway play before finally hearing Reelin' in the Year as an encore. I know there are some die-hard fans that loved Steely Dan's set. But ticket sales are based on hearing the hits you grew up loving. That didn't happen. Thanks Doobie Brothers for a great (but too brief) show.

5.0 star rating Dave from Hartford, Connecticut


these groups i grew up with, and they never lost a beat . a totally flawless performance. i highly recommend seeing them.

5.0 star rating Eileen Chase from Saratoga, NY


The Doobie Brothers opened the show and certainly did not disapppoint. They belted out their songs effortlessly. They also played for quite a while. Next up was Steely Dan. What can I say. They were awesome. Transported me back to my college days. They played many of their songs and I have to agree with the reviewer from Cincinnati, Steeley Dan has a sound like no other band. They really are timeless. A great show.

5.0 star rating Joseph Spott from GOULDSBORO,PENNA.


Steely Dan was right on the Mark. They were so GREAT,we all stood in the pouring rain to hear every song. Their Setlist shined. Donald was very entertaining and hip. The Band was STELLAR. Great night. Great music. They still have it ! Every song was a Hit. We Loved them.

5.0 star rating Scott Wood from Cincinnati, Ohio


It was a great night in Cincinnati for a concert . I think the Doobie Brothers portfolio of hits is under rated in the music world. The Doobie Brothers were amazing they played a lot of great hits and sounded amazing . Steely Dan , what can I say..there music is timeless and I love there music and it was awesome to hear them live. As we get older most of us stop listening to our albums like we did when we were really young , we tend to just hear the hits on classic rock radio and because of that I want to thank Steely Dan for bringing me back to the album days ..hearing some songs that are amazing but not on the play lists of classic rock radio was refreshing . I also thank Steely Dan for having a sound unlike no other, today's music is all ballads and cookie cutter music infused with ripped off music from the past. I was disappointed that Steely Dan left out Deacon Blues as it is one of my all time favorite songs.

5.0 star rating Jim Wiederaenders from Seattle, Washington


I feel bad for people dissappointed by Doobie Brothers or Steely Dan because I thought they were both freaking awesome. Doobies always deliver. Fagen brought good energy post Walter. Donald moves around like a blind guy (no disrespect) for years, and has an increasing east coast twang in his voice that they seemed to soften with mixing. But who cares? Donald is the greatest talent, his music is beautifully complex and unique, and he rocked the house. Mountaintop! I feel cleansed until next time. If you like the Dan, do not stay away due to some luke warm reviews. In Seattle this summer, check out Nearly Dan at Jazz Alley four nights in July. Don't snear. ND is electric because they spin Donald's music so well. This music of Steely Dan is the best music and it's live.

5.0 star rating Jim Martz from Madison, Wisconsin


Doobies blew the place away. All voices are still in tact . GREAT SHOW. How can Steely Dan possibly follow this. Just like they did ! Fagan, without Becker, still fabulous. I had almost forgotten the excellence of the music and the musicians that Fagan assembles for both the studio sessions and the touring shows. At 73, I was on my feet and rocking my butt off throughout both performances. I'd go again next year (if they come around) in a heartbeat !

5.0 star rating Joe A from Granger IN


I can only think that the negative reviews here are from people with absolutely no musical knowledge, and probably listen to one or two songs off of every album they've ever owned. Steely Dan has never been about "hits", although they always throw in some radio play songs for those who don't bother listening to entire collections. This is a band of world class musicians, if you take the time to read individual bios, you would find that they all have played and recorded with many huge names in the industry. These are "go to " musicians for a lot of your "hit makers". To have this collection of talent on one stage is nothing short of incredible, and if you can't understand it, maybe you just shouldn't go to a top shelf show such as this. Stick with the 3 chord, 4/4 time standard radio crap. I don't want to discourage anyone from expanding their musical horizons, just disappointed with the lack of credit given here to a band that is head and shoulders above most.

4.0 star rating MAB from Chicago, Illinois


I had lawn seating at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. It was raining all day and would possibly during the concert. Got there and they were giving out tickets to the pavilion seating 101 section in exchange of my lawn seating tickets. Exchanged my tickets and got great seating. Thanks, Hollywood Casino. 5 Stars) The Doobie Brothers came on first and Rocked the house from beginning to end. Then played an encore. Great concert! 3 Stars) Steely Dan played second. Sad to say. Every song had a jazzy flavor that was not to my liking and changed the essence of my favorite songs of Steely Dan . Had to leave. Heard enough of the Jazzed up renditions of their music. I was disappointed.

