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The Wiz Reviews

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5.0 star rating Emerald City from Seattle, Washington


In our family watching The Wiz with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Lena Horne & Nipsey Russell was simply a pure joy. So when I was invited to see The Wiz musical I was so excited to listen to all my favorite songs live. The Wiz musical didn’t disappoint. The vocals were powerful from all, including but not limited to The Scarecrow, The Lion, The Tinman, Evillene, Glinda the Good witch, All the witches, and The Wiz all blew me away. However, one had a pair of larger shoes to fill that may have been a little too big for her. The character Dorothy was previously played by Stephanie Mills on Broadway & then played by Diana Ross in the movie version of The Wiz. In The Wiz on 5th Ave Theatre the role of Dorothy deserved to be played by someone who could sing with the same power like The Scarecrow, The Lion & The Tinman or Glinda. And here is where The Wiz simply fell short. Dorothy, while a beautiful vocalist, when singing those big songs like Home left me wanting so much more.

5.0 star rating Adam from Seattle, Washington


I could not disagree with the last statement of the only other review that currently exists more. The actress who played the role of Dorothy was ABSOLUTELY incredible, by a mile the best vocalist in the show, who gave me chills multiple times throughout the show. Outside of her, the Lion and the Tinman were standouts in the main cast, and Glinda and The Wiz were incredible vocalists as well. The only vocalist that was a disappointment for me was the Scarecrow, but his characterization was excellent. RUN, don't walk, to see this show.

5.0 star rating Patricia Haynes from Renton, Washington


Dorothy was outstanding and I have seen the Wiz with Diana Ross and Judy Garland and the show at 5th Ave did them both proud. I took my three grandkids(7yr and 4yr) and they loved it. My 4yr old was a little scared of the "Red Eyes" but she love it all. My 7yr olds said they loved the tinman~ he stole the show for them. All in all the show was "fantastic " thank you!!!

5.0 star rating Mike from Cleveland, Ohio


Everyone could sing beautifully, choreography was top notch and it doesn't play like you expect. There was enough new material to feel fresh but also had classic moments to make you feel comfy. The Principle cast each got moments to shine and shine they did. The Witches particularly were surprisingly good with some pipes!!! Glinda & Evilene can blow. We were roaring and cheering and giving a standing ovation at the end. What a show & so much fun!!

5.0 star rating G. Brown Woodford from Cleveland, Ohio


I saw the Wiz in Cleveland and it was FANTASTIC. The voices were OUTSTANDING. I was willing to see it again with my son who was in town the week I went to the show but he left early to return to Georgia. While I appreciate the Michael Jackson's version but I am happy to see it was move back to Kansas. The news usually shows people of color in a negative light. This show shows multi talented people in a different and heart warming light. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the joy.

5.0 star rating Nickie Duckett (Baltimore) from Washington, District of Columbia


The show was amazingly. I loved the makeup, the comedy and costumes. The show had a modern day vibe while sticking to the traditional script. Very well directed. I can't wait to see the wiz on Broadway.

5.0 star rating Jayski from Charlotte, North Carolina


I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew the original musical, which this is based off (NOT the movie, thank goodness) in the mid 1970's won Tony's and was well received. The Movie was not very good and very different from the original musical. The stage version follows the story as we all really know it. The movie changes the story and location quite a bit and is more of a film showcasing New York City in the 70's. Anyhow, back to this awesome musical I just saw in Charlotte on Nov. 7, 2023. It was immediately announced the part of Dorthy would be the understudy (found out later that Nichelle Lewis was ill, hope to see her in NYC). The show is full of energy, great sets and colors. Loved how they did the contrast in gray from Kansas to Oz and how the tornado was done. The timing and blocking was done quite well. Costumes were amazing. I tried to listen to the movie and TV musical recordings and couldn't get through them BUT the music in person and how it was done at this show had me fully engaged and if they put out a soundtrack, I will be getting it. The orchestra/band was just perfect.

5.0 star rating Gigi from Charlotte, North Carolina


I can up from Boiling Springs SC and came to the show with my brother. This was one of the best shows I've seen in a while! Thanks for the beautiful music, fantastic choreography and multitalentated dancers and collage of diff size and colors of casts. God's speed and thanks again for a job well done! Blessings, g

5.0 star rating C Wharton from Atlanta, Georgia


Lights, camera, action..humor, angelic voices, dancing, stepping, marching to the beat...WOW!!! This show in ATL was phenomenal. While the script stayed true to originality, the script added relevancy to today as well. The costumes were beautiful and radiant, the backdrops were superb, and the acting was top notch. I felt as if I was in NY on Broadway. Well done to all. The scarecrow was perhaps my favorite albeit I did not have a a disappointing moment for any of them. If there are any seats remaining, please go see for yourself.

