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The Book of Mormon Reviews

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5.0 star rating Anonymous from Toronto, Ontario


If you can still get tickets for BOM you must go see this show! The music is outstanding - the band is amazing!! I had a view of the orchestra pit and loved watching these talented musicians at work. The cast was wonderful - they really brought the hilariously irreverent Parker/Stone/Lopez book and lyrics to life beautifully. We had the stand-in for Elder Cunningham (Cody Jamison Strand) and he was superb! His adorable innocent awkwardness captured the character perfectly. Mark Evans as Elder Price and Grey Henson as Elder McKinley were both outstanding in their roles as were all of the Mormon boys. Samantha Marie Ware as Nabalungi/Neosporin/Necrophilia etc (lol) and all her tribe mates were also wonderful - such beautiful harmonies they produced! I could go on and on raving about this comedic musical masterpiece .... But words fail ... Go see this show! If you missed the Toronto show then go to the next city of the tour and see it there!!!

5.0 star rating Sandra from Miami


Saw Book of Mormon and loved it - the theatre was packed and the audience were in hysterics from the opening doorbell number. In true south park style the show gets pretty close to the knuckle on some of the gags, you have to be open minded to enjoy the show, but the comic timing of the lead actors was just brillant. Excellent show!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from USA


As good as it gets! Laugh-out-loud hilarious.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Toronto, Ontario


Saw Book of Mormon last saturday night and loved it. A refeshing change - a musical that really is new and has something to say. Worth seeing for sure.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Toronto, Ontario


Mormon is not for the faint hearted, once you accept the foul-mouthed irreverence and vulgarity you can apprreciate the creativity, terrific dance numbers, witty score, imaginative sets and choreography that make Book Of Mormon THE musical to see this year.

5.0 star rating Emily Munch from Columbus, Ohio


This is the funniest show I've ever seen in my entire life (including musicals, plays, and even film.) Not only is it hilarious, but the music and dancing is just as wonderful as a traditional musical's singing and dancing would be. It’s such a well-written show that truly understands adult humor, keeping the audience laughing constantly. I wouldn’t go as far to call it crude, but it is meant for an older audience (coming from a seventeen year-old girl.) Even though I’ve seen other masterpieces such as Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, and Sweeney Todd, The Book of Mormon is my new favorite musical. It’s incredible and definitely worth your time and money.

5.0 star rating Kernan from Boston, Massachusetts


i gave the show 5 stars because it is clever and funny, but we missed some of the lyrics because the speakers were on TOO LOUD. Not the actors fault, more of a technical problem.

5.0 star rating Lowell Stevenson from San Diego, California


Show and cast were great. Music was wonderful . The Lead trumpet player was Perfect..

5.0 star rating Adam from Memphis/Los Angeles


Without a doubt, BoM is the best show to come out of the musical theater world in years. The story is uplifting, the characters are both lovable and relatable, and every song perfectly caters to the moment in the show. The scenarios in the show are hysterically realistic, and the story's resolution is nothing short of heartwarming. Overall, BoM displays musical theater in its finest light and breathes a breath of fresh air into the lungs of Broadway/musical theater, which has become stale and commercialized over the years. In addition, BoM is written by the comedic geniuses Stone, Parker, and Lopez. I am dumbfounded by theatergoers who criticize the show's vulgarity, and in return go about telling others how it is a "bad" show. This could not be further from the truth. Perhaps these patrons should use some common sense and research a show before seeing it, rather than seeing it, being surprised by it, and then lying to others about its quality because they had their feelings hurt.

5.0 star rating G. Harwell from Cleveland, Ohio


Funny and smart. We had a great time.

5.0 star rating A.H.Coulter from Toronto, Ontario


Terriffic ! Tight writing , beautiful songs and great performances. Well done!

5.0 star rating Olivia from Montreal, Quebec


Loved the show from start to finish, just on the right edge of risqué and the singing and dancing was amazing. I want it to come back! I've been listening to 'Spooky Mormon Hell Dream' on Spotify on a loop ever since. A must see, it's just as wonderful as Wicked and Kinky Boots.