5.0 star rating GJack from Dallas, Texas


The Dan always leaves fans refreshed and looking forward to the next concert, and the Doobie Brothers delivered at least as well. What a perfect combo for a night out under a very comfortable Texas sky. The Toyota Music Factory is an awesome venue, and we personally witnessed many fans from far away make the trek into DFW to enjoy two of the greatest bands of all time. So hard to believe that Becker has passed on, but as Don Fagen said, "we'll carry on". Not sure who the bigger fans are nowadays as 30 something children enjoyed as much as the parents at our house, and the burger at the Yard House was as good as they come. Now for the sound quality. Great acoustics right off the bat. The Doobie Brothers started off just a slight bit too loud, but that was quickly adjusted, and the weather for the lawn was totally perfect, especially after the sunset. The Music Factory personnel were attentive and helpful, so the whole experience gets an A+ from my crew. LOVE AND AWESOMENESS!

4.0 star rating Sandy from Detroit, Michigan


Saw The Dan & The Doobies last night at Pine Knob aka DTE Energy (blah blah it mean Detroit Energy Energy it'll Always be Pine Knob!) The Doobies kicked it out! Fagen seemed just a li'l tired last nite. It was such a great show and a perfect nite - until 10 pm when the rain came. Can anyone tell me if Fagen mentioned Becker? I must've missed it. Wasn't the same without Walter. Pine Knob is a great place for an outdoor show. Usually we sit on the lawn. There were a lot of very young people there and they were jammin' WOW! An infant was right next to us and she had such a great time! Very nice area and nice view of the skiing hill right behind the stage area.

4.0 star rating Sid Vicious from Chicago, Illinois


Totally agree with some prior reviewers - Doobies Yay! Fagan Nay! The Doobies were spot on and actually sounded better than anticipated. Steely Dan band was adequate and the songs sounded vaguely familiar, but Fagan was often off-key and struggling to keep up. You know you're old when your rock stars start looking like Grandpa... And sounding like him too!

5.0 star rating Julie Roberts from Charlotte, North Carolina


Great concert! The Doobie Bros were very good but Steely Dan was amazing! When Steely Dan xame out i felt like i was transported to a whole fif place! Amazong!

5.0 star rating Bruce Polakoff from West Palm Beach, Florida


The Doobie Brothers started promptly st 7:30 and As anticipated ROCKED the house. An 80 minute set included all of their Top 40 hits with the exception of Michael McDonald tunes ( The DID play “Takin’ It To The Streets )”). The crowd was enthusiastic and by the closing number everyone was on their feet. Steely Dan was incredible, as usual. Although I am jaded ( this was my 16th time seeing them ) their performance was near flawless. Both bands are have members near 70 years old! Geriatric Rocking is NOT DONE IN CHAIRS!

4.0 star rating Fizzoko from Boston, Massachusetts


The Doobie Brothers rocked. They had the crowd up and on it's feet for most of their set. They played all the classics and with energy. They sounded great and played real well. Steely Dan did not fare as well. They miss Becker's jazzy guitar lines. The current guitarist - tho he can certainly play - did not have a sound that cut through the songs. He was too far back in the mix. Daonald Fagen has no more voice. At least on this night. He croaked though Aja and was indistinguishable most of the night. You saw his mouth move but heard nothing. And when you heard something - it was not singing. He may have been sick - because he sounded like he had lost his voice. He talked his way along - didn't sing anything. Just croaked. This was my second time seeing Steely Dan - and it's probably my last. The band sounded best with the back up singers - singing along.

5.0 star rating Julie Roberts from North Augusta, SC


The Doobie Bros were great! Steely Dan was fantastic! I am more of a fam of Steely Dan, too! When Steely Dan came on i felt like i was transported to NYC or LA! So perfect! The sounf, the weather, amazing!

4.0 star rating High-Mountain Mama from Denver, Colorado


The Doobie Brothers were great: sang all the best songs, sounded fantastic, seemed genuinely happy to be performing. Steely Dan was bizarre: Fagan seemed to be up there playing whatever he wanted, jamming out with his buds while ignoring the hits we came to hear. For the Doobies? A five-star rating. For Steely Dan, maybe three stars for the musicianship onstage.

