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Mariah Carey Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 43



5.0 star rating David Ellis from Boston, Massachusetts


Fantastic show by a true icon.

5.0 star rating Dori Gonzalez from Boston, Massachusetts


Even though it was announced 8pm show and started at 9PM, it was worth the wait. Will definitely see her again. I've been a fan since the beginning. I just wish it could of lasted longer than 90 minutes. I love how her kids were there.

5.0 star rating Lorie Adams from New York, New York


Mariah's Christmas concert at MSG was an amazing show with all the sparkle and glamour only Mariah could pull off. Beautiful duet with her daughter Monroe who performed Away in the Manger that gave us chills. The Rockettes, the choir, great back up singers, the band, dancers, her dancing son Moroccan, guest stars, all put on a festive show for everyone. My daughter and I had a great time singing and celebrating the music with a sold out crowd. Yes, the show started late but Mariah was still singing at 1130pm and no one left early! Mariah truly is the Queen of Christmas!

5.0 star rating Anthony *lambilyant from New York, New York


This concert was so amazing!!! The love for her and The love she gave us. Plus the bonus Non holiday hits 🥂 definitely worth every penny I spent to go !! Can't wait to see her again Next time . She's definitely the Queen of Christmas🎄 Happy holidays to all..

5.0 star rating Mimilambily from New York, New York


The show was amazing, her kids are adorable. This is the best time to spread the holiday spirits, watching her together with ur love ones. Cant wait to see her again

5.0 star rating Jill Cooley from New York, New York


Mariah Carey delivered Her voice has never sounded better. This was an amazing show and we loved every minute.

4.0 star rating Lee from Hartford, Connecticut


This was my first time seeing Mariah Carey’s Christmas Concert and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll definitely see it again. The only disappointment is that it started 30 minutes late but once it started the show was amazing.

4.0 star rating Steve from Hartford, Connecticut


I enjoyed the show , the only bad thing was it started 35min late.

4.0 star rating Lee from Florida


I’ve been wanting to see Mariah in concert for a few years now so my husband decided to surprise me this Christmas. It was a wonderful and most memorable treat. I thought the entire show was spectacular, I just wish it was a little longer. Also my only disappointment was that it started 30 minutes late but the great show made up for that.

3.0 star rating Tabby from New York, New York


2nd show I’ve been to, she was over an hour late the first concert I went to, Caution a few years back & yesterday Dec 16th she was almost 2 hours late!! People were getting sleepy, DJ hyped everyone up for about 45 minutes 8pm-8:45 which was great. High energy, then talks about his Dad passing away which brings everyone down then nothing for an hour just waiting…..almost 10pm start time. I doubt I will ever go to another one of her concerts, love her voice & talent but the very late Diva act is getting old.

3.0 star rating Amy from Kansas City, Missouri


Show was at 730pm. It didnt start till about 845pm. A Dj came out for about 15 minutes prior to show doing a countdown and we waited another 45 minutes. The show was all over the place. We agree with another review (like a school play) We expected more. She did save the night by singing some favorites. All and All we were glad we saw her, but wouldn't recommend the Christmas show and wouldn't waste any more money or time to see her again. T mobile is a great venue, but their seating didn't quite accommodate the individual next to us. We had to move so everyone was comfortable seeing the show.

2.0 star rating Patrick Rizzuto from Fairfax Station, VA


There are a plethora of diva misadventures about Mariah Carey, but NO ONE should think it's OK that she is incapable of starting her show on time. Advertising for an 8 PM show, which doesn't actually start until 9 PM, is incredibly rude to every one of her fans, who paid A LOT of money to see the show. Will NEVER give her another dime of my money. Grow up!!

2.0 star rating Bruce from Atlantic City, New Jersey


So the show started 1 hr 5 minutes late and last 1 hr 5 minutes. I read AC review saying 30 minutes late and d-azzled audience. Not quite sure which planet this was reviewed on. She sang maybe 8 songs in between fillers. Don’t get up and get a drink the show will be over. Good musicians didn’t make up for the fact so many people were expecting more.