5.0 star rating Lady Dean from Atlanta, Georgia


This production of the wiz was worth every penny, we spent upwards of $500. The cast, choreography, vocal, wardrobe, the old and the new it all blended well. Atlanta really shows up and support what’s coming to our city! This is a number one affair! Count on it! African Americans are so much more than trouble. I never write reviews but this truly deserves our candor and support. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and please don’t sleep on that Wizard he was the sugar honey ice TEA! Good night ATL!

5.0 star rating Yvette from San Francisco, California


LOVED LOVED LOVED The Wiz last nite in San Francisco. My first time seeing a show with live music, dancing, fun, and so much entertainment. The singing, on point amazing. Loved Dorothy, tin man, lion, scarecrow, and all the dancing. Worse part for me was traffic and parking for area I'm not familiar with. Staff very nice and friendly.

5.0 star rating Janie Villegas from San Francisco, California


The Wiz” transcends expectations with its breathtaking performances, captivating set design, and a musical arrangement that elevates the audience to new heights. Every talented individual involved in this production contributes to its majesty, creating a theatrical experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. The synergy of the cast, coupled with the enchanting set, delivers a spectacle that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience. It is, without a doubt, a top-tier production that showcases the pinnacle of theatrical excellence.

5.0 star rating Lindsay Rucker from San Francisco, California


They did such a great job with this performance, the singing was amazing I have been to a number of shows, but this one was definitely worth it the lighting and the different stage set ups that they did were really entertaining and all of the clothes and fashion were amazing, I would definitely recommend this. It was funny lighthearted kept my attention. Such a great night .

5.0 star rating Chad Foster from The Bronx


This 2024 remake of The Wiz was great. My girlfriend, and I truly enjoyed the show, and look forward to spreading the word, so our friends and family support the Arts.

5.0 star rating Linda Holden from New York, New York


My daughter blessed me for Mother’s Day with tickets and hotel stay in New York. The play was Excellent! Culturally Correct version of the Wiz. The choreography and costumes were mesmerizing. The performances by the actors were delightfully uplifting. I am still singing ease on down the road

4.0 star rating Mae from Cleveland, Ohio


The Wiz opened this Tuesday in Cleveland at Playhouse Square as a second stop before heading to other cities and then opening on Broadway. It feels like a treat to see a show pre-broadway. I am avid theater goer and lover so I thought I'd share my thoughts. Here are a couple of notes : 1. If you are in Cleveland and you are seeing the show during the week be sure to go to the Buzz session that starts at 6:30. Its background information truly helps set the stage for the show. 2. Try to find and watch both The Wizard of Oz original movie and The Wiz movie with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson to get more context. It will truly help you understand how awestruck I was with this revival. 3. This show is completely diverse in the fact that the show was written and performed by an all African Americans. 4. This show is an adaptation of a well known plot told in a way that uses relatable comedy, and a spectacular delivery to captivate audiences. Now let’s get into it: What I loved: Show Updates: The script, music, and dancing were all updated to make the show more relatable. I absolutely loved how the choreographer and music director did an amazing job making everything feel contemporary. I love how the different types of dance were used. The is an amazing mix of ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern within the choreography. The music and dance helped push the musical forward and really drove home the intentionality of its attempt to help the audience feel as though it is a musical that was written in 2023. Artistry: This show is all about the majestics of how theater combines color, costume, and music as a living and breathing art form. It is a true example of how all of the aforementioned things come together to create works of performance art. The use of color in reference to costume and set design was absolutely captivating. Dance: Whether they were main characters or in the ensemble. The actors and actresses were all astonishing singers and dancers. The way that the show personified the tornado, the yellow brick road and poppies truly added depth to the show. Vocals: I was pleasantly surprised to see Deborah Cox hit the stage as Glinda. I truly hope this play develops her character and she is integrated more into the show. She has a lot to add to the Wiz and I felt she was not utilized enough. Nichelle Lewis(Dorothy), Deborah Cox (Glinda), Melody Betts(Auntie Em/Eviline), Avery Wilson (Scarecrow) and Kyle Freeman (The Lion) gave show stopping and hand clapping, vocal performances that gave me goosebumps while leaving me on the edge of my seat. Nichelle Lewis reminded me of a young Whitney Houston and her ability to evoke emotions during a song is a true treat. Once again, I must reiterate, that everyone’s singing and dancing, was amazing but the actresses and actors that I named stood out in particular. Casting: I absolutely love that the entire cast had different age groups and body types. Each body type was celebrated and utilized whether you were old or young or whether you were thin or curvy. What a wonderful way to promote inclusivity! What I felt had some opportunities for growth and development: Script and Character development: I would have loved to see more chemistry between Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Lion. There was some stiffness during the show especially in their dance scenes. I have to admit that the dance movements during the Yellow Brick Road always seemed forced or maybe just slightly off. Throughout the show, they never seem to get their timing right. I am not sure if that is a character chemistry issue or they just need more repetition of those movements. I have to also say that there were several moments where the line delivery was wooden, it truly felt like they were reading lines and forcing it. I am not sure if that is because there could stand to be a bit more script development for a more fluid conversation amongst characters or if it is just the way the characters are delivering their lines. Script Development: There were several moments during the show where the script and the lines felt very forced. There were also moments that the script did not flow like a natural day to day conversation amongst friends and acquaintances. In my opinion, that is the difference between calling a show great or just good. Ensemble Side Note: I have said this before but I will say it again , I would have loved to see more Glinda. (But I digress) Ensemble development: Timing during dance numbers seemed to be off. I could be wrong, but there were moments in which ensemble dancers seemed to miss their timing. It was more apparent in certain scenes such as the poppies and the Oz Club scene. Positive Actions I observed: I saw lots of production team members floating around so I am hoping they are pushing the envelope to develop this into the amazing show that I know it is. I don't believe I've seen the final version of this show and I hope to go see it on Broadway when all of the tweaking is complete. Overall: The show is a delight with plenty of laugh out loud, toe tapping and hand clapping moments. I’m looking at my busy schedule to see how I can fit in another visit just before the show leaves Cleveland to see how it moves forward with the production team’s notes. Overall; This is definitely one to go see. If you love wonderful music, the use of color, beautiful costume and set design, artistry and laughter with a wonderful message to search within to find yourself… do yourself a favor and buy a ticket if you’re in Cleveland. If you are not in Cleveland and it Eases down the road to your city, go see it.