4.0 star rating Mean Old Man from Boston, Massachusetts


Doobies 3.5 stars. Steely Dan 4.5 stars. All great performers. Doobies suffer without Michael McDonald tunes. Steely Dan came on strong with a ton of hits. Fagan sounded terrific. I was nervous after reading the previous reviews. No need. Stellar set list mde SD the deserved headliners. Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA.

4.0 star rating Alec Johansson from Seattle, Washington


The Doobie Brothers were fantastic and the newest member was singing most of the hits and replicating the vocal sounds to a tee. The band was great and all of the remaining original members were still spot on. Hired hands were of the highest quality. NOW....... STEELY DAN. Donald Fagen was unable to sing his songs and missed note after note and sang out of key on every song except one, but the band was the very best in the business. I wanted to leave 10 minutes into the show. I wanted to throw up. To justify the ticket price and SWAG purchase, I just convinced myself that I paid to see some of the best guitar,sax and DRUMMERS in the business. DONALD...if you were sick, I am sorry and I hope you get better. If you are just too old to sing, hire a soundalike , or use backingtracks and lip sync or pitch correction device. THERE !!! I SAID IT

4.0 star rating Roberta T from Seattle, Washington


The show started right on time with the Doobie Brothers. Since I'm a Michael McDonald fan, I found the vocals lacking. The overall sound of the group (maybe due to the sound system?) was rough and kind of repetitive. However, once Steely Dan took the stage, the night was transformed! Judging by some of the reviews from last year, they must have upped their game because it was one hit after another! Donald Fagan was spot on as was the brass quartet and the lead guitar. Perfectly in tune, perfectly in sync...the sound transports you to another time while not sounding the least bit dated. The main downside of the night was it was overall TOO LOUD. Come on people, we are not deaf (at least we weren't before the concert!) Music should not hurt. Turn down the sound system, Key Arena.

4.0 star rating Charlie Baird from Seattle, Washington


The ticket price was worth it for The Doobies alone. They played and jammed throughout their show all of the hits I loved since 1972, when I was 10. Eyes of Silver, China Grove, Rockin down the Highway, South City Midnight Lady, Without Love, Black Water, and more. I was thrilled to finally see them after all this time. Great guitar and sax jams, and an old time stage show and audience appreciation. Reminded me of the good ole days. Steely Dan, for me, was unbearable. Just not my thing. I’m so glad I went, The Doobies are timeless.

4.0 star rating Charlie Baird from Seattle, Washington


The ticket price was worth it for The Doobies alone. They played and jammed throughout their show all of the hits I loved since 1972, when I was 10. Eyes of Silver, China Grove, Rockin down the Highway, South City Midnight Lady, Without Love, Black Water, and more. I was thrilled to finally see them after all this time. Great guitar and sax jams, and an old time stage show and audience appreciation. Reminded me of the good ole days. Steely Dan, for me, was unbearable. Just not my thing. I’m so glad I went, The Doobies are timeless.

4.0 star rating Sillysally from Seattle, Washington


Saw these guys at the Key last night...the evening totally exceeded my expectations!! The Doobie Bros played all of the great old hits we all remembered and got to our feet to sing and dance to! I can't believe their voices are still recognisable as them. Steely Dan was interesting...Loved the Brass and the Back-up singers and was totally intrigued by Donald Fagan...first time to see him live and I wasn't disappointed. His voice was also recognisable, which is hard for those older fellas to do...just not enough air in those lungs! Totally enjoyed both groups but I have to say the Doobies stole the show for me!

4.0 star rating Steve azmier from Toronto, Ontario


Doobies were ok, music was a bit muddled but the olde standards were there and a chance to see along. Steely Dan were in good form. The music was tight and fresh. This group didn’t miss a beat. It was a beautiful evening by the lake. The breeze was blowing...

4.0 star rating Jon from Georgetown from Austin, Texas


Doobie Brothers were great. Wasn’t expecting much from them but they were really good. Sound was loud but fit their music. SD was good, but they were much better 2 years ago. The sound was not good for SD. I could not hear the drums and bass very well and the band just lacked the punch I was expecting. Songs just fell flat for me and my wife. The sound was definitely not mixed well and some parts were Barely audible. Come on sound guys. The Austin360 Amphitheatre is a great venue even on the HEB lawn. Overall a decent concert.