2.0 star rating from Miami FL


Late show time at 9:45 pm . Over priced for the caliber of show . Seemed like a school performance

2.0 star rating Jacqueline from New York, New York


Mariah Carey is too much of a Diva and does not appreciate nor respect her fans in my view. I’ve always wanted to see her perform, knew she would be tardy but this person made her appearance about 945pm for an advertised 8pm, my daughter and I started sleeping after the lonnng wait time. The show was kind of ok last about 1.5 hrs but a lot of talking, dress change, makeup, tea request etc. Sadly, I wouldn’t waste my time, energy and money on her show again.

2.0 star rating Robbo from New York, New York


Maybe because the show was being taped for a TV special but MC was confused and unprepared for a show she has done a thousand times. She finally came out at 9:30. Sipping tea and having hair and makeup touch her up after almost every song and reading from a teleprompter like she never saw those words before. Billy Porters song was excruciating, Drew Barrymore’ rambling on about MC practically curing cancer and saving lives was TOO MUCH. MC was in good voice sometimes and hitting that high pitch too many times. She looked gorgeous and the staging was spectacular. The Rockettes were a nice holiday NY addition. MC was clueless with the set list and was lost several times. I hope she does better on Friday’s concert

2.0 star rating Lynne from Writing from NY but live in Boston


The Dec. 13, 2022 show was scheduled for 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Mariah entered the stage at 9:44 p.m. It let out around 11:45 p.m. which makes it tough for many on a week night. She stunned me when she stopped singing and just lip synched, allowing the chorus to hide her laziness. She seemed to have trouble hitting high notes at times and her pauses to fluff her hair, take a sip of her tea and have make up artists pat her face while on stage were obnoxious! The costumes were great, I love the Rockettes, and her band is fantastic! The mother and daughter duet was sweet but some of the other filler acts were just meh. Overall, very disappointed with Mariah’s performance.

2.0 star rating BF from New York, New York


Show started almost 2 hr late on December 13th - and not a single word was said why or apologizing for the delay. There were many kids in the audience so starting around 10pm is rude for families. Maria herself didn't sing that much unfortunately, there were filler acts and guest singers.

2.0 star rating JLA from New York, New York


Mariah was over and hour late on Dec 13th Madison Square Garden! A DJ opened played some then sajad Mariah would be right out! Well an hour later with no examination. She came on 9:45pm. Wild! She would sing one of her high riffs with all the finger and hand movements she does and then the choir would take over and purposely drowned her out (if she was even singing ). Really never saw anything like it. Her daughter actually sung a song which was beautiful. Disappointing and insulting to say the least

2.0 star rating Kathy from Pentwater, Mi


No apology for starting nearly 2 hours late. It was actually quite sad to see this once great performer miss so many notes and cues. Fortunately the choir was able to cover up quite a bit. There will need to be an enormous amount of editing to get that show ready for 12/20 broadcast. The dancing was very good and the sets were magical. But never again.

2.0 star rating Kb from New York, New York


Incredibly rude to her fans, making them wait 2 hours for the show to start. I was looking forward to it but this just left a bad taste and I couldn’t fully enjoy the show after her diva like start.

2.0 star rating Nancy from Frederick , Maryland


The opener was a DJ who was pretty fun and you could hear him speak and play music. Mariah Carey’s acoustics were terribly disappointing. Most songs were overblown by the 5 piece band. Looking around, no one was dancing, bopping in their seats or even clapping. Halfway through the concert, we left our seats which were on level 2. A kind usher took us closer to the stage on level 2 and the acoustics improved, but still not up to par. We have been to other concerts at this venue and they were quite good.