5.0 star rating Jolene from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Teaches a lesson while offending everybody LOVE IT!!!

5.0 star rating JMcK from Dallas, Texas


The cast is amazing, the whole production perfect, and the musical itself is hilarious! My family and I really enjoyed the show and highly recommend it. Be prepared to be offended if you can't laugh at yourself and organized religion. It is a satire and the writers are the South Park creators!

5.0 star rating Jason from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Maybe the greatest work of comedy in any medium in years. I had tears in my eyes during the 'I am Africa' song and could hardly hold it together. Other reviews do a great job of explaining what it is, but this play made me feel like I could of spent twice the ticket amount and still got a bargain. Seats were great, sounded great, and DON'T BRING YOUR CHILDREN!

5.0 star rating Gary from Dallas, Texas


Our adult kids got us tickets to the Year Years Eve show for Christmas. It was an absolute blast and the Winsphere theater is beautiful and a great place to see a show. Highly recommend If you have a sense of humor, that you see this show. If you don't have a sense of humor, see it anyway. It should help you get one. Bravo!

5.0 star rating from Richmond, Virginia


For me, this show was everything I ever wanted. I have always been a huge fan of South Park so i sort of knew what to expect when walking into the theater. I don't think that I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Also, the music is extremely catchy and every character is lovable. I cannot stress enough how absolutely incredible this show is. Do not miss it!!

5.0 star rating Dani Bowers from Denver, Colorado


Recently watched the show in NYC and I was really pleased. Making fun of religion is one of the best sort of comedy. The facial expressions of the characters and the story is just hilarious. Will likely watch it again.

5.0 star rating Elder Mona :) from Seattle, Washington


Ive learned ablot about the Mormon religion thanks to this show, so much so, that Im considering converting...not LOL Really, really funny musical! I dont think Ive laughed this hard in ages...

5.0 star rating Julia P. from Seattle, Washington


The genius of Matt and Trey on a live stage in front of a sold out audience is a mind blowing, heart stopping, laugh till you cry phenomenon that I will never forget! The beautiful scenery, smart lyrics and the ever-so-talented cast made it a night to remember for my husband and I! Absolute masterpiece and Im so happy to have been able to witness it with my own eyes :))))))

5.0 star rating Marlene from Baltimore, Maryland


I’m a theater geek and had the soundtrack memorized but SEEING it brought it to a whole other level! The characters and visuals are hilarious! The whole audience laughed every second including my grumpy teenage daughter! During intermission everyone was full of smiles and we left with a high that I’ve never experienced after a show before! The show is the whole package, so creative and funny and the music is so good!

5.0 star rating Paul gawron from Buffalo, New York


It was our first time seeing Book of Mormon and was a great show from beginning to end....lots of people laughing and enjoying it and others who are too serious they should have stayed home and cuddled with their pillow!

5.0 star rating Cynthia from Toronto, Ontario


The cast had me at the first doorbell ringtone! Hilarious and fun with a superb cast, you'll laugh your way through the first act.....and laugh even more in the 2nd act. Great music score with powerful, fun songs, I could go see this show over and over again. Given theme and topics discussed, and the fact that there is explicit language, and gestures, I suggest minimum 16+ years old to attend. Anyone 'prudish' will probably take strong exception to the content. A really great night out and all the seats in the beautiful Ed Mirvish Theatre (orchestra and balcony) offer a comfortable seat with great sightlines. Really great to be able to enjoy a glass of wine or beer and take it to your seat. We munched on a bit of popcorn too. Ready for a night full of laughter - get tix to The Book of Mormon before it leaves the city. And btw, spontaneous standing ovation for the brilliant cast!

5.0 star rating Big Daddy from Yo Mamma's House


Best theater experience ever. Cast was great, script was amazing, buying tickets to see it again.