3.0 star rating Rick R. from Cincinnati, Ohio


Doobie Brothers incredible, vocals and music still intact after all of these years. Harmonies still incredible. Perfect mix of hits and others, and played what the crowd paid for and expected. Steely Dan not so much. This is a terrible pairing, and I felt sorry for Steely Dan as they watched some of the audience file to the exits, including me. Fagen has totally lost his voice, and seemed to only play the "hits" with a tone of contempt, as if that is beneath him, including a terrible rendition of "Rikki" where he actually came in early and was skipping lyrics. The musical elitists are probable blind to how bad they were, and will attempt to mask the performance by referencing the musicianship in the band. Yes, I go to a concert to hear the singalong songs, not sit on my hands in my chair while the musicians try to show us how accomplished they are at their craft.

3.0 star rating GB from Nanuet, NY


Nobody expects 70-ish rock stars to be at peak form but the Doobie Brothers came pretty close.- 5 stars for them. Unfortunately, Steely Dan was a puzzling disappointment. Strange choice of songs, and Donald Fagen looks like he's done. Missed a lot of notes and frankly seemed unwell. No "Deacon Blues" nor "Do ii Again"? The "Danettes" seemed bored and the show lacked energy. Music was pretty good thanks to the band behind them but generally not up to expectations.

3.0 star rating Jim Holpuch from Akron, Ohio


Thank God for the doobie bros. I wish they would have played the whole concert. Steely dan was horrible!! They sounded like they were playing one long song. Fagen should have stayed retired. Over half the crowd walked out on Steely dan within the 1st half hour of their set. I gave 5 star for doobie bros but a zero for steely dan.

3.0 star rating Jamie from Toronto, Ontario


Left after the Doobies were done... Our ears were painfully ringing. Having said that - they were a fun show - played the songs that got the audience on their feet - and lots of crowd interaction. They know their stuff - but seemed distorted - at least for the first 1/2 of the show... Please also note: Lots of audience gets up and heads to the beer counters throughout the show at this venue. Then they return to seats - then back up for more beer - then back... YOU are up and down, letting them in/out too....

3.0 star rating Elsa from Austin, Texas


Let me start with the ***** rating I give the Doobies. Could not have been better, those guys are ageless and they brought on the hits and the audience to its feet. On the other hand, Steely Dan indulged in playing obscure songs sprinkled with a few hits in between. Mr. Fagen is quite the genius and I am sure he misses Mr. Becker. Maybe there is a legal reason for the paucity of hits played or maybe he just didn’t want to. It was a real disappointment to not hear Deacon Blues, Reeling in the Years, Rikki and many others that I so wanted them to play. I would love to know from the band if there was an actual reason for this, it would be more understandable and forgivable.

3.0 star rating Mickie from Pittsburgh, PA


Saw at Denver Pepsi Center. Doobie Brothers rocked the house......people out of their seats singing& dancing in aisles. They sounded GREAT !!!L. Steely Dan however was a yawnfest. We left about 30 mins after they started playing & once outside saw that A TON of others were leaving in the middle of their set too. Just boring..,every damn song sounded the same. Cannot figure out how EVER Steely Dan was the headliner group. They were just OK at best. Had they warmed up for the Doobie Bros, as they should have, people would have stayed for the entire show & left happy & still singing. Would not ever pay to see Steely Dan again.Give the Doobies 5 stars, Steely Dan 5 yawns

5.0 star rating Melly from Cary, North Carolina


Doobie Brothers played and played outstanding music and songs everyone knew and loved -- Michael McDonald was not missed (in my estimation), proving once again that everyone is indispensible BUT... The HIGHLIGHT of the evening was Donald Fagen and his musicians -- Of course they played the favorites -- Are there Steely Dan tunes that are NOT favorites? There was NOT one 'Tired Sea Song' among the bunch and after watching a LOT of people leave BEFORE the show was over (in COMPLETE disbelief!), the group finished up and THEN returned to play Reelin' In the Years -- AWESOME! S.D.'s musicians are TOP FLIGHT and Donald is just AMAZING -- I guess there are FANS and then there were the rest... Ah well... Oh... With the number of people under the overhead roof, it could have been HOT but fans kept a GREAT breeze going - We had GREAT seats!