1.0 star rating Very Disappionted from Washington, District of Columbia


The show was OK at best but definitely not worth the cost. The tone was set when we had to wait an hour for the show to start and then it was over in an hour and maybe ten minutes. Out of that hour and ten minutes, Mariah was on stage about 40 minutes the rest was nobody (well maybe her kids) filler time. I been to more exciting concerts for a lot less, I was very disappointed in this Christmas Show and will never return.

1.0 star rating Gabby from New York, New York


Show started an hour late. The DJ beforehand was obnoxious. Maybe I was wrong to expect it, but I was hoping for the Mariah songs I fell in love with when she hit the seen when I was 12 years old. Vision Of Love, Without You, etc. Perhaps that was a time she does not want to remember with Tommy and all but that is the Mariah whose talent blew us away and was boundless.

1.0 star rating Very disappointed from New York, New York


I took my daughter to this show and was severely disappointed. Mariah was an hour late for her own show. A bunch of drunk women behind us would not shut up, despite multiple people asking. I landed up screaming at them because they ruined the show for my child, and refused to listen to my requests to stop. Ushers and staff at Madison Square Garden did nothing until cops were called and removed them, at which point they were told to sit elsewhere- but landed up coming back to their seats a few minutes later. Again, staff allowed this. Worst experience ever. I will never see another one of Mariah’s concerts again.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


It is currently 9:22pm when the show was supposed to start at 8 and we are STILL WAITING. She has no regard for people’s time. Washed up diva. Had her DJ come out for 30 minutes and made us wait 45+ minutes and no sign of her……

1.0 star rating Howard C from Long Island, New York


Tickets said show started at 8. DJ came on at 8 (didn't go to a Mariah show to see a DJ, but ok). He finished at 8:30..........8:45............9:00............9:15..........9:30..........9:45 ‐ AN HOUR AND 45 minutes after the show was scheduled to start, the show started. 20 minutes and 4 songs later Mariah walks off stage and some other dude steps out to sing a couple of songs. Her voice was okay for the few songs, her entitlement - DISGUSTING! My 13 year old and I left (he does have school in the morning! ). We actually won these tickets from 103.5 KTU - I'll be sharing my experience with them as well and suggesting they reconsider support of any such shows in the future! I'm out train fare and 5 hours of my life that I will not get back, if I was one of the Pele that paid high prices for these tickets I'd be truly livid!

1.0 star rating Hewitt Stephens from New York, New York


It was just ok, maybe I would have liked it more if it had started on time. Had I known she was going to be disrespectful I would have gone to see a Broadway show.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


Brought my granddaughter hoping for a fabulous show. Huge disappointment. How dare she start over an hour late!!! Shame on Mariah. Lots of filler. Would never go to a show of hers again.

1.0 star rating Autumn Terrill from New York, New York


I was so excited to surprise my family of 3 girls with Mariah Carey's holiday show. It was my 10 year old's birthday. The opening DJ was fun and got the crowd warmed up and then the lights came up and we just sat from 8:25 - 9:55. No joke - nothing happened for that long. My kids were so disappointed, and tired, and I consider this a family show. We left after 3 songs, with a tired, crying kid and super, super, super disappointed. I think it is so disrespectful to say that a show starts at 8pm and leave your paying customers sitting for two hours. Just say the show starts at 10pm! Then, I wouldn't have spent $1300 on tickets for a disappointing present for my kid's 10th birthday. Just be up front about what the concert experience is going to look like so people can plan ahead. 8-8:20 - DJ, 10pm Mariah Carrey. I'm just so bummed out. It was supposed to be a special night.

1.0 star rating Richard Trecino from New York, New York


2 hours late starting and no apology or reason for it. This has been an issue at every Mariah concert I've gone to. This was the last time for me. Sorry Mariah but making us wait for 2 hours is just rude. U did the same thing in Dallas a couple years back...