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Do not think twice if you are thinking of going to see this musical. The touring Chicago cast was AMAZING!! I don't think I went a full 30 seconds without laughing. So many great metaphors innuendos surrounding Mormons and religion as a whole. That being said, have an open mind if you go see this production or you may not enjoy it to the fullest potential. One of the best performances I've seen in a very long time. I'd gladly pay for another ticket if someone asked me to go again!

5.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


F*** these bible thumping Karens in the reviews, if you weren't so easy to mislead, you'd do your own research before going to a show. Stick to Sunday school, fa****s

4.5 star rating Edie Russell from Omaha, Nebraska


We enjoyed the performance for the most part. The singing and dancing were wonderful. But the whole point of the musical was to understand the words. Sitting in the Grand Tier 2, on Oct 16th, the music was way too loud! Therefore we could not understand the words because the music was too loud! And it wasn't just us. I asked the people around us if they didn't think the music was too loud to understand the words and they agreed.

4.5 star rating Dj from Cincinnati, Ohio


Opening night was amazing. The cast had so much energy. If you need a good laugh, this one is for you! Fun and witty, very entertaining. A must see..... the complements could continue.

4.5 star rating Dj from Cincinnati, Ohio


Opening night was amazing. The cast had so much energy. If you need a good laugh, this one is for you! Fun and witty, very entertaining. A must see..... the complements could continue.

4.5 star rating K from Boston, Massachusetts


Show is everything folks said, entertaining, witty, irreverent and vulgar. Lots of laughs to be had! The facial expressions and dance numbers were a hoot. I concur about the sound at the Opera House - it was tuned TOO LOUD for the acoustics of the place. I thought it was just me as I have great hearing but many people around me were saying the same thing! It's too bad as it did affect my, and others', experience.

4.0 star rating James Quan from Calgary, Alberta


Quite enjoyed the show today (Oct 15/2018)...sad to report that our $166 seats in the balcony made it difficult to see the facial expressions of the cast ,though their actions conveyed their meaning well. Main complaint is we could not comprehend the dialogue or singing ,obviously because we were quite far from the stage. I’d guess 50-60% of the voicesd dialogue and songs were unintelligible...Vexing to hear garbled dialogue followed by hearty laughter from the main floor audience over and over again! Yet ,did enjoy the show and the talent and spirit of the cast. Would recommend the show but only on main floor seating.

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Schenectady, New York


The acting, singing and dancing were superb! However, the storyline uses some crude, risque humor, and the F word is used throughout. This could be offensive to many people. At some points I felt the storyline dragged abit, but the actors certainly gave it their all. The main characters received a standing O at the end. I saw two young boys in the crowd as we were leaving. I don't think it is appropriate for younger kids. I'd say this is "R" rated. There were two older ladies sitting behind us, and I did NOT hear them laughing at all. So, for me, it was disappointing. I had no idea that crude humor and bad language would be so prevalent.

3.0 star rating Mike from Columbus, Ohio


I likely would have rated the show higher but for most of the show I could not understand what was being said or sung. The sound was WAY TOO LOUD so that the voices did not come through clearly. When the music/sound was low enough so I could understand the words, the show was very good. The perfromers have great talent, just wish I could have enjoyed it.

3.0 star rating Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


What was good was very good, but the show probably needs to be shortened by 30-40 minutes. really, I was waiting for the show to end -- never a good sign. Even poking fun at the redundancy of typical Broadway shows became redundant after a while. There is a fine line between brilliant satire and piling on. You need to just barely make your point, and then move on to something else. I think it was Johnny Carson who once said you should make no more than three jokes about the same topic no matter how funny. TBOM kept making the same joke a few too many times. The first act was brilliant and fresh. By the middle of act two I began anticipating (correctly) almost every line in every song. That is not fresh. I concur with earlier views about the sound being too loud, and I am a veteran of rock concerts. Lyric-driven songs must be understood completely in order to be effective. meanwhile, the acting was terrific, and my 14 year old daughter was not offended.