3.0 star rating Lita Stanford from Atlanta, Georgia


I went in to see the Wiz last night (Tuesday) in Atlanta with an open mind and heart. I grew up in NYC and saw the orig with Stephanie Mills. This Dorothy was adorable, but NO Stephanie Mills. The set was lack luster. I sat on the far right side of stage and could not see many of the characters (Good witch) during their entrance and performance. The dancing was a lot of twerking; the humor was shallow (dropping a house in this economy :(. The dancers were not in sync. I love Meg the Stallion; but maybe her choreographer is not the one for a stage musical. The story line was overly uncomplicated; they just got up and decided not to stay with the Poppies??? Really? Beautiful voices, terrible sound system - at the Fox; I don't understand that. The Scarecrow was fabulous, true performer. Deborah Cox needed my stage time. The entire story seemed Rushed. Has potential, first thing is to start on time.

3.0 star rating Yolanda J. from Atlanta, Georgia


My take on #thewizbway. Pros: The singing was great! The main cast members were AMAZING! And, Miss @deborahcox ATE!!!! Her costume was TOP NOTCH!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰💅 -Last night's show was a FULL HOUSE, so it was nice to see black business supported. Cons: -Where did the profits go because the costumes were giving "Amazon" and Target clearance. I've literally seen better costumes during highschool productions. I'd recommend hiring fashion students or an actual costume designer that's HUNGRY, versus somebody "frien" or niece. This is business and, a brand. -Set design was tacky and shrunk the stage terribly! It looked like "Lion King." -The actors played to center stage and stage right, so for more than 80% of the show, everyone in the CLOSE, Orchestra floor seats stage left could only see a red curtain and the stage lights for the majority of the show. For $250+ per seat, we were FURIOUS!!!! -There were soooo many over the top & unnecessary LGBT undertones, which were unexpected given the core content of the show. I had no reasonable expectations to see a man "twerking and throwing it in a circle" at this type of show. -There was no "Toto," and people kept asking "where is the dog?!!" Lastly, I was not aware of who put on this production but in hindsight, outside of the "brand" of #TheWiz and Kandi, I wouldn't do it again. I came in excited to see this production and left really disappointed in the fact that CLEARLY the profits were pocketed and we were thrown SCRAPS, yet again. Don't get me started on the subpar food at Old Lady Gang. Overall, I'd give the show a strong C+. It did not carry or compare to what I've seen in the past in Detroit or at other shows at The Fox. For $65, I could've went to see Cirque De Soleil Echo. 🍅🍅🍅🍅

3.0 star rating Jackie from Chicago, Illinois


I actually give it 3.5 stars, but rounded up. I feel that I managed my expectations well in coming in to the play. I was not expecting spectacular, just to be entertained and I was thoroughly entertained. The singing was GREAT, especially Deborah Cox. I thought Dorothy did well but she had very large shoes to fill with Stephanie Mills playing the role previously. I liked the dancing even though they did a lot of twerking. The talent was evident. I think a lot of people will fall into the trap of comparing a stage play to a movie as most of our reference is to The Wiz movie with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. As a play, more creativity has to be shown without editing or special effects. However, the guards as the “guides” or yellow brick road was not obvious . I feel that they could have managed a yellow brick road. I, however, liked the dancers as the tornado. Not sure why no Toto, but he was missed. The story seemed rushed, jokes were juvenile but still made me laugh. Worth my $90!