1.0 star rating Lisa from New York, New York


Show was supposed to start at 8pm and she didn't come on stage and start the show till 9:45pm. She asked for tea at least a dozen times, had multiple on stage makeup touch ups, didn't sing most of the songs just mouthed over the choir or backing tracks, she hit a few random notes and some off key, and maybe spent a total of 25 minutes actually on stage throughout the show. It was wild. Her kids were there doing corny bits and for some reason Drew Barrymore came out to introduce her final act by reading directly from a teleprompter. The highlight of the show was Billy Porter who embodied the singing voice we wish Mariah still had. Def recommend buying the outdoor pixelated street merch to match the low quality of the show.

1.0 star rating Erika Avila from New York, New York


She was over a hour and a half late. People had kids at her Christmas show. That is very inconsiderate. She was only on stage about 45 minutes. Best part of the show was when he did some of her older songs. I’m very disappointed.

1.0 star rating Nicole from New York, New York


More like 2 hours late. Very disappointing. The DJ was the best thing about the show

1.0 star rating Loren from New York, New York


Mariah made her appearance at exactly 9:45...PM!!!! MSG on the 13th. the doors opened at was supposed to start at 8 yet the staff and ushers were told 9-1030. so a 9:45 start time is unacceptable, obnoxious and selfish. she should do an afternoon performance to better accomodate her young audience.

1.0 star rating Anna from New York, New York


12.16.22 the concert was scheduled to start at 8pm. It’s 9:45 pm and no concert yet! We are here with my 6 years old daughter and we were waiting for 3 years to see the concert. Lateness is a sign of rudeness and lack of respect! Such a disappointment!!! Very disrespectful!

1.0 star rating C Patterson from New York, New York


12/16 show - 8pm show started at 10pm and ended at 1130. Completely inconsiderate. She also called her glam squad to the stage twice! To fluff her and babbled nonsense. Skip this next year - much better ways to spend your holiday cash.

1.0 star rating William from New York, New York


The concert was to start on Dec 16, at 8:00pm and did not start until 9:45pm!!! The DJ was annoying and the show not sold out. We were getting ready to leave when she finally started. By that time I was too disgusted to fully enjoy the show. The arrogance to make the crowd wait 1 hour and 45 minutes was appalling. On average the fill in's were poor. I would never attend another one of her concerts even if it was free.

1.0 star rating Natalie Sven from New York, New York


Not only did she show up almost 2 hours late, she barely had a voice. And besides a dj for 40 mins, there was nothing for over an hour. So so rude. The songs she actually sang sounded really awful like she lost her voice. The only good part about the show was the rockettes.

1.0 star rating Nathaniel J. Harrington from Saratoga Springs, NY


Time for this ol’ gal to hand the bedazzled microphone to Ariana Grande. The performer who can hit the whistle notes flawlessly without the need for voice over editing or pre-recordings tracks. Purchased VIP tickets. Lounge meet & greet, event T-shirts & front row seats. She never arrived to the VIP Lounge; we didn’t receive our T-shirts, and the 8 pm concert didn’t start until 9:45 pm. When she attempted to hit high notes nothing came out. Cue the choir & backup singers. It was obvious majority of her performances she was lip syncing. When she pretended to hit the high octave notes, she’d do her signature left hand ear plug with right hand jester, but the backup singers would drown her out. I did not purchase tickets for this event to hear Billy Porter sing, witness her humiliate the dancer boyfriend, or see Drew Barrymore read to us from a teleprompter boring us with the tale of a diva who can walk on water. NEVER MEET YOUR HEROS!

1.0 star rating Buck keck from Denver, Colorado


Showed up 2 hrs late!!!

1.0 star rating Tim from New York, New York


Not the money worth, very simpel show disappointing ..

1.0 star rating Sal from New York, New York


was not a good show,she cant move or dance,stood still 90 percent of the time,never fnished a song,either ended early or left foe costume change and had backup singers finish.took too many breaks,then glam squad came out twice after finishing one song!lip synced most the was a rip off of good hard earned money that was spent to hear a cd and watch someone sit still the whole night.


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