3.0 star rating George Gabuzda from Indianapolis, Indiana


This was our first time to see this play and to attend anything at Clowes Hall. I think that the play was probably spectacular and funny but from where we were sitting, it did not come across as such. We were in the 2nd Balcony, Last Row Center - seats 105 and 106. We struggled through the first half of the play as we could not hear the lines well due to the orchestra being too loud. In addition, we missed much of the visual humor as we were too far away to clearly see what was going on. The second half of the show was better, but we still struggled to hear the lines. Our take is that we would like to see a movie version of the play or see the play again in a smaller theater with better management of acoustics. I doubt we will be back to Clowes

3.0 star rating Dore from Reno, Nevada


It may have been our location in the theater ... lower level on the side ... but the lighting and the sound were not tops. The lighting on stage reflected too intensely. It hurt my eyes! The sound was not super clear. The performers were very good.

3.0 star rating Stella from Toronto, Ontario


I've seen this show five or six times now because I love it so much, so I was thoroughly looking forward to this production. Sadly, I felt let down. The sound quality was off, making the treble ear-piercing, and drowning out a lot of the words. The female lead couldn't do an African accent to save her life, which was thoroughly disappointing, especially considering she has some great lines, which were only overshadowed by her terrible pronunciation. Other than that, the show was great fun as always. I suppose if I'd never seen it before I would have rated it higher, but the last time I saw it, in Toronto, it was utterly fantastic, and this production sadly fell flat.

3.0 star rating Matt M from San Jose, California


Saw this last night in San Jose - July 17, 2019. Great performers and play that was hampered by poor sound engineering. Same problem as past years according to these reviews. With that much volume are you really unable to make the voices come through. The balcony got loud music volume and unintelligible dialogue and lyrics - Thats ridiculous after the consistent past feedback below. Please upgrade your sound engineers and turn up the vocals in the mix. If s cast member sat in the balcony they would be pissed.

3.0 star rating from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Maybe it is my hearing but I missed probably 50% of the lyrics because I couldn’t hear them, or miss understood what was being said. The costumes and choreography were great, and I understand the plot ,but I just had trouble with the musical dialog because I couldn’t hear it over the music.

3.0 star rating HB from Detroit, Michigan


As a baby boomer I am a huge fan of South Park. Always wanted to see Book so me and my wife went opening night. Bought tickets at box office for $160 each. Ouch. The show kept me interested but I wasn't laughing like others were. Cast was great along with the music, but it just didn't click with me. First act a bit slow but second act redeemed the show for me. I did think at times that if I was a religious person that I may be offended but again this is from the makers of South Park. I am kind of weird, that when I see a musical I prefer the songs to be just songs, not actual storyline. So I tend to get lost in the melody and music and not really listen to the words. But I am glad I did finally see it and in the end I did enjoy myself but not to the extent I was hoping.

3.0 star rating from Fort Worth, Texas


Show and cast appear to be great. Can’t understand 50% of dialogue or lyrics due to excessive amplification. This is all the more ironic in a house (Bass Hall, Fort Worth) with great acoustics. All of the cast are wearing mics, even though all of them sound like they have more than adequate stage voices. I suspect the touring company brought it’s own sound gear, but it wasn’t needed here, and it ruined the show.

2.0 star rating Shocked liberal from San Francisco, California


I should have realized that a musical from the creators of South Park would be crass. But this was beyond my expectations. Vulgar and offensive does not make for funny but it was vulgar and offensive to the nth degree. We enjoyed the first 25 minutes but after that, spent the evening looking at each other and saying "REALLY???? Saying "F U" to God over and over was offensive. The sexually explicit numbers were vulgar and made us extremely uncomfortable. I wouldn't say we are bible thumpers but by the time we left the theater we figured we were about as out of place as a gay bar in Fresno. Simply be aware of what you are in for and under no circumstances should you take anyone under the age of 21. All that being said, the cast had great voices and the lead was a wonderful dancer.