3.0 star rating Libra B from Chicago, IL


This show has potential but needs more work to make it broadway caliber. The acting was good and the vocals were superb. But the set was tired and low budget. I was aghast. The dancers were good but the choreography was lazy and uninspired. Why all the twerking? Who are you pandering to? People come to a 'broadway show' to see sophistication and elevated artistry. Not the same banality that can be found at a backyard bbq. The sound system was sorely lacking . It sounded like music playing from a clock radio as opposed to the rich, electrifying surround-sound feel that musicals like Moulin Rouge give you. There were actually times when we couldn't make out what they were saying; inadequate elocution. Blocking was a little off in certain parts. Sitting stage right, certain characters or things on the screen were obscured. Costumes were ok but didn't wow. Overall, the talent is there but we didn't feel the "wow" of a broadway production. Keeping working... you'll get there!

3.0 star rating Sue from San Francisco, California


I guess they wanted to update the staging and dialogue. Ok. Sure. But this was more like a TV pop-singer contest than a Broadway musical. Changing tempo often removed the musical point if some songs, and cost others the emotional impact. Some lacked a steady beat, and the genre was a confusing mix without style. Making Evileen climb the stairs rendered her harmless rather than frightening. Her melting was amateurish. Wayne Brady can sing and dance, but he brought nothing emotional to the part. Was he supposed to be a villian or sympathetic? Overall, it was a showcase lacking an emotional arc. Needs to cut the poppy scene altogether and some repetitive verses before going to NYC.

3.0 star rating Valerie Mikell from New York, New York


The Wiz was good but the location it was shown at was hot. Air was not working properly. This is unacceptable. I traveled from Houston to New York just to see… did not plan to be hot fanning while I was watching

2.0 star rating LaLa from Charlotte, North Carolina


I had very high expectations for the WIZ. I grew up loving the movie! I was very disappointed with the performance. It was more like the Wizard of Oz then the Wiz. They show only stuck with the songs from the WIZ. The Wiz (movie) was magical and this production did not deliver the magic for me. Dorothy was from NY not Kansas. So many things was just off. I was greatly disappointed.

2.0 star rating Kiki from Atlanta, Georgia


This production was ratchet at best. All the people that are saying the show is excellent is either kin to the cast or never saw the original 1978 classic. I should have listened to the not so great reviews. Anyone that is a fan favorite of the Wiz movie with Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell and Lena Horne will be severely disappointed. Toto was missing in action, male characters did way too much twerking, the set itself left a lot to be desired, the humor they tried to throw in was lackluster at best. Nice try but please try again. Deborah Cox and the Tin Man were my favorites but there was still much to be desired. It wasn’t their fault, the script was rushed and it felt like it was written in a day. Dorothy was cute but nothing like Stephanie Mills or Diana Ross. She didn’t have the vocal range but she gave it her best shot. The singing of Home was probably my worse part of the show and that is the best part in the movie. P.S. In the Wiz movie, Dorothy is from NY not KS.

2.0 star rating Sheri from San Diego, California


Sets had vibrant colors, decent dancing. Sound system was awful and both os us agreed it was difficult understanding most lyrics. I felt like a lemming having to pass thru security and have my handbag searched. No one in security provided a plausible explanation. Not again. The Globe Theatre did not have a massive security for Cabernet last October. Bye bye to Civic Theater.

2.0 star rating Aglaia Davis from New York, New York


I was SO excited to see this show because I love it so much. My mother directed it at a small college in Texas, and it was so good that I watched it 3 times. From the beginning, I knew this was nothing like my mother’s performance. Dorothy is cute, and has the talent, but her voice is oddly hard to listen to. An actor in the audience told someone near us that he was not happy with her singing entirely. I couldn’t understand any word she said. I absolutely found the scarecrow and look ANNOYING characters who were not funny or endearing. There were cheap “easy” laugh lines by them acting flamboyant. The second act with the Wiz was almost worth it. Wayne Brady was fun. But other than NO BAD NEWS and EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD, the music was barely tolerable. It went on too long and wasn’t pleasing. We were relieved when it was finally over. I’d never see it again with this production. I’d never recommend it unless someone wants a cheesy and showy musical that gets pretty cheap laughs and has mediocre music.


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