3.0 star rating Lisa W. from Seattle, Washington


So excited to see Doobie Brothets and Steely Dan at Key Arena Doobie Brothers were pretty amazing. Steely Dan on the othet hand seemed confused on what to sing. People come to see older bands to sing along with the hits. Yeah that didn't happen. Many people started leaving by about the fifth song including us. What songs were they singing? Who

3.0 star rating Neil from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England


Travelled up from Kissimmee to Jacksonville see two of my favourite groups with my family. We were on holiday from England. Disappointed on two fronts. No Michael McDonald - I was looking forward to hear him singing. Secondly the sound production for Steely Dan was poor. The band are very good with some brilliant musicians, but they were drown out by the bass and drums. The sound guy was on the stage to the side and should have been out front with the audience. Consequently several of the audience got up and left half way through.

3.0 star rating Eric from Hickory, North Carolina


Maybe the run of 70s legends is coming to a close. The Doobie Bros started off rough, with an abrasive sound mix that came under control as the set warmed up. The band worked hard to bring up the energy of the crowd and you could feel it as the Bros closed with a string of their most memorable hits. Black Water was especially fun. Steely Dan (ie Donald Fagan) displayed their extroadinary musicianship, but the energy died. Crowd up front was planted in their seats, complaining to the few to sit down. Security prevented fans from filling empty seats up front. Oh well. We cannot stay 18 forever.

3.0 star rating from Raleigh, North Carolina


First time seeing the Doobie Brothers and they were awesome and sounded great! Very disappointed in Steely Dan. This was the third time seeing them in the past 3 years and they fell totally flat this time and sounded horrible. We left 50 minutes into their show.

3.0 star rating from Charlotte, North Carolina


Doobie Brothers were great! Steeley Dan was very boring. Played many songs but none of what the band os famous for. PNC venue was clean and a nice venue. Our group left before the concert was over due to SD selection of music. Disappointed.

3.0 star rating Dave from Evergreen Park, IL from Nashville, Tennessee


My wife and I were in Nashville and caught the Sunday Show. With the rain, the venue could be a little more generous with starting the music when more fans are actually in the venue. The entry gauntlet was frustrating. As to the music, I was pleasantly surprised at how tight the Doobies sounded. They performed a nice crisp hour set of the nothing but the hits. Much to my surprise, they stole the show. Donald Fagan and the Band were good when the played, the loss of Walter Becker's mic work with the fans was what was missing. Donald seemed a little cheesy especially when he referenced the back-up singers as the Danettes. It was said by someone else but Donald did have this look and feel of trying to be Ray Charles. When the band was cooking, it was good, Try to keep the witty bantor to a minimum, it was not working.

2.0 star rating Dom Gibson from San Francisco, California


We traveled from Chile for the Shoreline arena show. After being a Danhead since Aja it was painfully clear how past it's prime Dan/Fagen are. The set was uninspiring from both setlist and performance angles. Fagen can no longer reach the high notes, and seemingly importantly no longer has Walter Becker keeping things in order. Bearing this in mind he could at least played all the hits, which would have helped to save the day and fought the birefom which settled in early on. Dan's shortfalls were made all the more painfully blatant by The Doobies' joyful exciting, electrifying set. A few more Mike McDonald tracks (at least Minute by minute) would have been lovely but, they saved the day .

1.0 star rating Tim from Boise, Idaho


Steely Dan was horrible, waste of money -- Doobie bros rocked it out 5 stars worth

1.0 star rating Marie from Austin, Texas


We were excited as this has been a bday surprise we’ve been looking forward to celebrating with my daughter. The Doobie brothers were a night saver. They did not disappoint. S.D. Though this was the main event in our view we loved steely therefore we showed up with love and support for the new Steeley Dan band. To my surprise we were reallin in support many Fahd left within 20 minutes of them performing we stuck it out mind you in previous concerts we were the last to leave last night was no different with the exception of sharing our disappointment. Do it again is a staple WHAT how could you. Just broken at the change in the output of songs and lack of sound it was clear the vocals were being drowned out by the drums/bass. Hopeful that steeley Dan will entertain some but for us a total bust. Dobbie brothers your amazing


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