2.0 star rating Charlie from Richmond, Virginia


I was very much looking forward to seeing this show and laughed with glee for the first few songs. My heart sank when I heard the characters were heading to Africa for their mission. Once the characters arrived in Africa I felt the show stopped being a parody of Mormonism and was instead became a thinly veiled mockery of Africans. The play generalized an entire continent and reinforced sad, unfair generalizations about the most impoverished of rural African tribes. Why not set this show in Utah or follow the Elders’ misadventures across America? I felt uncomfortable as the mostly white audience laughed with glee over un-funny racist tropes about Africa. What is funny about the very real AIDS epidemic, female genital mutilation or portraying Africans as dumb, two-dimensional puppets who need ‘saving’ by white men? I can not recommend this play and while I found the jabs at Mormonism funny and smart, I really couldn’t stand that they had to use Africa as a scapegoat for the message.

2.0 star rating Steve Ludington from San Jose, California


I had no really strong issue with the irreverence, being somewhat familiar with South Park. But I could really understand only about 25% of the dialogue, the distortion was so bad. When they were singing ensemble, the lyrics might as well have been gibberish. Surely this can be remedied. Does no one from the production sit in the audience??

2.0 star rating Linda patterson from santa rosa beach, fl


couldn’t get by the baby raping skit with the graphic gestures at a baby doll because it goes on. the belief is that sex with a virgin cures aids and since they’ve run out of women and girls. does this make me a prude?

1.5 star rating JJames from Detroit, Michigan


Do NOT waste your time or money. Storyline is weak. Very shallow and cliche humor. Volume was way too loud.

1.5 star rating Jodi g from Seattle, Washington


The person on the soundboard needs to go sit in the audience to experience the tortious aural assault. Distortion rendered the lyrics incomprehensible and the volume painful. The paramount is not known for great acoustics but Jersey Boys was well delivered for the venue. Given reviews from other cities, perhaps the sound company should be fired. I think the leads could sing, but not sure. I found the story line(if you can claim one) disappointing given that my favorite South Park episode is Book of Mormon. This didn't give me any brief moments of being able to pretend to be at a broadway production once the lights went down. Limited humourous lines, mediocre ensemble dancing and singing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

1.0 star rating Joanne eldred from Valparaiso, Indiana


We were very disappointed in not only the show but the theater. Our seats were in the far corner of the theater and we could not see the stage. When I approached the usher to ask for assistance, I was told there are cushions in the lower level of the theater. By then, the show was about to start and I would not have been re admitted . What a rip off! I sat thru the entire first act not being able to see thru the heads of the people in front of me. I've never had dress circle seats as bad as these , especially considering we paid $240 for two seats We hated the show, it was not one bit funny . It portrayed the Africans as idiots . I can enjoy a irreverent humor but this wasn't humorous in the slightest. It was stupid and offensive. The terrible experience at the Bank of American theater was our last.

1.0 star rating Tim Joslin Sr. from Seattle, Washington


We have seen many broadway shows over the years, but had never left at intermission, until tonight. Loud, vulgar and no talent cast!

1.0 star rating Black in the Northwest from Seattle, Washington


If this web site gave me the capability to select ZERO stars I would gladly rate it that low! Did the actors do their jobs? Yes. But the content is racist, homophobic and mysogynistic. I cringed for the Black performers each time they delivered a demeaning line. Yes, I realize BOM is written by the creators of South Park, but this went above and beyond their version of dark humor. The blogger at Blackandoutside summarized my feelings on this piece of garbage perfectly in his August 29, 2016 post. Go there if you care to read more - no sense in reinventing the wheel AND this website won't allow me to include a link to the article "F**k the Book of Mormon". I was disappointed to see such a large number of theater goers in a city that is known for voting "blue" and where Black Lives Matter signs are in so many yards laughing and enjoying this vile, offensive piece of crap. Smdh

1.0 star rating Joel from Providence, Rhode Island


I literally did not laugh once during this show. Most of the people around me didn't laugh either. It's not that I'm easily offended; I'm not. In fact I thought the show would be a lot more offensive. And it's not that I don't appreciate comedy-- I love good humor. But the comedy in this show was just stupid. You really have to be really, easily amused to find this to be a laugh out loud show. And there was only one good piece of music, which was the "I Believe" song-- which you can probably watch for free on YouTube, so I would save your money and do that. We go to lots of shows at PPAC, and this was the most boring one.

1.0 star rating Dianne from Providence, Rhode Island


Worst ever show. I could not believe the profanity. I was disgusted with the language and actions. We found no humor to this play. Never would recommend this to anyone.

1.0 star rating GMN from Schenectady, New York


It is vulgar and offensive. How can anyone find the raping of babies and young people to be funny. Someone next to me asked why I wasn't laughing and I asked how can you be laughing at this subject matter. I walked out. I found it disheartening that the audience was clapping and laughing instead of booing and walking out.

1.0 star rating from


This makes me sick. This is a horrible representation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is just down right wrong, appalling, and disrespectful. The horrible things that occur in this show is completely incorrect and it makes millions of people who are in this church have a incorrect bias placed on them. Please,if you do go, keep in mind. This is so very incorret!

1.0 star rating R. S. from Cleveland, Ohio


Now I understand why they were so many young people!! Mocking Jesus , using F words against God 😢. Wish I knew before I went !! This is why our country is going downhill!!

1.0 star rating Brenda from Jackson Township, Ohio


I would not recommend this Play to anyone. Sadly some very talented actors lent their time to a disgusting, demeaning, disrespectful, racist and otherwise void-of-entertainment endeavor. Boys' junior high, locker-room humor would best describe content. Sorry I wasn't forewarned of the completely unsophisticated nature of The Book of Mormon. I would have gladly passed.

1.0 star rating Debby from Cleveland, Ohio


We left an intermission, I am not a prude, but I didn't find any humor in talking about raping an infant and saying "F U" to god. I was amazed at people laughing at this!

1.0 star rating M V from Parrish, Florida


We were gifted tickets to this musical. We went in with an open mind, understanding this was a comedy. Turned out to be a mockery, not a comedy. The story/writing is totally secular, with free use of the F word...toward God, babies and even frogs. How about baptism being portrayed as intercourse? Anyone who believes in God will be offended by the show. Don’t expect to be uplifted as you would with other musicals. Cannot and will not recommend this to anyone. Its popularity unfortunately says a lot about today’s world.

1.0 star rating Stella from Cleveland, Ohio


We were sitting in floor seats towards the back of the theater. We could not hear most of the dialog. Actors speaking with thick fake accents made it difficult to understand when we could hear. Waste of money.

1.0 star rating M. Smythe from Toronto, Ontario


We arranged to go to this production with friends of ours and they said it was entertaining, so I was curious to see how The Book of Mormons would be presented. At first the play seemed interesting and humorous with these newly graduated mormons anxious to go into the world to spread the word of God… then it fell apart. The direction in the play became I feel racist… poking fun at the villagers in Uganda as if they were dumb, sex addicts who rape babies because there were no virgins left! It was HIGHLY offensively. Reference over and over to F God, dancing around with huge black over sized penises, acting out sex acts on stage!! If I wanted to see something of this nature I would go to a shady strip joint in a low end of town… but I don’t think I would find one that sank as low as this show!! In an age right now, that it is watchful of being politically correct at every corner… how did this show ever get produced?! The production writers had there own agenda… to be vulgar & racist!!!!!

1.0 star rating Helena from Boston, Massachusetts


This was the worst musical I’ve ever seen. It’s an irreverent mockery of Africans, Mormons, homosexuals and Christianity, singing “F” God, portraying Jesus as a flamboyant, condescending jerk… I could go on. I was very disappointed and wanted to leave before the intermission. The story is juvenile and offensive and the overall quality of singing and sound quality is very poor. We are better than this as a society!

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